Why Don’t Vampires Have Psychokinetic Powers Like Humans?

Vampire PSI Powers

First Generation Vampire shooting forth dark energy via demonic electrokinesis.

With each passing century, more Humans develop varying degrees of psionic powers.  This is due to our evolution from animal to God with our higher dimensional souls manifesting in our junk DNA as latent powers.  Vampires lack this because their DNA is demonic based yet you would think the demonic DNA would create such powers as well?  The problem is that they are technically only a quarter demonic, unlike a Demi-Demon that is half demonic.  The rest of them is, in essence, a living dead human that in a way dilutes any potential demon PSI powers while the demon part cancels out any human Psychokinetic Powers. Cryptozoologists still don’t fully understand the mechanism that causes this. Perhaps it’s a product of Angelic intervention to give superhumans a fighting chance against vampires, and other forces of evil.

Only first generation vampires can display such powers along with the next few generations down to a far lesser extent. Vampires many thousands of years old to some limited degrees as well.  Although to date there’s not even a first generation vampire who is fully powered up with a full complement of Demonic psionic powers.  In fact, in order to use them for even a small length of time, they need to drink large quantities of quality blood for that is what ultimately fuels all their dark abilities. Thankfully it’s very rare to come across a magical vampire. That being said all vampires can temporarily acquire various telekinetic powers by drinking the blood of humans, and supernatural beings, possessing said powers.

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