Enchanted Easter Bunny Egg Alert

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Today you shall discover enchanted Easter eggs strewn about the brush in a kaleidoscopic array of dazzling colors.  This is the handy work of the worlds only known Werehare that we call The Easter Bunny.  A human Saint cursed within bunny form who turned the tables on evil to marshal the forces of good under the banner of the resurrected Omniverse Demigod Jesus Christ. The Easter Bunny can appear as a normal bunny or as a bipedal humanoid bunny being of at least 6 feet tall! The curse upon him prohibits human form except in certain circumstances. He leaves Eggs, with the help of his little chicks, that are treats themselves, or has treats within an egg shell for children to find so that their magical innocence can be marshaled into an Easter Spirit utilized as fighting fuel for the forces of light, and right upon this Earth! The Spirit Of Easter is a non-sapient entity created from the human collective consciousness, and the paranormal power of the Easter Werehare.  It’s somewhat similar to the Spirit Of Christmas.

Within the righteous rabbits enchanted eggs you may find chocolates, candies, small gifts, and a rare few receive magical gifts. In fact one egg on Earth contains supernatural powers for the lucky person who finds it.  It’s generally meant for an adult since great power brings great responsibility.  Sometimes the Easter Bunny leaves his eggs purposely utilizing The Santa Claus “Naughty Or Nice List” but most of the eggs are left randomly while sometimes being guided by the power of good luck.  This is a process Leprechauns have a hand in as their precious St.Patrick’s Day luck is so near, and dear to Easter.  In addition a rare few will receive prank eggs or even smelly rotten eggs!  This is the work of the April Fool who sneaks into the bunnies secret egg stash to taint some of them for his own amusement. Also those who have darkness in their hearts will turn a egg rotten upon touching it!  If an adult, or even a kid opens a rotten smelly egg then odds are he will grow up to be a serial killer!  Of course there’s a chance it could merely be an April Fool egg, and the person is innocent so you shouldn’t be so quick to judge. Merely use the egg as a confirmation if you noticed other unsavory signs. Oh my not a good note to end on! LOL! Good Luck On Your Egg Hunting! Happy Easter To All!

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