Sprinkles The Enchanted Elephant’s First Halloween

Sprinkles The Enchanted ElephantSprinkles is a member of a supernatural race of small speaking anthropomorphic elephants that walk upright, and are able to speak. Their origin is unknown yet they are clearly the product of enchantment. They live deep in the Mystical Forest in a region called Happy Fun Time Land which is composed of various talking anthropomorphic animals that were the accidental result of powerful magic.🎃

As the days grow shorter and cooler, the leaves of the Mystical Forest flourish with a rich array of colors in the center of Happy Fun Time Land. Sprinkles The Enchanted Elephant skips happily through the woods as the leaves fall around him gleaming in the warm sun. The rays of the sun keep him warm in the cool Autumn winds as the fallen foliage crunches beneath his flat elephant feet. He looks at the trees around him and marvels at all the wondrous colors flourishing about. Red, Orange, Yellow, and still some green as well. Oh look even a dash of purple! Sprinkles began jumping in piles of leaves with glee and then climbed a tree to see the entire forest for miles around. He saw a pond in the distance and began hiking to find it through the many trees of the forest. When he got there he found the water teeming with friendly ducks, swans, geese, frogs, turtles, and fish as well. They were more than happy to play with Sprinkles especially when he soaked up water with his elephant trunk and squirted them gently like a sprinkler.

Sprinkles realized it was getting dark out and he had to get home for dinner. So he said bye to his pond friends and hiked back into the dimly lit woods full of many dark shadows. Shadows that grew ever larger as the sun set. He then happened upon his neighbor’s house where a girl a little older than him lived. Her name was Penny and she was an enchanted elephant as well. He came to the front porch hoping to say hi to Penny but instead was greeted by a spooky pumpkin with a scary face and fire glowing within it. Sprinkles was startled by this shocking sight and approached the orange glowing monster carefully. Just then a hairy dog looking beast leaped from behind a bush and roared loudly. Sprinkles was terrified and ran away as fast as his little flat feet could carry him.

Before he got far he heard a girl’s voice say, “Sprinkles come back! It’s me Penny!” Sprinkles turned around and saw the hairy horror remove its head and underneath was Penny. A relieved Sprinkle’s then asked,” What’s going on here Penny? Why are you dressed like a big scary dog and why does your pumpkin have a face lit with fire?” Penny laugh for a bit and then told Sprinkles about the holiday of Halloween. She told him that she was dressed as a Werewolf which is a scary puppy monster. On Halloween kids dress up as monsters or whatever else they like. Then they go trick-o-treating to people’s houses to get free candy. She also told him about carving faces on pumpkins to turn them into Jack-O-Lanterns. A candle is then lit inside them so they light up the fun filled Halloween night of candy, costumes, games, and safe scary fun!

After Penny explained everything Sprinkles wasn’t scared anymore and realized how exciting this Halloween sounded. He said bye to Penny and ran back into the dark woods as the full moon rose in the star filled sky. The sky above was lit even further by a comet, and some shooting stars. Sprinkles started to be frightened again as he made his way down the trail toward home in the woods now devoid of sun. He was eager to get home and ask his mom and dad about Halloween while they ate dinner. Suddenly an old women dressed in a pointy hat stepped out of the moonlit shadows.

She startled Sprinkles but then he saw a sparkling wrapped chocolate treat in her hand. She then said,” Hello little boy would you care for some candy?” Thinking this was for Halloween he said, “Yes thank you Miss!” She handed it to him but then he remembered what his dad had said about not eating candy from strangers so he simply put it in his pocket. She then said, ”Aren’t you going to eat it?” He then said, ”No thank you. I don’t want to spoil my dinner. I’m going home now to eat with my parents.” She then said, ”Would you like some candy to take home to your parents?” Sprinkles said yes and thought how nice it would be to give his mom and dad a gift. The old woman said he’d have to come to her house on the other side of the green pine trees. He knew he wasn’t supposed to go anywhere with a stranger so he changed his mind and said he didn’t need anymore candy.

Sprinkles thanked the lady for her kindness and started walking away when all the sudden she quickly picked him up and said he was going to come home with her. She then laughed loudly and said, ”I’m the wicked witch of the Mystical Forest and you’re mine now!” Sprinkles cried to let him go but she just kept laughing as she carried him away. Suddenly his fright turned to anger and he began waving his hands and kicking his feet against her. He then swung his trunk against her head knocking her big pointy black to the ground. She was startled by this and dropped him. Sprinkles started running away but she began to rapidly walk toward him with an angry look on her face. He then sucked up a puddle of water and shot it out of his trunk splashing her right in the face like a forceful fire hose! She fell to the ground and began screaming, ”I’m melting! I’m melting!” while green smoke rose from her.

