January 30, 2023

86 thoughts on “What Is The Stool?

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    1. I’m also getting a later vision where you are released from the FEMA camp for good behavior, and you make an epic journey to meet the Alpha Stool. You find him in a cave in Tibet, and you walk into his gooey brown mass to become one with him. From that point you become apart of the Alpha Stool collective, and your entire life becomes an eternal journey of poop.

        1. We have no patience for impatience. Andogra is just about the only person to complain on our website so he had it coming. When we deal with a business who ignores us we usually tell them to shove it, and go elsewhere. That’s what people like Andy should do if he doesn’t like how we do things. Although if it’s within driving distance I just go there in a skimpy outfit, and suddenly everyone is apologizing, and catering to me. It’s quite amazing!

  2. Nobody cares about you hot girlfriend, cars nor nothing the care about the truth. I care about truth. you rather travel then find emotional support. the truth hurts but actually supernaturalbeliver there’s a good chance that they may be lying, but they weren’t but there’s or more thing: THEY WEREN’T SURE!! I’m sorry if you think that I was irritating yo but I think that money’s more important to them than they trying to help. that is all

    1. Yeah that’s right pal it’s all about the cash, the hot chicks, the cars, the mansion, the cool gadgets, and the adrenaline rush! I’m the freaking James Bond of the supernatural, and your jealously saddens me deeply. Clearly you have no life, and you’re on some massive question spree. A spree of frustration because we have not replied in your time frame as if you paid us to do so. This is the second time you’ve complained. The third time will result in your account being deleted, and your IP address banned from even gazing upon our totally awesome site!

      1. money is the root of all evil..so what if you were rich or poor so let have peace this world.
        who care about the rich or poor let have peace.

        1. Yes we know money is the root of all evil. In fact the future will bring the end of money, and downfall of the billionaire elites via free energy technologies currently being suppressed along with 3-D printers, and nanobots that can build anything. Once the plutocrats, and corporatists are defeated humanity will decide to share raw resources needed to build things for free with nanobots. When we were speaking with the impatient AnDagra we were being sarcastic.

          1. AnDagra need to be patient so i guess we all need to be patient anyway i must ask you about this NWO stuff is UFO is part of the NWO group and i just wonder how is the NWO come effect in power?

          2. I’m not sure if I understand your entire question but Reptilian Extraterrestrials are working with the NWO plutocratic royal elites. These alien actually first evolved on Earth millions of years ago from dinosaurs, and left after the meteor wiped a great deal of life out. Some have returned, and want to steal the Earth away from humans. The NWO came to power from the Illuminati who are the ancestors of the various royalty of the Earth. Now primarily European with British royals at the top. They realized they were losing their royal power as democracy took hold so they decided to create a more clandestine system to control everything via a shadow government, and economy. They partnered with the first bankers, and later other billionaires to create a system of corporatism, and corruption.


      1. OMG you are totally mental! LOL! Having a mental break down pretending to be someone else! More or less you are the only one here. We have a lot of visitors but nobody comments I guess. I assume they’re getting all the data they need, or don’t want to be bothered with registering, and asking a question when they can just Google for another site if they can’t find it here.

  3. though I think that’s it’s rather sweet that all of you are not fake nor have to lie. I wish that I would meet cool people like you and um do something about the problems that you’re facing

  4. Sorry I snapped at you. I wasn’t thinking right, and Xavier you’re right you are the James Bond. Can you at least tell me how are you today?

    1. We were all ill to some degree due to the Slender Man Sickness. We suddenly felt much better the last few days. Julia sensed that Slender Man is avoiding Woodland Springs due to the Slender Man Assassin being in the general area. There have been several sightings of the stick man creature but we haven’t run into him yet. This deadly creature apparently is more powerful than Slender Man, and just about the only thing he actually fears.

  5. Xavier Remington here what I want to show you….http://2012portal.blogspot.com/
    please check this out the link of it it about the victory of light Good UFO return but I don’t if this is a scam or not I am confused little bit but I want to take a look at this website you may have see it or not so write back thank you.

    1. Since the camp you will be taken to is near the Canadian border you could slip away. You still at least have five years to preemptively escape now. As for becoming a supernatural traveler it’s not likely. If you can live longer enough you can get the immortal nanbot injection, and live long enough to see time travel.

    1. The only way to avoid this is to renounce the NWO, and the forces of evil. Then pray everyday to the Omniverse God as he is your best hope for salvation. When check points begin appearing in the streets, and random door to door searches occur then it’s time to flee to Canada. Once there your destiny may find a different path. Although be prepared to escape to remote regions as the NWO will capture all nations eventually.

