The Twisted Metal Apocalypse

In our current reality, Twisted Metal is a Sony Playstation[Ad] vehicular combat video game franchise that originated in 1995. In various Parallel Universes, it exists in the real world within the present and future. The Twisted Metal Contest or Competition is hosted by a mysterious diabolical billionaire named Calypso with supernatural connections. Apparently, he died and went to hell after being suicidal and killing a lot of people in demolition derbies for a long time. This impressed the Devil, and Calypso was given wish-granting powers. All for the purpose of collecting human souls for Hell.

Players enter his crazy competition with their custom combat vehicles armed with every weapon imaginable. They’re then let loose all over the world to battle each other. Usually in urban areas. They all fight for the ultimate prize. Often a wish that is sarcastically twisted by Calypso. In essence, the victory is worse than the death that usually results from losing the contest. However, in some realities the wishes are genuine. In others, there is no paranormal element and the prize may simply be money or a ticket to live in the luxurious safe zones since most of the contests take place in dystopian futures and dark post-apocalyptic worlds.

A Post-Apocalyptic World Of Legal Vehicular Manslaughter!


Such horrifying competitions can only take place in wayward worlds due to the chaotic carnage and collateral damage that results from waging war everywhere and anywhere on Earth! Many innocent victims die as the vexing vehicles battle for supremacy. Sometimes Twisted Metal or similar violent vehicular competitions with no limits happen as a part of the greater Party Apocalypse. Something we have glimpsed in The Purge movie franchise. True Twisted Metal contests occur in lawless societies or within authoritarian regimes that wish to appease a segment of the populace who could pose a threat to their rule. The regime itself is often a global corporation or cooperative of several mega-corporations that have taken the place of traditional public government. Sometimes a vestige of the government is left intact but it is merely a puppet of the master private corporation.

The contest is a method to distract the citizens from the hell of their lives under any given governmental system. A deception to make them believe they have some kind of control over their lives. A delusion that anyone can win the Twisted Metal Competition and finally live a sweet life of luxury. Not only have top-flight psychics, seers, and mystics seen the Twisted Metal reality in Parallel Universes but also potentially in our future as well if the forces of darkness win in their quest for global domination! The Parallel Reality closest to ours and the one most like the video games exists as follows…

The Real Twisted Metal Post-Apocalyptic World Of Living Hell!

In a Parallel Universe near ours, Calypso grew up as a secret serial killer. Outwardly he was a handsome charismatic man who could easily gain the cooperation of others. He’d often talk his prey into coming with him to secluded locations so he could partake of an easy kill. Before he eradicated them he’d proudly exclaim that he owned their soul despite nothing supernatural in nature. Throughout life, he attempted to corrupt everyone around him through deceptive manipulation. He’d consider it a gleeful game amid his prize kills. He felt he owned their souls after compromising them. His intelligence and skill at molding people to his will eventually caused his wealth to grow to billionaire status via his global conglomerate Calypso Industries.

His delusions of grandeur made him feel god-like as he sought to rule the world. Fortunately for the people of that Earth, it was too much of a task for any one man. Through his global travels, he began to learn about the secret supernatural world and made attempts to summon demons. Finally, the Devil himself paid him a visit as he manipulated the master manipulator. In exchange for his immortal soul, Calypso would have the power to grant wishes by allowing demons to possess him every so often to complete Earthly tasks. The Devil couldn’t blatantly give him the world without Angelic interference. It had to appear he was doing it on his own. With this new tool in his possession, Calypso was able to convince more people to do his bidding. Little by little he and his corporation gained power within most of the governments.

During this time he began hosting Twisted Metal Demolition Derbies as pay-per-view events. The contests started out as simple spectacular vehicular shows in stadiums and then in remote rural areas owned by Calypso. The prize was money with a secret off-screen option of getting a wish in exchange for selling their soul. Every soul Calypso claimed for Hell would garner him more power. Naturally, the world didn’t yet know he could grants wishes as the paranormal was not known by the general public. The few deaths that occurred in these derbies were seen as merely “accidental”. The events escalated and would take place in third-world countries where the leaders were completely bribed into submission. The mass death was covered up as the events were billed as everyone involved consenting to potential death. Some were appalled by these death matches but a great majority ate up the carnage as they were disconnected from the horror of the sinister situation. It was merely television entertainment that they couldn’t discern from fictional shows.

Calypso and all his allies in business and government were involved in a global conspiracy to take over the world. They were The Illuminati of that world. They worked to gradually bring society into decline on all levels by turning everyone against each other, making it more difficult for the average person to earn a living, and doing everything under the sun to destroy civilization as anyone knew it. As civil unrest and wars broke out around the world nukes were launched by various nations. Civilization was finally toppled as rule came under warlords under the command and control of Calypso Industries. Calypso had so much power that money meant nothing anymore. He was simply the man who could make people’s life pleasant or sweetly hellish depending on what he required from them and whether they would cooperate. Those who served a purpose and cooperated got to live in so-called utopian safe zones while the rest had to fend for themselves in the wild dystopian hell holes. These safe zones were new high-tech modern communities built in remote rural areas.

