The Christmas Season

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The Christmas Season in the world of the supernatural officially runs for 92 day from November 3rd through February 2nd. In the mainstream human world most believe Christmas begins at the end of November on Thanksgiving and continues through January 1st New Year’s Day. Some extend it through January 6th Epiphany. The 92 days themselves have some meaning. This includes the fact that Santa Claus’s Father, The Archangel Sarandiel, is the 92nd of his kind. There is also a minor prophecy that Christmas will last for 92 centuries on Earth. This means Christmas will end in the year 9200.

Plausibly, by then all of humankind will have ascended to Heaven. Other prophecies have Santa Claus, aka Saint Nicholas, ascending to Heaven before that time to hold Angel Saint status before becoming an Archangel Saint. His Son Nicholas and Daughter Mary are slated to take over Christmas together many centuries before that era as well. A time when Christmas is spread across the entire galaxy and beyond! In fact there will be many Grandchildren within the saintly Claus line who will cover Christmas territory all over the Universe!🎅

The Days And Night Of The Christmas Season

Celebrations and ceremonies of the season. Particularly at Saint Nicholas’s North Pole City…

  • November 3rd: Start Of The Christmas Season! | The Christmas Commencement Ceremony
  • Thanksgiving Day
  • December 1st: New December Ceremony
  • December 2nd:
  • December 3rd:
  • December 4th:
  • December 5th: Saint Nick’s Eve
  • December 6th: Saint Nicholas Day
  • December 7th: Day One Saint Nicholas Trials (Challenge To Prove Santa Is Still Worthy To Be A Demi-Angel)
  • December 8th: Day Two Saint Nicholas Trials
  • December 9th: Day Three Saint Nicholas Trials
  • December 10th:
  • December 11th:
  • December 12th: The 25 Days And Nights Of Christmas Ceremony (Continues Through January 5th)
  • December 13th: The First Night Of Christmas | The 12 Nights Of Christmas Begin (In Defiance Of Unlucky Number 13!)
  • December 14th: The Second Night Of Christmas
  • December 15th: The Third Night Of Christmas
  • December 16th: The Fourth Night Of Christmas
  • December 17th: The Fifth Night Of Christmas
  • December 18th: The Sixth Night Of Christmas
  • December 19th: The Seventh Night Of Christmas
  • December 20th: The Eight Night Of Christmas
  • December 21st: Winter Solstice Yule | The Ninth Night Of Christmas | The Nonetide | The Longest Night Of The Year
  • December 22nd: The Tenth Night Of Christmas
  • December 23rd: The Eleventh Night Of Christmas | Anti-Claus Rebuke And Repentance Ceremony (Santa’s Evil Twin Born 11 Minutes After Him)
  • December 24th: Christmas Eve | The Twelfth Night Of Christmas
  • December 25th: Christmas | First Day Of Christmas | Christmastide Twelve Days Of Christmas Begin (The Dark Of Night Becomes The Light Of Day!)
  • December 26th: Second Day Of Christmas
  • December 27th: Third Day Of Christmas
  • December 28th: Fourth Day Of Christmas
  • December 29th: Fifth Day Of Christmas
  • December 30th: Sixth Day Of Christmas | The Claus Awards
  • December 31st: New Year’s Eve | Seventh Day Of Christmas
  • January 1st: New Year’s Day | Eighth Day Of Christmas aka The Octave
  • January 2nd: Ninth Day Of Christmas
  • January 3rd: Tenth Day Of Christmas
  • January 4th: Eleventh Day Of Christmas
  • January 5th: Belfana Epiphany Eve | Twelfth Day Of Christmas | Last Day Of The 12 Days Christmastide
  • January 6th: Epiphany | Three Kings Wisemen Day | The Start Of The Epiphanytide (Sub-Season Of Christmas)
  • February 1st: Imbolc Saint Brigid Day
  • February 2nd: Candlemas Groundhog Day | Last Day Of The Christmas Season! (Epiphanytide Ends)

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