Are There Genies At North Pole City?

North Pole City is home to a genuine Genie’s lamp and bottle. Traditionally, lamps are for males and bottles for females. This holds true for the ones in Santa Claus’s possession. Not only are these magical vessels supernaturally sealed to hold Genie’s but Santa has also created a secure spelled vault to keep them in. However, a viewing window allows anyone to see these ancient receptacles laden with gold, silver, and various precious gems! The lamp could be rubbed and the bottle opened to gain three wishes each for a total of six! However, Genie’s are tricky and love twisting wishes to torment humans. Even with Santa’s power and wisdom he chooses not to delve into the dark magic of these trapped Jinn. Especially considering that any major world-changing wishes simply move the wisher to a Parallel Universe where the request is real. So regrettably no peace on Earth here for now!πŸŽ…

Santa Claus And The Genie’s Lamp

An evil male Jinn phased into our reality with great power in the 16th century. This is quite rare but when it happens Jinn Trappers work to get these pesky paranormal beings into special ancient lamps and bottles. It’s quite difficult to make new ones as ancient magicians did. The granting of wishes is necessary to release enormous enchanted energies to prevent the eventual destruction of these tremendous traps. This particular Jinn was attracted to the supernatural surge coming from North Pole City during Christmas. He siphoned energy from everyone including the Spirit Of Christmas. The Jinn also randomly possessed Elves, Reindeer, and other enchanted beings in the holy domain. Holy protections more targeted for demonic entities rather than Jinn.

A Dark Jinn Invades Santa’s Winter Wonderland!

Soon North Pole City descended into dark chaos and Santa quickly got to the bottom of this supernatural situation! Even as a Demi-Angel Santa was no match for a fully powered Jinn! Santa tried to call upon Heavenly Angelic forces. Unfortunately, the Archangels decided this should be another trial to prove himself worthy of remaining a Demi-Angel rather than being considered a Nephilim. Santa’s Archangel Father was forbidden from helping him as a grand battle ensued between Angel-Human Hybrid and Jinn! Before this Santa had secretly dispatched a small band of Elves to go find an empty Genie’s lamp somewhere in the Middle East. Imagine a group of little Elves trekking across sunny desert dunes on a camel.

Santa Claus vs The Genie

Thankfully, Santa wasn’t alone as he had the Winter God Jack Frost already living at the North Pole. Jack called in an army of other Winter Gods, Goddesses, Nymphs and Fairies! They eventually subdued the Jinn in a temporary magical ice prison until the Elves returned with a lamp. The Jinn’s ultimate goal had been to possess Santa Claus himself and take over Christmas as a Jinn holiday. Then with this additional power conduit, he planned to open a portal to the Jinn dimension to set off a full-on invasion of Earth! With the Jinn’s plans thwarted, Santa consulted ancient texts to recite the proper incantation to eternally trap the Jinn into the lamp thereby making him a Genie. It worked but as the trapper Santa could not ever be this Genie’s master. However, Jack Frost wanted to rub the lamp to make three wishes. Santa forbid it and created the additional vault to lock the lamp in!πŸ§žβ€β™‚οΈ

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Santa Claus And The Genie’s Bottle

The most recent addition to the Genie’s vault was a bottle Santa found in a home while making his 1984 Christmas deliveries. It was the mansion of a wealthy family whose sole child was somewhat of an ever-growing brat. Santa left him a gift under the tree but it wasn’t quite what he wanted. As a warning, Santa put a chunk of coal in his stocking! As he was about to leave back up the chimney he sensed something dark and diabolical from behind a bookcase. Santa’s four-dimensional vision allowed him to see through it like a full-color x-ray. There he found a vault with a treasure trove of stolen antiquities. What stood out was a genuine Genie’s bottle! Next to it, Santa found an old book about how to make precise wishes a Genie couldn’t twist. It seems their wealth was from a wish. That’s when Santa discovered the family also wished for immortality. The third wish was for unknown powers that suddenly hit Santa like a tornado!πŸŒͺ️

Saint Nicholas Is Attacked By A Sinister Superhuman

Father Christmas crashed through the wall as the patriarch of the family shot energy beams from his hands while screaming, “You break into my house and steal my stuff! You’ll die!” Santa sprung up and shot his own white snow flake laden energy beam at the man. He flew through a wall as well! Santa responded, “I don’t normally steal but this genie’s bottle is too dangerous for you or anyone else to possess!” Santa grabbed it and teleported to the roof promptly flying away in his reindeer powered sleigh. The man angrily levitated out a window after him. He shot powerful energy beams at Santa’s sleigh. A few hit the sleigh as the terrified team dodged the rest. Rudolph bellowed, “Jesus Christ this guys crazy!” Santa scolded Rudolph, “Watch your language, Rudolph!” Rudolph said, “Sorry Santa but this flying freak is nuttier than a peanut field!”🦌

The Anti-Claus Saves Santa!

Oddly enough the Demi-Demon Anti-Claus had been prepared for his annual ambush of Santa and was annoyed by this flying man. With eyes glowing red and fangs extended the Dark Claus screamed, “He’s mine to toy with you silly human!” He shot his own deadly rays at the man as his black sleigh bolted at him pulled by growling hell hounds and a lead Werewolf! The super-powered man was horrified and he retreated immediately while the Anti-Claus cackled with glee! By then Santa was long gone and it made the Dark Claus bellow, “Crap!” He was so angered that he went after the man and destroyed his mansion. Nobody died in the paranormal explosion but the family has been missing since! It’s plausible the Anti-Claus has forced them to join his dark minions?

Santa Claus Makes Three Genies Wishes!

Once back at North Pole City Santa was going to place the bottle in his secure vault with the aforementioned lamp. He didn’t realize the bottle stopper had been loosened in the sky battle earlier. Santa was distracted by Jack Frost storming in all excited by a new Genie in town. Santa accidentally picked the bottle up by the cap and it came off. The bottle fell to the ground and a thick plume of pink smoke filled the room as a beautiful female genie appeared. Santa was shocked as she said, “I grant you three wishes, my beloved master!” Santa rejected the offer but he had to wish or be plagued with her for eternity. Jack egged Santa on to make grand glorious wishes. Santa wanted to get rid of her quickly with no worry of wish twisting so he made the following mundane wishes in quick succession to Jack Frost’s dismay…πŸ§žβ€β™€οΈ

  1. I wish for my beard to be trimmed .01 inches.
  2. I wish Jack Frost would laugh merrily for one minute.
  3. I wish you’d get back in your bottle and never come out again!

The Genie frowned angrily and then sarcastically said, “You’re wishes are my command, Master!” She then flew back in her bottle in a wisp of pink smoke as the stopper hopped itself on sealing the Genie within. At that moment the normally gloomy Jack uncharacteristically laughed heartily for no reason for one solid minute. Afterward, he glared at Santa saying, “You bastard!” He stomped away as Santa chuckled and said, “I forgive you’re language Jack!” He locked the bottle away and went home to have breakfast with Mrs. Claus and his kids.🀢

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