January 30, 2023

12 thoughts on “Do Wicked Witches Have Green Skin?

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    1. She’s a Gemini like Xavier. Drake was born on March 15 so he’s a Pisces or was. Technically he was re-born as a vampire on Sept 12, 1297 so he would be a Virgo. That being said however Astrology tends to be far less accurate for those transformed into supernatural creatures.

  2. Hello Rebecca, 🙂 That was cool. You are right about the appearance of evil witches. I have met more than one! And I’ll tell you they are what they look like. The warts and hooked nose.. chin sticking out. Not nice at all. You’re also correct about the lighter hair color and red. I’m a strawberry blonde. I’m a white witch! My eyes change from a bright yellow to a dark green. Sometimes they also reach full black when the pupils dilate when I get upset! Freaks people out! The women who fit the wicked witch description have such black hearts. They were even wicked to there own children. I’m not going to go into great detail. But I stay away from anyone who fits those nasty descriptions of women. The women in my family are beautiful blondes. I’m the only red head in both sides. My fathers side, the women have dark hair. This is a very interesting subject! Thank you for this Rebecca. You made me realize how many wicked witches I know. wow. Scary.. No wonder why I have bad luck! 😉

    1. How in the everlasting deep blue sea did I miss your comment? 🙂 I admit I don’t reply to things a lot due to my mind being in sensual place much of the time which is putting it mildly. That is when I’m not fighting the forces of evil. I use my Mermaid side coupled with the magics that mingle within me as an excuse but perhaps it’s all over the top. My witch friends have the same problem to a lesser extent, and based on the sounds I heard as a child coming from my parents bedroom day, and night my Mother might have been even worse…LOL! 😉 The evil witches become so ugly that they can’t even satisfy such urges but they tend to use their demonic magic to shut themselves off as it were. Dimitri Diablo does the same thing, or that’s what I’ve heard.

      Those wicked witches can’t give you bad luck unless you believe in they have the power to alter your luck. Now Clurichaun’s are a different story. Those little bastards really know how to wield the power of bad luck.

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