What Is The Adirondack Abomination?

Amid the breathtaking beauty of Upstate New York’s Adirondack Mountains, a sinister supernatural scourge lurks among the dark wooded shadows! Within those woods, a wayward genetic experiment took place in a top secret government lab under the misguided supervision of the Paranormal Defense Agency. The mad scientific melding of Sasquatch (Bigfoot), Abominable Snowman (Yeti), and Demi-Demon DNA into a malevolent mix. The result is a terrifyingly unique monster that was so powerful it destroyed the lab and escaped several years ago! Now the Blasphemous Beast, dubbed the Adirondack Abomination, spends his time devouring tourists flesh, bones, and all! Naturally, the government has craftily covered up the missing campers and hikers attributed to the Abomination.

The calamitous creature is described as appearing somewhat like an extremely furry gorilla with large razor sharp teeth. It’s at least 10 feet tall and weighs over a ton! Its unholy roar bellowing through the countryside is said to be one of the few things that actually scares the hell out of Bigfoot and the Yeti! It can move at lightning speed to take down prey within seconds! It’s thought the Demi-Demon within fuels the urge to primarily consume human meat! Thankfully once it gorges on humans it hibernates for at least a month digesting the remains that include the entire skeleton!

Its speed and ability to blend into its environment are what makes the Abomination so elusive for paranormal professionals to kill or capture! This includes the gradual seasonal color change of its fur from dark brown in the summer to dull white in the winter. Interestingly enough the hairy horror is spotted the most during the Autumn season for reasons unknown. Possibly the colorful foliage blowing majestically in the wind mesmerizes it. If you spot the Adirondack Abomination don’t even bother trying to contact anyone as you are most likely already dead! Make peace with your life and pray to your God for a quick death!

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