The Adventures Of Flat Stanley And Mystic Investigations

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This is a short science fiction story written for my niece, and her Flat Stanley School Project. Flat Stanley is a boy miraculously flattened, and shrunk which causes him to have unique adventures. He is often mailed to other people around the world so he can have a wide array of new experience. The story below is written as a letter to my niece from his point of view. In this adventure Flat Stanley visits us here at Mystic Investigations in the supernatural town of Woodland Springs, Colorado.

I’m Flat Stanley, and I was mailed to Uncle Ricky in Milwaukee, WI. However we promptly got on an airplane, and flew to the mystical town of Woodland Springs, Colorado. A place full of supernatural wonders that mysteriously doesn’t seem to show up on any maps. Once we landed at the airport we were greeted by Ricky’s friends Xavier Remington, and Rebecca Abernathy. The President, and Senior Vice-President, of Mystic Investigations which is a paranormal crime fighting research company. They drove us to their home at Remington Manor where we unpacked our suitcases in the guest rooms. We then drove to Mystic Investigations headquarters to take an awesome tour of the high tech building. That included their huge library of books about a plethora of supernatural beings including unicorns, vampires, fairies, werewolves, Leprechauns, zombies, and even Santa Claus! I was thrilled to hear that all these enchanted entities were real. I was even more excited to learn that the Mystic Investigations team actually vacations at North Pole City with Santa Claus every year! They even invited me to fly there with them next Christmas in their private jet! At the end of the tour they gave me a shiny silver badge, and declared me an honorary supernatural detective. Rebecca, who was amazingly a wondrous witch, and half mermaid, gave me a four leafed clover. She said a real Leprechaun gave it to her when she was in Ireland on Saint Patrick’s Day! It glittered green in my hand because it was beaming full of good luck. She said it would protect me in the coming weeks on what would be the most epic journey of my entire life!

Later in the afternoon we went to the circus, and I met this funny little clown who didn’t talk. It turned out he was a Mime. A performer who acts out stories silently through the Stanley-Circusmovement of his or her body. He seemed to be telling a tall tale about the Easter Bunny. Afterward we went to dinner at a local pizza parlor for kids called Wanda’s Pizza Fun Palace. There were all kinds of cool mini amusement rides, and video games to play! I also met what appeared to be plush dolls that were actually alive! They talked, and walked on their own as we had fun the whole evening. Uncle Ricky said the restaurant was owned by a good witch who could animate dolls with marvelous magic! She greeted everyone after we were there for a few hours. Her name was Wanda, and she offered to restore me to my normal size, and thickness. I told her that I was Little Flat Stanley, and if I was like any other boy I couldn’t have as much fantastical fun! After all the days activities I was so tired that I fell right to sleep in my soft bed at Remington Manor. I had the most jolly dream of meeting the Easter Bunny in a huge field of flowers, and colored eggs for as far as the eye could see!

Bigfoot And The Enchanted Woodland
Stanley FNAF DollsThe next morning we had a scrumptious breakfast of pancakes, waffles, and french toast! Xavier told me the dream meant I might get to meet the real Easter Bunny if I stayed long enough. A call came in that Bigfoot, also called Sasquatch, was spotted near the Enchanted Woodland. We raced to Mystic Investigations headquarters, and got into the Mystic Van. Once in the Woodland we spotted the large ape like footprints of the mysterious furry creature. As I was searching the woods I spotted the big fella hiding behind a huge elm tree eating a juicy red apple. He put his finger up to his lips with a gentle look in his amber eyes. I gave him a wink, and a nod, as I decided to not mention I saw him. Minutes later the team left after “not finding Bigfoot”. As I looked back I saw the creature smiling at me from behind a big boulder!

