I’m A Good Boy So Why Don’t I Get Any Presents From Santa?

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Unfortunately he only delivers gifts to members of the supernatural community, both child, and adult, as a reward for their battles against paranormal evil. However he does deliver to a handful of people outside the paranormal community who are pure of heart. The complete legend of Santa Claus was 100% real centuries ago when he did deliver to a large number of good boys, and girls. Santa is barred from delivering gifts to the global populace because it would violate the Supernatural Secrecy Pact. Gifts magically appearing under trees all over the world would reveal his existence,and that of the paranormal community, to the entire world!

Instead Santa uses the magical power of the Spirit Of Christmas to compel parents to take up the gift giving task on his behalf. So if you have your heart set on receiving a gift from Santa you need to join the fight against supernatural evil. That can include vampire slaying, werewolf hunting, zombie extermination, or various other promising careers in the growing field of paranormal professions. Certainly you could get an after school job at a paranormal investigations firm, or maybe even become a wizard’s apprentice if you’re old enough. Putting all that aside an exceptional person who spends their life in service of helping others has an excellent chance of Santa bending the rules to give them a gift!

You may still get the gift you want by merely asking your parents. In addition Santa gets every letter sent to him and he sends those wishes out to the Spirit Of Christmas. These thoughts ripple through the collective consciousness of humankind to make their way into parents minds. In that way one can indirectly get a gift from Saint Nicholas.

There will definitely be a point in the future where the world is ready to accept our true supernatural reality. Certainly a plethora of science fiction books, TV shows, and movies are designed for the purpose of acclimating our society. Something impossible before mass media. When the day of the big reveal comes Santa Claus will step forth from the winter shadows into the light of day to address the planet in peace. Finally he will be able to directly follow through on his Naughty Or Nice List!

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