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The April FoolBehold the return of the most mischievous master of mirth!  The perplexing patron of pranks!  The Amazing April Fool!  Yes perhaps flattery will ease the annual day of embarrassment for us. Among his many stops around the world The Fool always finds time to make Mystic Investigations the butt of his jovial joking.  Whether it be the vandalizing of our website, the defacing of our offices, the instant disintegration of clothing, the unintended pratfalls at the most inopportune moments, sudden stuttering amid speeches, and even blurting out enchanting expletives for no apparent reason!  It’s the general consensus in the paranormal community that humiliation at his hands is a badge of honor. Of course he also enjoys indulging in his most malicious side when teaching truly vile villains a much deserved lesson.

Due to recent contact with some top level Norse Gods Mystic Investigations can finally verify that the Trickster God Loki is in fact the creator of the supernatural entity known as the April Fool.  The Fool himself is classified as a supernatural Trickster. Although there may be other Gods in league with him lending more power to his flagrant foolishness. Every seven years a worthy human with hilarity in his, or her, heart is chosen to be the new master of mischief on that most hallowed first day of April.  The April Fool is a way for Loki to cause hilarious havoc indirectly thereby protecting himself from the wrath of any higher dimensional beings more powerful than himself.  Perhaps you could be the next Fool if your heart hankers for a heaven of unhinged hilarity!

So what can you do to protect yourself from this flaky fools reign of farcical feats?  Simply
never truly being embarrassed pretty much insures The April Fool won’t bother blanketing you with blatant buffoonery.  Celebrating April Fool’s Day helps but you can’t gain too much glee through your own brand of April Fool’s absurdities. Otherwise it’s too tempting for him to give you a titanic taste of your own malicious medicine. For some reason Jester or Clown dolls, along with other related memorabilia, deters him from potential victims. Having the tricks of the pranking trade upon your person also aids in the repelling the ridiculousness of the wacky wisecracker!  In addition the Harlequin flower, aka Sparaxis tricolor, is Mother Nature’s only known April Fool repellant.  However it’s not always effective depending on the circumstances.  The best thing you can do is take the joke like a trooper, and don’t be a party pooper!  Having an angry aura only eggs the high priest of hijinks onward into perpetual pranking posture.  No matter what wild whimsy The Fool brings down upon you rest assured he never hurts anyone physically.  Yes your pride may be wounded but otherwise all is well.  He also appears to sense if someone has deep mental, or emotional issues because he either leaves them alone, or only mildly messes with them. If something embarrassing happens to you out of blue on April 1st then you’re most likely a victim of the April Fool! Happy April Fools Day To All, And To All A Non-Mortifying Night!

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