  6. Julia Hathaway I just want to ask u something do you believe of caught of all Christian go home to heaven? it call the Rapture..also I have a questions for you Julia will i be possessed by good spirit or evil spirit? because i want to let you know that i have problem with mind and i take med for it so write back thank you.

          1. Well I am a witch, and Catholics did burn my kind at the stake! Also I think it’s heresy to date a vampire. I’m sure the Pope wouldn’t be happy to learn how your vows are being placed in jeopardy. How’s Duanna doing? 😉

          2. Duanna is just fine, and the Catholic church’s official stance is that vampires don’t exist. Duanna is just an exotic business woman from ancient Mesopotamia…errrr…I mean the middle east. I do apologize for the church’s persecution of witches, and I must say I disagree with their support of a secret sect of Witch Hunters who don’t seem to discriminate between white, and dark witches.

          3. Those bastards are still persecuting witches secretly! If it wasn’t for so many people believing in the religion thereby fueling it’s power I’d boycott their holy water, cross, and crucifixes when we go up against hardcore demonic evil!

      1. You’d be right. I’ve gotten vibes of mentally medicated people on here for years. The prescription drug industry loves turning everything they can into an illness so they can create a profitable toxic chemical medication for it. There’s people who think there’s something wrong with them if they’re not happy 24 hours a day so naturally they get hopped up on legal drugs.

        1. I have to take med because I became sick at the age of 23 but now I am 39…and that I been on that med for a long time will there be a cure for all diseases so that the people be free from diseases and problem it like this world is evil and not fair.

          1. Theoretically by the 22nd century there will be advanced cellular, and DNA repairing nanobots that can restore every cell in the body to perfection thereby creating perfect health.

        2. Julia Hathaway why can’t I do Astral Projection at will? I been trying to do Astral Projection and to do jump out then explore other world and Dimension but I can’t do it at will I have one time or twice but not anymore so why is that? write back thank you.

          1. If you were able to do it once, or twice, but never again then you lost faith in yourself at the sub-conscious level, or some negative energy is blocking you.

  7. Holy Crap!!I just read this article.. 😉 Wow.. You mentioned this entity is somehow using Gaia? How is that possible?.. Is it using the power of Earth to harness such wretchedness? “Poo”.. eww’.. At first thought this was a joke.. But it’s not April 1st. 😉

    Is there anything Gaia can do to stop this from ever happening again? Perhaps Gaia is way out of control.. Amnesia. Dark entities are sucking off her like a leach! Pretty sad.

    How are you all doing? Slender hasn’t been giving me any trouble lately. Never heard of the stick man. Interesting.. How old is he?

    I don’t take anything. Since I believe in natural healing, herbs, And I only eat organic foods & milk. Lately though’.. my teen daughter has been driving me crazy! 😉 lol She’s worse than any paranormal entity or devil.. I can at least reason with them. She’s very stubborn. I love her .. She’s also improving over time. At least she’s not pregnant and finally taking my advise.

    “Andagra, If your going to insult me. Don’t bother texting me anymore! I blocked you from my cell. I don’t tolerate rude people. So please just don’t!”


    1. Yes for sure The Stool is the most disgusting supernatural entity ever seen On Earth! It’s using Gaia’s nervous system to communicate around the globe which common in paranormal circles. You have so many entities tapping into Gaia because the Earth is the foundation for reality on this planet. Just as good, and evil exist within the mind of God upon his waves of pure thought which is ultimately the foundation of everything. Unfortunately Gaia has been MIA lately as far as complete global consciousness although her sub-conscious is still present in the same way God can send himself somewhere in our reality in a biological form while still existing everywhere as an infinite mind. Even if Gaia’s consciousness was fully restored within the body of Earth it’s next to impossible to stop every unwanted intrusion unless she wanted to let loose a hellishly deadly torrent of storms, earthquakes, animal attacks, and mass plant overgrowth upon the entire planet killing us all. It’s like us trying to remove every microscopic bacteria from our skin which is impossible.

      We’re not sure how old the Stick Man is but Slender Man has been spotted since Egyptian times.

      Andagra should probably be on meds as his behavior can be quite erratic. One minute he’s spazzing out in an insulting anger, and the next he’s deeply apologetic, and groveling for forgiveness. Then he gets obsessive about a given subject beating the issue to death with a blunt instrument. I hate to say it but we seem to get all the nut cakes on here for some reason. I guess realistically it would take a loon, or someone with an extremely open mind, to believe in the world of the supernatural.

