Can Humans Mate With Jinn, Or Genies?

If Humans Can Mate With Genies Then What Are their Offspring Called, And What Powers Do They Possess?

genies-lampYes, humans can mate with Jinn, aka Genies, and produce children together.  Such offspring are called Demi-Jinn, or Humajinn.  If the union is with a bottled Jinn, aka Genie, then they are called Demi-Genies, or Genieans.  The Jinn in question must be in biological form which is always the case with Genies.  Jinn, however, must phase into this reality in a bioform, or possess a human to the point of altering their DNA.  Generally, such rare beings have the diluted powers of a Jinn.  Basically, a minor version of power to alter reality called Essokinesis.  Jinn existing in their natural pure energy state have excellent access to the pure thought foundation of reality which gives them the power of Omnikinesis which is the ability to have all kinetic powers.  The progeny of a biological Jinn will have the most power with the potential to ascend to complete Jinnhood leaving their human self behind forever.   The child of a Genie Human union will have half the powers of the Jinn child and will be vulnerable to manipulation due to them being tied to their parents bottled, or lamped servitude by proxy.

What Are Jinpyre’s?

The product of a human completely possessed by a Jinn mating with a human is a somewhat similar situation to a demon doing the same thing which is what created the first generation of vampires.  Our recent findings revealed the existence of an ultra rare creature that is the Jinn based equivalent of the demon based vampire.  This supernatural being is called a Jinpyre.  Instead of feeding off blood they feed off energy like a psi vampire, which are the union of a first generation vampire, and special humans with various psychic powers which mainly includes witches.  This energy is preferably biological based but it can be any form of energy in the Universe.  In addition, they also need to equally feed off of pure thoughts.  When a Jinpyre feeds off a human it can drain them of all energy including natural bio-electrical impulses thereby causing the person to expire.  In some cases, those identifying themselves as psi vampires are in fact Jinpyre without knowing it.

They can also sap all their memories away leaving nothing but a vegetable if they choose not to suck all their energy away so as to put them out of their misery.  This memory theft can be complete, or selective.  They have the power of Mnemokinesis or complete memory manipulation powers.  They may even become so powerful as to delete the memories down to the very soul.  At least the four-dimensional soul in this Universe that is only a minute piece of our entire super soul which is, in essence, our Angel self that already resides in Heaven outside of time.  Such manipulation of the 4-D soul can turn a person into a mindless perpetual ghost that will be damned to do the bidding of the Jinpyre for all time.  This process is responsible for the creation of the most stubborn ghosts, and poltergeists that never seem to dissipate.

First generation Jinpyre can have kids with others of their kind but it’s nearly impossible since there are so few.  Successive generations can’t have offspring but they can transform humans into their kind just as vampires can. However, it can’t just be anyone.  It has to be a person with just the right DNA that only a Jinpyre can sense.  The process involves sucking away almost all energy, and all memories except the basic knowledge of how to function in life.  In some cases, they may take all thoughts to turn the person into a Jinn Zombie.  Once the human is on the brink of death they insert their chosen memories, and commands into the person along with a transfusion of their own energy.   The persons DNA, and mind is altered to produce a loyal Jinpyre.  Thankfully all the Jinn offspring on this page are very rare because they are a much greater threat than vampires!

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    • Yes generally higher dimensional DNA results in beguiling beauty. Of course those of pure evil tend to look rather wretched. Yet at the same time they can usually alter their appearance to look beautiful.

    • First Generation vampires are technically alive since they can give birth to kids. The same is true for First Generation Jinpyre. Successive generations are the product of technically killing a human, and then resurrecting them as a supernatural being thereby classifying them as living dead. Something also indicated by lack of vital signs.

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