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The April Fool Pranks Us!
Stanley MysticOn April Fool’s Day there is a paranormal prankster known as The April Fool. He visits merriment upon certain people. Apparently he enjoys playing jokes on the Mystic Investigations team every year. I was given my own desk on the second floor with the other supernatural executives. I had the task of writing reports about supernatural beings I read about in the library books. As I was writing the Fool, dressed in colorful jester’s garb, popped in out of thin air chuckling heartily. However he stopped laughing, and declared,”Oh my it seems someone beat me to the pranking punch! They pranked you flat as a pancake!” I told him about the unusual accident that made me flat, and how I saw it as a blessing. He started cackling again, and replied, “Well then my young friend I shall indeed perpetuate a jovial joke upon you!” He then waved his hand, and I became the wallpaper for the entire first, and second floors. My body was stretched everywhere! As you would expect I felt no pain. However I could miraculously see everything that was going on everywhere in the building my eyes were stretched to. I could feel everyone who touched the walls, and smell everything on two floors as well. I was overhearing multiple conversations all at once! It was a bit overwhelming but I rapidly got used to it, and almost felt like a god! Thankfully I was spared from being papered about the restrooms!

I witnessed The April Fool pranking at least a dozen employees while laughing loudly like a loon! He made people’s clothes look crazy, their hair look like nutty clowns, and even had their voices sound like squeaky squirrels. The merry Fool skipped about with glee so utterly happy as could be! As he frolicked about the craziest looking flowers, and shrubs popped up all over the office. It was so seriously surreal! Xavier Remington declared he had enough fun, and the Fool said,”Oh yes sir I know it is time for me to go but before I do here’s a gift for you!” He turned him into Flat Xavier before vanishing in a puff of glittering rainbow smoke! Xavier was shocked at being flat at first but I reassured him all would be well. My mouth was stretched all over the place so my voice echoed throughout the building as I spoke. I certainly got everyone’s attention! I told Xavier he had to try flying once before possibly being turned back to normal. I was going to suggest someone tie strings to his body so he could be flown like a kite. Unfortunately he was so excited that he leaped out the second floor window on what was a very windy day. He was immediately blow upward over the parking lot as he screamed,”Oh Noooooooooo!” Everyone ran to the window….well except for that guy who was turned into a goldfish in the aquarium nearby.  I think his name was Marvin Hanks. I even managed to stretch one of my eyes off the wall, and out the window to see the spectacle. Xavier was whisked high in the sky amid the fluffy white clouds.

Suddenly everything turned back to normal. I was instantly off the walls, and back to my tiny flat self. We looked up, and Xavier was back to being a normal guy. No longer flat, and light as a feather, he began plummeting through the clouds toward the ground at a high rate of speed. I screamed in terror but the good witch Rebecca just smiled, and patted my head while saying,”Never fear Flat Stanley my Mystic Sphere is here!” She uttered the words “Mystic Sphere” loudly, and a clear pink metaphysical energy bubble appeared around her. Later she told me it was a power of witchcraft she was born with. She furiously flew up out the window in her supernatural sphere. A hundred feet above the street Xavier landed inside softly, and the duo landed back through the window next to me. I commented,”Wow that was a close one!” Xavier was huffing, and puffing as he replied,”It sure was Stanley!” I asked Rebecca if we could go flying in her sphere, and she said yes. We flew all over the town, and up in the clouds for hours! It was the best April Fool’s Day ever!

The Mystical Forest
Stanley WoodsDuring my time in Woodland Springs we made a number of hikes, and camping trips into The Mystical Forest. The fantastical forest is a large dense expanse of coniferous, and deciduous trees that are said to hold a perplexing plethora of paranormal creatures. Overall we spent almost two weeks in the forest. At this time of year the average daytime temperature is in the 50’s, and 60’s yet at night it could dip into the 30’s, and even 20’s. Thankfully there are enchanted regions in the forest where it is much warmer than usual. We set up camp in the Summer Silva. An amazing area of the forest where it’s always summer, and the leaves are perpetually green. Interestingly while the rest of the town may be cloudy at times, the Summer Silva is almost always sunny. This is the result of magical Fairies, and Goddesses!

Stanley FairyAt one point we made our way to the small Fairy Forest. There I met a number of Fairies. Two of which allowed me to snap a photo with them. They are angelic looking little ladies who fly about the forest on their butterfly like wings leaving a trail of glittering fairy dust behind them. As helpers of Mother Nature they look after the plants, and animals of the forest. They also direct woodland Elves in various tasks. Since I’m so small, and light I was able to float in their trail of fairy dust that tugged me along with them. We flew high amid the trees all day long!