Within seconds there was nothing left but her dress, her hat, some creepy green smoke, and a puddle of stinky water. Sprinkles then exclaimed, ”Yeah you take that you big meanie witch!” Sprinkles took the sparkly wrapped candy from his pocket and threw it at the hat. He then spotted a small house with the lights on nearby. He assumed it was the witch’s house and walked inside. A black cat jumped from a shelf in the kitchen and scared him as it ran under a table to hide. He saw a big black pot smoking on the stove and a long broom leaning against the wall. Then he heard someone yell, ”Save us!” He looked down the hall into a dark room where he flipped the light on and found a giant playpen with four kids trapped in it.

They had all been tricked by the witch who gave them candy to lure them into her house. Sprinkles was thinking how to get them out when all the sudden a voice behind him said, ”Did you really think water could destroy me silly little boy?” A frightful Sprinkles turned around to see the witch standing there all wet. She then said, ”There’s no water here this time. Now you will join your friends in the playpen!” Once again fear was tossed aside and he got mad thinking about someone keeping him from his parents and keeping other kids from their families as well. Sprinkles then closed his eyes and remembered the bedtime stories his parents had told him about their lives before Sprinkles was born. He then conjured up all the power of his imagination and screamed, ”Sprinkles Power!”

At that moment with great surprise to everyone, including himself, a sparkling stream of glittering dust and light flew from his trunk powerfully hitting the witch. The glitter engulfed her as she fell to the floor screeching, ”Nooooooooo!” Within seconds she exclaimed, ”My power is gone! I’m nothing more than a feeble old woman now!” Sprinkles then picked up some of the sparkling dust on the floor and threw it at the playpen causing the interwoven cloth walls to disappear allowing the kids to walk out. They all ran out of the house but not before Sprinkles turned to the former witch and said, ”Yeah that’s right witchy poo! Don’t mess with Sprinkles and leave kids alone you old meanie!”

Sprinkles left with the other kids. Eventually they scattered to go to their individual homes. Within minutes Sprinkles was welcomed home by his worried parents. He told the tale of his horrific adventure but his parents didn’t believe him at first. That is until he spoke of his enchanted Elephant dust that defeated the witch. They then knew he had stumbled upon their family secret. The secret of their magical power. They told him that his power must remain hidden and that he must only use it to help others in need. His parents also said it only works when an elephant is free of fear. That night after bed they also told him about Halloween and that it was okay to take candy from their neighbors who they knew so they weren’t strangers. But as always he should let his parents see the candy before he eats it.

The next day Sprinkles picked out a pumpkin from the backyard pumpkin patch and his dad helped him carve a Jack-O-Lantern. He could smell the delicious pumpkin pie cooling on the window sill his mother had just made. Now he knew pumpkins could be used for something besides yummy desserts. He went inside when he was done with his Jack-O-Lantern and found his mom sewing his Halloween costume. He decided to dress as a superhero. It was a blue and pink suit with a giant “S” on the chest which stood for “Sprinkles”. There was also a long flowing light blue cape from him to wear along with a mask covering his eyes. He was very excited as the enchanted evening of Halloween approached.

His parents held each of his hands as they went door to door. He went to the first door and said, ”Trick-O-Treat!” A beautiful young woman threw a candy bar in his pumpkin shaped candy bucket and he said, ”Thank you Miss!” He repeated this at many houses around the enchanted forest and his bucket was soon full. He couldn’t wait to get home and eat it all. On the way home he saw Penny and her parents. She happily exclaimed, ”Happy Halloween!” and Sprinkles said the same in return. They also walked past the old witch’s house but Sprinkles noticed the house was boarded up and dark. His parents told him that the old lady was taken away by the Forest Sheriff and would be spending a long time in a place called jail where she could never hurt anyone ever again.🎃

Once Sprinkles got home his parents looked through the candy and told him it was safe to eat. However they warned him not to eat it all at once! Even though he and most people in Happy Fun Time Land had some level of magic within them they could still get sick from eating too much candy. So Sprinkles only ate two candy bars and a taffy apple. He then went outside and stared at his candle lit Jack-O-Lantern and the beautiful moonlit sky. He thought about all the fun and scary adventures he had on that All Hallows Eve. He decided Halloween was just about the most fun, and exciting holiday ever. Then he remembered Christmas was coming in a few months and his mind began to wonder what neat toys he would get from Santa Claus and his family.🎅

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