For his own amusement and to keep the still sizable population under control he escalated the Twisted Metal Contest to multiple global locations. The apex of the competitions took place in major metropolitan centers that were now mostly abandoned. Although, there was a decent amount of homeless scavengers known as “Pedestrians” that usually became easily roadkill for the camera to capture. Then there were the foolish fans to pay dearly to watch the contests live. They were assured safety behind red tape zones but the competitors weren’t going out of their way to protect the spectators who quickly became “Pedestrians”! Calypso promised anyone could enter by working their way up from smaller competitions. It was at this time he finally revealed his wish-granting powers and shocked the world.

The contestants were required to sign a blood contract selling their soul to Calypso who acted as a proxy for the Devil himself. Upon their inevitable death, they would go to hell! In order to win Twisted Metal you must be the last person standing so everyone else will die! The winner gets any wish they please so as long as it doesn’t compromise Calypso or the Devil in any way. 99.9% of the time Calypso would twist the wish into something ironically dark for his own glee and to prove his superior intelligence to stoke his enormous ego! Something Genies routinely do as they are angered by being trapped in lamps and bottles! No matter what they wished for, the person would eventually die and their soul would go to hell as per the contract they signed for the privilege to enter the contest. Even if they wished for Immortality they would always have an accident not long after.

One winner was smart and wished for Amortality which would mean they could never die. However, Calypso crafted a special torture for that situation and they would always beg for death. Unfortunately, the only way to make that happen would be for them to re-enter the contest and win again for another wish. Their wish to die turned into 10 years of agonizing gradual death! Naturally, nobody saw this side of the won wishes but there were rumors of Calypso’s little mind games. That never stopped anyone from wanting to enter for the hope of having a magic wish and getting to live happily ever after in a safe zone. Twisted Meta became the most popular TV show and form of entertainment on Earth. It even spawned a video game and an armada of sweet merch that people went crazy for!

For decades Calypso was on fire as he declared himself the Emporer Of Earth! His pride and delusions of grandeur made him think he should rule the Universe in his mentally ill mind. He began hatching a plan to take over Hell and become the Devil as he secretly summoned demons to join him. He offered them better conditions and more power if he became the new Satan. He had technically kept the souls he collected and had yet to turn them over to the Devil. These souls had massive metaphysical energy reserves he could eventually tap into once he left this mortal coil of existence. He billed his biggest event by entering Twisted Metal himself! Of course, he won and was able to finally grant his own wish. He wished to go to Hell without actually dying. Once there he amassed his allies and tapped into his soul to begin a Civil War Of Hell. Something akin to our own realities Dark Sorcerer Dimitri Diablo who eventually became the King Of Hell while the Devil signed a truce and remained the Emperor.

Calypso wasn’t so lucky and he lost everything as the complete wrath of Satan was brought to bear upon him. He languished in Hell for many millennia until the Devil finally forgave him and made him a demon. Calypso was simply too much of an evil resource to waste. The Demon Calypso did become one of the most powerful demons in Hell and attained Arch-Demon status as Satan’s right-hand man. Calypso finally got his wish to become the Devil when Satan foolishly tried to overthrow the Omniverse and possess God himself! The Devil was imprisoned in Heaven for all eternity and Calypso The Devil became the dark lord of things evil! Well until Armagdeon when the forces of good finally won and Hell was destroyed along with all demons vanquished including dumb Calypso! The End!😈

🤡Sweet Tooth is virtually the mad mascot of the Twisted Metal Franchise. He’s seen as one of the most terrifying and effective warriors within the Twisted Metal Universes. He’s a demented serial killing clown who drives an alarming ice cream truck of titanic terror! 🏎️ [Search For Twisted Metal Video Games(Ad)]

🦚The Twisted Metal TV Series Premiered On Peacock July 27, 2023

The Peacock streaming series doesn’t appear to have a supernatural side or a contest in play. In that Twisted Metal reality, we do see a post-apocalyptic world of vexing vehicles outfitted with all manner of weapons. They’re on the attack for supplies to survive in a world of scarcity. The major cities are protected fenced-in utopias while the rest of the world is in anarchy. This is unlike the video games where the cities are war zones for the Twisted Metal Competition. The show follows a “Milk Man” who delivers goods between cities as he dodges marauders looking to steal his precious cargo. He eventually gets an amazing offer from the leader of New San Francisco. She wants him to acquire a mysterious item from New Chicago in exchange for citizenship in her utopia. There’s no mention of any contest like the video games but perhaps this premise makes a bit more sense in a post-apocalyptic world where there are still civilized safe zones.🏙️

The leader plays into his wish of belonging to a family in a safe environment. However, she is putting on an act and it clearly evil to some extent. The first episode of Twisted Metal is free with ads. However, the other nine episodes require a monthly Peacock membership.

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