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Stanley UnicornI even met a Unicorn named YoYo that spoke to me in my mind instead of talking out loud. She was very shy, and turned away from the camera even though she allowed me take her picture. The graceful Unicorn let me ride her around the forest, and up on a rainbow high in the sky! We slid down the other side, and found a pot of Leprechauns gold. I was tempted to take a gold coin but the Unicorn said it would make the Leprechaun who owned it mad. The little Leprechaun dressed in green came out of some bushes nearby to get his gold. He was startled by me at first but shook my hand when I showed him my lucky four leaf clover Rebecca had given me. I wanted to take a photo with him but he said it was bad luck for a Leprechaun so I respected his wishes as he went on his way over another rainbow.

Stanley Autumn WoodsThe team headed toward the Autumn Grove. A part of the forest where it’s always Fall time. Half the bright colorful leaves would fall off the trees for a few months before regrowing back again to re-fall. Every color of the rainbow grew forth except for green, and blue. There were red, orange, yellow, and violet leaves upon tall trees. Amid the sunlight they would gleam as they fell gracefully to the forest floor. I had so much fun jumping into huge piles of leaves lying everywhere! However I ended up having a Woodland Elf scowling at me with his tiny rake in hand. Fall Fairies ordered him to rake up the leaves, and I had messed up his neat leaf piles. I apologized, and offered to help clean up the mess I made. He gave me a rake, and we went to work! After we were done he thanked me. I wanted to take a photo but he said the camera scared him.

As we came to the end of the Autumn Grove a giant tree had a face on the trunk, and it talked to us. Her name was Allura Autumnal, and she was a former wicked witch turned into a tree by good witches. She learned her lesson, and was good herself now. The tremendous tree was extremely happy to have only two more years left before she turned back into a human being. We talked to her for a while before throwing some acorns at her mouth because she was very hungry. I offered her one of the Pop-Tart’s in my backpack. She said she never heard of them before but they were very tasty! It seems she never heard of them because she had been a tree for over 300 years so far!

The Full Pink Moon Of Easter
Stanley Scary ForestAs the sun set we entered a dark foggy forest without leaves. It was cold enough for me to see my breath steam in front of me. The full Moon loomed overhead lighting up everything with a silvery hue. Aprils Full Moon is usually called the Pink Moon because it happens around the time the first flowers of spring bloom forth. Usually the first flowers are pink in nature. Sometimes even the Moon is pink in places where magical events are taking place. As we hiked through the woods, with flashlights in hand, the Moon slowly turned pink! Since this full Moon is near Easter it is also called the Easter Moon. Full Moons bring out the ferocious Werewolves. Those humans who can turn into wolf like monsters in the light of the Moon. Thankfully the magic Easter Moon, and the Christmas Yule Moon, give us gentle Werewolves that are almost like cuddly puppies. As with every full Moon the Mystic Investigations team patrols the town of Woodland Springs to make sure Werewolves don’t hurt anyone. We came across a docile Werewolf that let me pet him. He whimpered before scampering off into the bushes. Xavier told me to never do this alone, and certainly not under any of the other full Moons. Especially the Halloween Moon which makes most monsters come out of the woodwork. Thankfully he said Halloween costumes, and yard decorations scare the majority of them away!

Rebecca’s mermaid, and witch powers told her something special was going on as we made our way into a lush green part of the forest where it was warm again. We came to a clearing with an odd looking structure that had a bright white light emitting forth. It was at the foot of a shimmering blue lake with glowing fairy fish darting about underwater. Fairies flew all over the place along with what looked like beautiful transparent ghosts. Rebecca said they were Goddesses of Mother Nature. A special ceremony was taking place for some of the oldest little fairies. Those who were 1000 years old or more! One by one they flew into the bright light, and came out as full sized Goddesses who then floated about raining supernatural sparkles down on us. It gave us feelings of warmth, and happiness! I was able to get one far away photo but the rest didn’t turn out. Xavier said it was probably the super surge of enchanted electromagnetic energies swirling about that ruined the pictures.

