Alluring Autumn Adirondack Wilderness Walk

The Allure Of Adirondack Autumn Can Give Way To A Titanic Terror!

A beautiful high-quality video of the awesome Autumn of Upstate New York’s Adirondack Mountains.  A kaleidoscope of fantastical flora paints the landscape amid serene lakes and babbling brooks! On a supernatural note, the Adirondack’s are home to the alarming Adirondack Abomination.  A one of a kind monster rumored to have escaped from a nearby secret government laboratory.  It’s said to be a rare mating between a Sasquatch, and Abominable Snowman (Yeti).  Whatever manner of monster, it’s huge and it actually scares away Bigfoot which is something that virtually never happens!

The Adirondack Abomination

The unholy roar of this alarming Abomination causes even the most barbaric bears to head for the hills! It’s said that the Adirondack Abomination is responsible for a variety of missing campers and hikers in the area. Innocent victims, it eats alive bones and all! Demi-Demons do this as well. One wonders if they’d be a match for this monster? No corpses have been found. However, there has been trace DNA evidence from blood spilled! There is no known defense against this ferocious furry menace! The Abomination is at least 10 feet tall weighing in at a ton or more! Interestingly enough its fur changes colors with the seasons. A dark brown in Summer, and a dull white in Winter. If you spot the Adirondack Abomination you’re most likely already dead since it moves at lightning speed!  Pray for a quick kill and may God have mercy on your soul! Oh and of course enjoy the beauty of Autumn as odds are slim you will run into him! Still, you should look upon piles of fallen leaves with a wary eye since he likes to hide within them! Read More About This Crazed Creature…

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