Do Wicked Witches Have Green Skin?

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Wicked Witches and Warlocks are practitioners of dark magic who turn toward demonic or even dark deities for paranormal power. The wayward witches are often portrayed in various forms of media as having green skin. In rare cases, they may even have gray skin. Often the sickly skin coloring is accompanied by warts, long hook noses, glowing eyes, and even claws. These witches can also have various facial and bodily deformations. The most infamous of these green witches is of course The Wicked Witch Of The West as seen in the motion picture The Wizard Of Oz. In reality, such hideous-looking witches of evil do, in fact, exist! This includes the rarely seen green male Warlocks as well. Based on the nature of the magical method it is seen far less in Wizards and Sorcerers.🧙‍♂️

What Causes Green Skin & Other Abnormalities In Wicked Witches?

When anyone delves deep into the dark magics they are almost always calling upon demons for power. This infuses the body with demonic energy which begins to warp the human biological form along with their very souls as well. That is unless of course they already sold their soul to Hell in order to acquire their magical abilities, to begin with. Everyone’s body and soul start out as an innocent pure holy vessel that is gradually made impure through living a physical life. However, it can be made downright unholy by the forces of evil. There was certainly a drastic change when the rebellious fallen angels of Heaven transformed into the demons of hell. The physical transformation can take longer when witches or warlocks call upon dark deities of the Underworld for power. However, these Underworld gods are allied with the demons of Hell against the beloved nature deities. That being said, 80% of the time wicked witches are in league with Satan and his fallen angel kind.😈

Can A Wayward Witch Hide Their Frightening Facade?

Wicked Witch nearly completing her deceptive Glamour of beguiling beauty

The longer a witch or warlock practices their devilish darkness the more their appearance leans toward the demonic. The natural color of demons who take biological form is reptilian green. This is what mostly accounts for the green skin in malevolent witches. There’s also the fact that a great deal of magic generates photons of light that vibrate in the green frequency range. This contributes to their skin color to a lesser extent. Those witches of ill intent who are able to prolong their lives past the normal human lifespan are usually the ones who appear the most horrifying. This is the price one pays for dealing with the Devil, and his demonic minions for the purposes of nefarious power.  Although, they can magically Glamour themselves to appear strikingly beautiful. This temporary illusion has fooled many into undesirable situations with these despicable creatures. It is necessary for them to put forth a fake facade in order to interact with society rather than be completely damned to the dark shadows of their witch’s lair.🔮

The Blasphemous Bodily Transformation Of Dark Magic

As a witch or warlock heads down the dark road to Hell their hair will turn jet black unless it’s already gray from old age. The hair will always retain some black, and will never go fully free of melanin. Naturally, as these dark denizens live past 200 or so they tend to begin losing their hair! The skin of the evil ones will begin going quite pale in color. Next, their skin will turn grey signifying the death of their soul. This includes their eyes turning black as coal. One could almost mistake them for a zombie. Eventually, a green skin tint takes hold. This indicates full servitude to the dark lord of the netherworld in the dark dimensions beyond our own. By this time warts, and other skin conditions will start to appear. This includes the horrifying hook or long pointy nose. The face, in general, becomes gradually deformed in various ways.🤢

The Physical Price Paid To Have The Power Of Hell!

These hideous features extend throughout the body and signify that Satan owns their soul! One of the final traits is the growing of claws in place of their fingernails, and toenails. This is most often seen in wicked witches beyond 100 years of age. In addition, eyes glow on all witches, good or evil, when they are in the midst of conjuring up some major magics. The usual color is green in most witches but a wicked witch going for the serious mojo may have the red or orange glow of hell fire! Ultimately, there can be great variation in physical characteristics based on the degree of deceptive Glamouring and other spells they might use in an attempt to halt their wretched transformation.⚡️

The Charmed Journey Of Good Witches

Good Witch

A Good Witch of beauty who calls upon gentle nature deities for power

Unlike the wicked witch, good witches of the light are often quite strikingly beautiful. Particularly if they call upon powerful nature deities for their magic. This is more so in hereditary witches with a certain level of magic already in their DNA. They are the ones who can handle serious surges of magic that ultimately supplement their Heaven-bound souls. Those who curry major favor with Gods and Goddesses may find themselves Earthbound as an ascended nature deity in the afterlife. This includes complete access to the much-coveted Paradise Plane ruled over by Goddess Gaia Mother Earth. Completely dedicated witches who practice white magic in tune with Mother Nature will live to a ripe old age in perfect health. They can also achieve immortality like wicked witches.🧚‍♀️

Following The Righteous Path Is More Pleasant Yet Yields Less Power

The only disadvantage is that, on average, righteous witches tend to have less power than wicked witches. Plausibly because the natural order will only transfer so much power to humans while the forces of darkness will fork over everything they can for a loyal servant of Satan. Indeed if a good witch was given too much power their body and soul would overload and they would pay a physical price as well. It is actually possible for a good witch to have a temporary slight green tint as their aura is over-infused with the enchanted energy of magic. This is due to the aforementioned tendency for magical energies to create photons that vibrate in the green frequency range. Thankfully, it goes away rather quickly once they return to normal power level. In addition, demons seemingly have more of a power base than the Earthly Gods and Goddesses. Witches of darkness eventually become more demonic than human thus making them more powerful. Certainly, most are hell bound and might very well become full-blown demons someday. In the end, the brightly lit free human spirit will prevail over dark damnation…most of the time!🧙‍♀️

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    • She’s a Gemini like Xavier. Drake was born on March 15 so he’s a Pisces or was. Technically he was re-born as a vampire on Sept 12, 1297 so he would be a Virgo. That being said however Astrology tends to be far less accurate for those transformed into supernatural creatures.

  2. Hello Rebecca, 🙂 That was cool. You are right about the appearance of evil witches. I have met more than one! And I’ll tell you they are what they look like. The warts and hooked nose.. chin sticking out. Not nice at all. You’re also correct about the lighter hair color and red. I’m a strawberry blonde. I’m a white witch! My eyes change from a bright yellow to a dark green. Sometimes they also reach full black when the pupils dilate when I get upset! Freaks people out! The women who fit the wicked witch description have such black hearts. They were even wicked to there own children. I’m not going to go into great detail. But I stay away from anyone who fits those nasty descriptions of women. The women in my family are beautiful blondes. I’m the only red head in both sides. My fathers side, the women have dark hair. This is a very interesting subject! Thank you for this Rebecca. You made me realize how many wicked witches I know. wow. Scary.. No wonder why I have bad luck! 😉

    • How in the everlasting deep blue sea did I miss your comment? 🙂 I admit I don’t reply to things a lot due to my mind being in sensual place much of the time which is putting it mildly. That is when I’m not fighting the forces of evil. I use my Mermaid side coupled with the magics that mingle within me as an excuse but perhaps it’s all over the top. My witch friends have the same problem to a lesser extent, and based on the sounds I heard as a child coming from my parents bedroom day, and night my Mother might have been even worse…LOL! 😉 The evil witches become so ugly that they can’t even satisfy such urges but they tend to use their demonic magic to shut themselves off as it were. Dimitri Diablo does the same thing, or that’s what I’ve heard.

      Those wicked witches can’t give you bad luck unless you believe in they have the power to alter your luck. Now Clurichaun’s are a different story. Those little bastards really know how to wield the power of bad luck.

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