July 20, 2024
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miss dowser
miss dowser
11 years ago

I have been hit 2 times by Jinn and they hurt your body like you can’t imagine. My ex landlord’s adult daughter messes with black magic and cursed me with jinn. The second time i was hit with a jinn also spoke with me. I asked it why it was hurting my body and it answered “Because I’m suppose to” i also asked if it was an alien and it said no. i asked if it was from ANOTHER dimension and i think it said yes if i recall correctly. This jinn tortured me for a good 5 hours pulling on every vain it seemed. punched me in the stomach where i saw my stomach rise. it was horrific. I rented a house built in 1901 where there was a vortex in the attic. I have 8 video tapes of paranormal activity to prove spirits, orbs. I have also seen greys in my bedroom. I have crossed over 14 spirits. I guess i might be a beacon I don’t know but i need help desperately now. My apartment where i moved to is like grand central station with all kinds of stuff coming into it. AND NO I’M NOT SICK OR ANYTHING LIKE THAT.I have been tested in so many ways by my doctor and specialist and every thing is healthy. I am always being cursed by my ex boyfriend who is a native American medicine man who has sold his soul to the devil. I think demons may hurt his body if he does not hurt me. I wish i could get some help and i cant figure out how to speak or ask you good folks of this remarkable site any questions. I have been trying for a few hours to navigate around here. I have become a sensitive. i see a number of things in my 3rd eye.i have become some what psychic in a few area’s I have learned how to dowse to receive answers. My apartment is extremely active here too.I have had a number of paranormal researchers that have evidence of my old house.Recently some one took a picture of me on my cell phone and you can clearly see what might be my guardian angel with one arm over lapping my arm and what seems like a full apparition . i have a paranormal electromagnetic field machine that i can get the activity to respond to me via make the lights blink. I also have recorded conversation with spirits in other dimensions I guess that tell me their story of how they died and that i was recording them. now that blew me away. I bought a camera that has infrared and voice recording on it and i have interesting views and voices on that.I HAVE NO IDEA WHAT HAS HAPPEN.ED TO ME FROM LIVING IN THAT HOUSE BUT I NEED HELP NOW AND I DON’T KNOW HOW TO TALK WITH YOU IN ON YOUR SITE. CAN YOU POSSIBLE HELP ME? Please can you help me oh yea i just had a priest here to bless this apartment and he even felt energy here and also commented that there is a coldness in here and its not like the coldness outside with lower temperatures. I make electrified water to spray when these things tell me they are not here for my highest good. I ask them to leave and they wont so i spray them with electrified water or holy water which ever one is closest to my reach at the time. As we are speaking something just came in. grrrrrrrrr. I want it to stop. On a lighter note… i ask them if they brought me a tim ‘s coffee and they pound once which means no and twice means yes hahahha. Then i might ask if they took off their shoes and i get a quiet moment and then a one pound for no. I tell them to leave and complete their journey. anyhow sorry for expanding but i cant figure out how to talk or if you have a chat room or if i can speak with an investigator Here comes another one. (shaken my head) this is horrible please help me if you can..

miss dowser
miss dowser
11 years ago

oh i hope my phone number and email addy wont be posted. as i said i have not been able to figure out how to talk in here if posible. I’m glad i found this though.

P.S your site is remarkable wow. Extremely informative thanks

7 years ago

If it takes two Demons to Defeat one jinn could an Archdemon take down one jinn by themselves or are the average jinn stronger than Archdemons also?

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