Stanley MysticalI let curiosity get the better of me, and launched myself into the light. Rebecca yelled,”OMG Stanley what are you doing!?!” I was bathing in what should have been a blinding light but all it did was make me happier than I ever was before! At that moment I knew what the purpose of life was, and felt I knew the answer to every question in the Universe! Suddenly some force gently cast me out, and I was a full size three dimensional boy again. Except you could see through me like a ghost while I was able to fly about. In fact Rebecca told me I actually was a ghost since no human, even a flat one, could survive the enchanted light. Thankfully two Goddesses, and a troop of Fairies flew through me as crazy energy orbs swirled about. I was a flat solid boy again thanks to their magic! I slowly glided down into Uncle Ricky’s arms, and he excitedly said,”Boy that was a close one Stanley! Don’t do that again!” I answered,”I surely won’t Ricky!” Unfortunately I forgot what the purpose of life was along with all the answers to everything in the Universe! Oh well!

Later in the week we moved to a new campsite on the other side of the forest in search of new paranormal life. We spent a fair amount of time deep underground in cool caves. At the deepest point we came across baby Dragons hatching from their eggs near a pool of bubbling orange hot lava! Would you believe it was too hot for the camera to work!

Flat Stanley Meets The Easter Bunny!
Stanley Easter BunnyThat Easter Morning the rising sun caused the skies to light up in a kaleidoscope of colors over our campsite. I was the first to wake up when I noticed the large field beyond the trees was twinkling in an amber light despite the sun not yet being over the horizon. I walked into the field, and was astonished to see a plethora of colorful Easter Eggs strewn across the grassy field of pink, and yellow flowers. I made my way to each terrifically tinted egg of varying patterns feeling its smooth glossy surface. As I grew closer to the unusual shimmering amber light, illuminating the field, I began to notice yellow hued baby chicks hopped about with glee. I strolled cautiously toward the now golden light. There next to a glittering glowing gold egg sat a beautiful bunny! Suddenly in the most adorable voice I ever heard he exclaimed,”Happy Easter Stanley! I’m the Easter Bunny!” I replied,”Nice to meet you Mr. Bunny! How do you know my name?” The Bunny answered,”I know every little boy, and girls name because the Spirit Of Easter flows through everyone with goodness in their heart! And you’ve been a good boy Stanley. That egg over there is just for you!” His furry paw pointed to a nearby baby blue egg with red zig zag patterns on it.

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I cracked open the big enchanted egg! Inside was a pile of chocolates, and other candy treats. It was the best tasting candy ever! I asked if I could take a photo with him because I knew nobody would believe I ever met the real Easter Bunny! He agreed, and motioned for one of his little chick helpers to take the photo. Just as Santa Claus has his elves so does the Easter Bunny have his enchanted chicks. The baby chicken was wearing a pink bow, and her wings formed fingers to handle the camera. The Bunny was kind enough to provide me with a bag to carry my treats in before bidding farewell. As I walked back from the field into the woods near the campsite I turned around to get one last look. However it was now just a regular field. The Bunny, chicks, and eggs had miraculously vanished! I told Uncle Ricky, and the Mystic Investigations team about the Easter Bunny, and they believed me even without the photo. It seems they’d all met him before.

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We packed up camp, and hiked back to town. We spent the rest of the day taking part in a number of Easter festivities. There were some Easter Egg hunts that included the town’s largest one sponsored by the Chamber Of Commerce. In the contest you follow clues hidden around town using GPS devices or Smart Phones. Uncle Ricky found the 3rd place egg hidden under a rock behind the Woodland Springs Library. It contained $500 in cash & a certificate for free chocolates at a local store. The first place egg was found by a six year old girl named Laura. It had a $1000 cash, and free candy for life at Crazy Cane’s Candy Corner. The place to go for candy of all sorts.

The next morning we said goodbye to everyone at Mystic Investigations, and went to the airport. Uncle Ricky, and I flew home to Milwaukee, WI, and played with his nephew Cameron for a few hours. After writing about my adventures I then knew it was time to return to my favorite girl Leah! Uncle Ricky placed me, my papers, and pictures into a bright orange envelope. He then placed me in the nearest mailbox. I soon fell asleep for the longest time while having the most vivid dreams of everything I had done over the last several weeks. The mailman took my envelope to the post office where it was sorted with the rest of the mail before being placed on a truck. I ended up at the local Post Office, and was promptly delivered back to you here at your elementary school. It’s good to be back!

The End

By Xavier Remington

Stanley Fairy Photo

Stanley Sponge Bob






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