What Is Quantum Jumping?

Quantum Jumping is a method of tapping into your successful counterparts in Parallel Universes in order to add to your success in this life. Since we are connected to these amazing plethora of lives, via our five dimensional soul, it is theoretically possible. At the least you can use creative visualization and meditation to communicate with your sub-conscious to manifest the positive traits seen in your parallel selves.  After all there are Universes near identical to this one where you achieve amazing wealth and happiness with the same genetics and very little environmental changes.  In many cases you probably just stumbled upon an opportunity or were motivated by an individual you never met in this reality. It’s time to fill in what’s missing from your life and experience it to the fullest! Unfortunately, the original self-improvement course has been discontinued but can be bought used on Amazon (2nd Amazon) or Ebay. There’s also an interview with the creator of Quantum Jumping, Burt Goldman. You can also get the book he wrote about the subject or view some of his videos on Youtube. The Online Quantum Jumping Course Appears To No Longer Be Available!