November 26, 2022

32 thoughts on “Does Pandora’s Box Exist?

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  2. Do you suppose the Illuminati might have it? Also, I read that once she opened this box. This is how we got insects. I’m sure if anyone tries to dare open it again! Zeus created this box. He’ll have to be the one to destroy it. Right? Or his ex wife /slash sister the goddess Hera? Did you know him and Hera had the longest known honeymoon? On the Island of Samos. Lasted 300 years. Hera’s only crime was that she loved him too much! She became jealous when she found out about Zeus’s flings. She’d punish those women. Perhaps he threw her here to learn how to let go and love in freedom. If Pandora’s box is opened. I feel the gods will have to step in.

    1. It may have already been opened. The world has become a far more violent place starting in the 2000’s with every increasing wars, revolutions, famines, depressions, unprecedented earthquake activity, violent weather, paranormal activity, and police states taking shape around the world including here in the United States. If it has been opened the released evil may increase it’s damage with each passing year. The Illuminati may have in fact opened it because things seem to be going great for them. They love evil, and chaos, and I’m sure they have powerful sorcerers, wizards, and witches protecting them from any collateral damage of the fabled box.

      All the evil must be placed back in the box, and then the scourge of Pandora must be bathed in holy oil, and lit ablaze with holy flames to eradicate it, and all the evil inside. Hopefully the Spirit Of Hope will then be released upon a world so desperately in need of hope. However if that should fail then perhaps a porthole to an inter-dimensional void could be conjured so it can be thrown into oblivion. If Zeus could be found then perhaps he could assist as well. However there is no evidence of any activity from him in the past couple of centuries in the global paranormal record…well until I updated this comment to reflect that Zeus has been confirmed to be forming multiple alliances among other god factions for the upcoming war of Armageddon.

  3. I believe Zeus is around. He’s mostly been watching. Probably wondering what we’ll all do. I’m sure Hera will intervene. Just that she’s been reborn and probably isn’t strong enough to battle such evil. I’m sure she’ll try! I wonder if she’ll have to cross over in order to battle this evil. She’s much stronger in the other form. Astral.

    I only hope this evil prevail. Sometimes hoping isn’t enough. I have noticed there’s more and more earth quakes. I had a live app on my iPhone. Scares me every time I look. Seems to be getting stronger near California. Mostly in the sea surrounding India as well. I know of the 2012 prophecy. Let’s prepare for the worse and hope for the best!

  4. I don’t think Pandora’s box has been opened. If it was that would mean that there was no hope left in the world and I know there’s hope left.

    1. We’ve confirmed the box was opened but thankfully the Spirit Of Hope at the bottom of the box holds a great deal in until the cover is shut. The box may have been opened many times over the centuries releasing a small percentage of evil each time. Perhaps that’s why we’ve seen an ever steady increase of evil on Earth.

  5. What were to happen if the box was destroyed? Would it release all the evil out or would the evil and everything else be destroyed along with the box.

    1. Firstly, have you turned evil Dark Eclipse? Or is the name change similar to Batman calling himself the Dark Knight to instill terror in the hearts of evil doers?

      Attempting to destroy the box is a tricky business because if it’s not done right then all the evils would be released. If done correctly then all the entities of malevolence could be eradicated but of course we wouldn’t want to take down the Spirit Of Hope.

  6. Both are correct, but I’m not ‘evil’, I’m Daemonic. I’ve finally reclaimed my position of Headmaster of the group I stared, after a rather chaotic betrayal, no not betrayal more like a infiltration from a opposing group. And no I did not run away, I simply persevered myself until a perfect time to strike back, over the weekend…I succeeded. So I went back to my Headmaster name-DarkEclipse- my Satanists/Dark witches/Enochian friends are glad due to my re-arrival. But cleaning the group of infiltrators, my loyal members and I. But don’t worry we don’t attempt to destroy universe. 🙂

    1. Sure you can interview me when I get back. I’m heading out to check out a haunted house where a member of the family living there is possessed by a demon. Father Tom will be performing the exorcism while the rest of us take care of the hauntings. The place is seriously jacked up but when the family tries to move bad luck befalls them even worse than the curse of the house itself.

