What Does Vampire Blood Taste Like?

Do Humans Like Vampire Blood?

Most humans are obviously disgusted by blood when it comes to actually partaking of it. If they drank some it would be a vile salty metallic taste. Certainly not anywhere near the taste of ecstasy that vampires experience when partaking of human blood. However if a human were to experience the blood of some supernatural creatures, including Vampires, they would be surprised by how sweet, and scrumptious it tasted. Not to mention the amazing health benefits.

Leprechaun Blood Is Number One But Vampire Blood Is A Close Second!

In various supernatural surveys among humans aware of the paranormal world Leprechaun blood is almost always rated number one. Some participants described it as a delightfully sweet mint infused elixir of enchantment with a hint of dark chocolate.  All those who drank the donated blood have had constant good luck. In fact, every one of them is now a millionaire! Consistently number two on the list was vampire blood which was said by most to taste like a pleasantly sweet mix of cherries and strawberries with hints of creamy alcohol infused within. It was unlike anything they ever drank before. The more they drank the more intoxicating they found it. This went to the point of becoming addicted to the supernatural substance.

Vampire Blood Mimics Alcohol To An Extent

In large enough quantities vampire blood mimics the effects of alcohol consumption.  Although feelings of joyous revelry gave way to feelings of aggressive rage due to the demonic elements of blasphemous blood.  Participants found that higher generation vampires blood tasted better along with ancient ones as well.  So in essence a vampire ages like a fine wine. The experiments contained the blood of 3rd generation vampires, and lower. There were also vampires who were just brought into the dark shadows and ones over 500 years old. Naturally, it’s next to impossible to get blood from royal vampires above 3rd generation.

The Benefits Of Drinking Vampire Blood

So other than being brought across into the world of eternal darkness why would a human want to drink vampire blood?  There are many temporary benefits which including a remarkable increase in intelligence.  So much so that someone with an 80 IQ shoots to a 200 IQ for a few hours after ingestion. This is how some moronic wealthy elites ace college. There is also a temporary increase in strength, speed, and agility along with enhanced senses.  Those hard of hearing, or with poor eye sight exceeded human norms in those senses.  Some experienced permanent side effects such as their terminal cancer being driven into permanent remission, various diseases being cured, and injuries fully healing.

The Healing Power Of Vampire Blood

It’s been known for many centuries that ingesting vampire blood, or placing it on a wound will heal it rapidly.  Although it will not grow back amputated limbs or missing organs. Consistent ingestion is known to reverse the effects of aging and extend life expectancy by ten times. So why isn’t vampire blood being used to cure so many of humanities woes?  Same reason why the blood of no supernatural being is used in mainstream treatments for human injury and illness.  Most don’t think these beings exist and even if they did there’s simply not enough of them to provide the quantity of blood required. In addition, cooperation with these entities requires big money or extraordinary favors that only the ultra wealthy elite can provide. There’s also many negative repercussions from ingesting various paranormal liquids. A plethora of perplexing side effects not fully understood. Especially in the long term.

The Magnificent Metaphysical 100

One infamous survey group of 100 humans sampled dozens of different supernatural blood including vampires in one session. This was an early experiment foolishly done without at least researching anecdotal evidence about the effects of the blood. Also not taking into account what might happen if these magical bloods were ingested at once. This group known as the Magnificent Metaphysical 100 went on to acquire amazing powers and abilities including immortality, and invincibility. Slowly over the years many have gone mad and turned quite evil. The small number of level headed ones now go about trying to kill or contain the rest who are quite a paranormal menace.  A few actually ascended to higher dimensions and were never seen again.  Due to the danger of the experiment the details were erased so nobody would attempt to duplicate it and create an army of dangerous super humans.  Unless under the direct supervision of a supernatural doctor or Cryptozoologist we recommend steering clear of supernatural blood.

What Happens If A Werewolf Bites A Vampire?

If a Vampire is bitten by a Werewolf it will not be stricken with the Lycanthrope Virus. Nor is there such a thing as fatal Werewolf Venom as seen in some Parallel Universes.  The vampire will not transform into a werewolf on the next full Moon. Vampires are living dead creatures like werewolves. Generally, those in the living dead category cannot become another species of that kind. Specifically, in this case, the vampire virus intertwined in the DNA is more powerful than the Lycanthrope Virus introduced by the wolf. Once a werewolf bites into a vampire it is immediately alarmed by the foreign taste and even the common demonic elements. The ingesting of vampire blood weakens a werewolf along with causing hallucinations and other erratic symptoms. They will usually run away from the vampire as it feels its power slipping away.  This effect lasts for up to 48 hours.

What Happens If A Vampire Bites A Werewolf?

If a vampire bites into a fully transformed werewolf then it becomes more aggressive and oddly enough develops an aversion to the moonlight. Within hours the vampire is back to normal. Realistically vampires are disgusted by werewolves and hate the taste of their blood. Although, it’s possible they’d bite into one or more in the heat of battle.  Unlike werewolves, it takes more than just a bite to turn someone into a vampire. The vampire must drain someone’s blood to the brink of death and then introduce their own vampire virus-laden blood into their body. Hypothetically if a vampire went through the process of turning a werewolf into a blasphemous bloodsucker it would merely result in a dead wolf rather than the fabled Hybrid. Still, it is written in ancient scrolls that there is a mystical ritual to create a Vampire-Werewolf Hybrid.

Will A Vampire Die If It Doesn’t Drink Blood?

Vampires will not die without blood since their immortal fate is sealed within the supernatural DNA of their living dead body. Blood is merely needed to stay at peak power and performance as it feeds the vampire virus intertwined with their demonic DNA.  It is not needed to survive. However, if a vampire denies itself blood or is somehow locked away without it then it will grow ever weaker over time. The vampire will be weaker than a zombie and even a human! Finally, he or she will enter a deep eternal sleep of fantastical vivid dreams and in some cases torturous nightmares!

The Fate Of A Vampire Denied Blood

In the case of being locked up, a vampire will begin to ingest its own blood which will eventually cause it to go mad! The vampire will then enter an imaginary world of their own delusional fantasies. Certainly, a blessing when one considers the immense pain they suffer without blood for long periods of time. Like a drug addict denied the precious substances the seriously crave with a passion. Only a good Samaritan feeding the vampire some blood will snap them out of it thereby restoring the vampire to its normal mental and physical state.

The Life Force Of Blood Saves The Living Dead

A vampire locked away for several months without blood would appear to be a dead person with no heartbeat or respiration what so ever.  However, they are only in a perpetual delusional dream state.  It’s considered the equivalent of a coma in humans.  They would also have skin that looks almost grey in color with a reduction in muscle mass. After years they would start to shrivel into a desiccated mummy. There would be nothing but severely wrinkled dry grey skin covering bones! Yet a few drops of blood would begin the healing process. A complete cup would fully restore them to their former glory as if nothing had ever happened!

The Eternal Destiny Of Vampires is Intertwined With The Blood Of Mere Mortals

A vampires lust of blood is what drives it to seduce and kill humans. Although, many simply partake of people leaving them alive for another time.  Despite this, a small number wish to be human again and attempt to achieve this by refusing to ingest blood.  However, this has never been proved as a method to cure vampirism.  They eventually give in to the bloodlust and drink again before things get too physically and mentally out of control.