Werewolf Whistles: A Tool To Repel Werewolves

A Werewolf Whistle is an essential tool in the fight against frightening Werewolves. Its purpose is to repel or confuse a werewolf long enough to either initiate countermeasures upon it or escape to safety. It’s a metal whistle of a generally cylindrical shape. Often the metal is silver but it is not essential in the operation of the device. The whistle emits a supernatural sound undetectable by human ears, yet clearly audible to the paranormal Werewolf ear. However, it also emits a familiar whistling sound humans can hear so you know it’s actually working. Those werewolf whistles with adjustment mechanisms can also be used for other paranormal creatures. Such whistles are not the same as dog whistles and are not recommended for use in repelling aggressive dogs, or other non-paranormal animals.

When blown the werewolf whistle will repel most werewolves and potentially a variety of other supernatural beings. This is due to the pain caused by the high-pitched paranormal emissions of the life saving device that anyone can carry. Quality Werewolf Whistles are always calibrated by Professional Lycanthropologists or Cryptozoologists. Don’t be left out in the cold of the dark paranormal night at the mercy of Werewolves. Avoid getting close to these hairy horrors to utilize your holy water, silver daggers, crosses, and other holy artifacts. Don’t chance the accuracy of your aim with a silver bullet-loaded gun as a Werewolf comes raging toward you. Get a Werewolf whistle to repel these malevolent monsters before you even see them. The minute you hear an unholy howl just blow the Werewolf Whistle, and drive the damned denizens of destruction from your general vicinity. You can even blow it randomly as you venture out on a Full Moon night to ensure you don’t get bitten, and end up a victim of the Lycanthrope curse. Find it at your local Supernatural Shop or Paranormal Professional Office!