    1. I was always interested in mysteries, and conspiracies. I wanted to be a detective since I was a small child. Later in high school I wrote for the school newspaper, and wanted to get into investigative journalism. At 5 I was saved by a rare Great Lakes Mermaid(although only remembered the incident for what it was as an adult), and at 13 I was pretty sure an Angel saved me from drowning in a wave pool at a water park. There were a number mysterious incidents I delved into in my hometown that I now see were supernatural but I never got to the paranormal bottom of them. I always had a feeling something wasn’t quite right with this Earth, and I had an instinct to seek out the supernatural. I finally stumbled upon the world of the supernatural when investigating a haunted house. From there my eyes were opened, and my gut instincts led me to more real paranormal cases. I began to realize there was a real supernatural threat to humanity that needed to be eradicated. I vowed to never stop fighting until the world was free of the forces of paranormal evil! After seeing the world for what it was regular investigations just seemed dull. I need the excitement, and challenge of supernatural investigations!

  7. Why were you interested in the supernatural world even though you’re (as a Demi-Mermaid) half-supernatural yourself? and why accounting as a part-time career?

    1. I’ve always liked math, and dealing with numbers in general. Making money in the world of the supernatural isn’t usually easy so I made sure I had a back-up plan with my accounting, and business administration degree which worked out perfect when I became apart of Mystic Investigations.

      As a supernatural being I would especially be interested in the paranormal world. My mother also taught me from a young age that my powers had purpose. They were to be used to defend people from the forces of supernatural evil, and help those in need.

  8. Why did you choose Xavier as a lover? this one is personal but if your to shy then you can skip that one
    What are your favorite hobbies besides the supernatural & Wicca & witchcraft?

    1. Me shy? That’s hilarious! I choose Xavier because he makes me laugh. He was always pulling pranks on people at the paranormal college where we met. He also defended me when a lewd professor accused me of harassment when the professor in fact was the one doing it to me. Xavier was instrumental in getting him fired. I also admired his bravery when taking on supernatural being greater than himself, and his ambition to save the planet from evil entities.

    2. Besides Witchcraft, Wicca, Mermaid Lore, and the supernatural in general my favorite hobbies include Aquaculture (Specializing in salt water aquarium fish, and plants), Organic Gardening (Specializing in healing herbs), and Deep Sea Diving (Without scuba gear due to being able to hold my breath a long time along with withstanding high water pressure). I also love shopping, teasing men, and seducing Xavier.

  9. Xavier,
    During these supernatural and paranormal phenomena you experienced, did the thought ever occur that you might be losing your sanity?

    Were you an outcast in your High School years because of your interests?

    Have you ever thought of pursuing magical powers like your partner Rebecca Abernathy?

    1. Those who don’t come from a magical bloodline don’t usually achieve much when it comes to magical powers so there’s no point in me pursuing magic. I wasn’t an outcast but at the same time I wasn’t a popular jock. I wrote for the high school newspaper, and didn’t really have any social outcast issues. No I never thought I was going nuts. I’ve always been strong willed. I just explained things away.

    1. I don’t think Xavier was an outcast. He had plenty of friends. In my case it would have been rather difficult to be an outcast attending the McTavish International Academy Of Magical Sciences which was in essence my high school. We were all members of the paranormal community. Although I was the only Demi-Mermaid during my stay there but nobody ever discriminated against me.

      Lesson learned battling the supernatural? Those who wield the dark magics are never to be underestimated.

  10. Zach and DarkEclispe, there are many things good about our school. I’m thinking that many students are too afraid to let their creativity shine and they do flunk. I think that environment wins over genetics

    Xavier & Rebecca, how do you feel about school these days?

    Whitewolf, did you change you phone number?

    1. Woodland Springs High School is modern state of the art facility that actively shuns the Federal liberal agenda, and creates real intelligent citizens. It’s a good thing the school accepts no Federal funds with stings attached. We can thank our main benefactor Constitutional Conservative Billionaire Michael Eriksson for freeing out school from the Federal Common Core dumbing down process. I also enjoy the unintentional architectural mistake that placed the male, and female gym teachers offices next to each other. When they open up a folding door in between to talk, or just forget to close it there’s an unobstructed view through some glass windows into the girls locker room. I’m surprised nobody has at least put up some blinds, or curtains by now. I suspect both the gym teachers like looking in their counterparts locker room.

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