    1. My son you need deep counseling for your paranoia, and obsessions. Come down to your local Catholic Church for the help you so seriously require. As a Catholic Priest I believe in the Holy Lord of Christianity, and the fact that those who commit suicide defy our Holy Father. In many cases they are sent to purgatory for soul cleansing. I personally do not believe in Godhoodism as it elevates us to the same level as our Father which is a sin. God Bless!

      1. Sorry Tommy but Godhoodism is the true path to enlightenment. Of course under Godhoodism you can practice any religion you like such as Wicca. Speaking of WITCH I’ve come to your church for Sunday service many times yet you have never come to a Wicca service…well except those times you peeped on our special clothing optional ceremonies in the woods. Shame on you Father…LOL! We’re having a Witch’s Sabbath at Midnight on August 13th in our outdoor church in the Enchanted Woodland. We magically bent trees to produce a chapel. Along the branches are numerous colorful flowers. I think all Gods would find it a place of peace. Again clothing is optional. Duanna will attend! I hope to see you there!

  8. I don’t recall ever being on meds,
    Personal experience and open mindfulness keeps me here for the Supernatural updates and such.
    Does the Catholics persecute PSI Vampires???

    1. There’s a secret division of the Catholic Church based directly from the Vatican that goes after all manner of paranormal beings. They’re called The Sacred Order Of Papal Knights who report directly to the Pope. They fight a secret crusade all over the Earth mindlessly eradicating all supernatural entities good or evil. Of course they don’t touch any Angelic beings. Luckily the Pope’s Knights mostly run across evil entities. Leprechauns got a special pass once Saint Patrick became their patron saint. Before that it was open season on the poor little bastards! Father Tom won’t talk about this but it’s only in the last year that he finally realized that non-angelic supernatural beings can be good.

  9. I getting worried about AnDagra, the questions he’s asking, his comment about suicide?! Suspicious, correct me if I’m wrong but I feel like he got darker, if you know what I mean.

    AnDagra I know you’ll see this, you ok?

    1. Andagra always seemed to be all over the map as far as mood. If you’re saying he wants to commit suicide then he would be passing up on Julia’s vision of him ending up in an awesome camp of paranormal warriors in a warm hidden paradise valley in Siberia.

  10. Are the Knights themselves superbeings of any sort, or do they use Holy Artifacts. I can imagine they use Artifacts, are they veterans of the exorcism field, and various Hunters(Vampire,Witch, etc)? Interesting…

    1. That pretty much sums it up. They’re just humans with excellent skills armed with various weapons including holy artifacts. There’s no paranormal beings, or anyone with powers allowed in their order. Although on special missions chosen Knights are possessed by Angels who aid in particularly dangerous missions.

  11. Nah I was just saying, but we do live in a Universe of random probability,as Quantum Theories suggest. The darkness can be quite persuasive….

  12. Are you familiar with the notorious (fictional character) but extremely intelligent Yukari Yakumo, the Border of Phantesm? she’s got this power to manipulate boundaries (not just psychical but metaphorical & conceptual as well (Possible/Impossible, Able/Unable, Moon/Sun, Light/Dark, Human/Superhuman, Life/Death, Kindness/Meanness, Water/Fire/Air/Earth, Man/God, Serious/Joking, Time/Space, Creation/Destruction etc) if you were to come across a person who can actually manipulate boundaries, what would you do and ask to manipulate?

    1. They would push themselves into another Multiverse, or possibly Omniverse depending on the level of their manipulation. They could probably instantly ascend to Omniverse God status of their own Omniverse. Of course there is a chance they could end up possessing the soul of the God of this Omniverse. Something the diabolical sorcerer Dimitri Diablo would love to do. Ultimately though it would be impossible to manipulate the Macroverse God, or posses his soul since he is the only truly infinite eternal God.

  13. I was just wonder what does this means? I know that it isn’t clear but it’s pretty there. and another girl named sukirske has that mark as well! I will send the pic to Xavier.

    1. When I read your post I got a brief vision you in a parallel Universe. You appeared to be a Warlock who broke free of your Earthly God heritage as you pledge allegiance to the Devil,and his demonic minions. The vision ended with you turning in my direction staring at me with sinister crimson glowing eyes. Clearly you could see me watching from another Universe. That’s one Universe you appear to be very powerful but the road you’re taking there will only lead to destruction in the end.

  14. cool like Zack powers or something? also does this have to do with godly blood since I read that a small percentage of supernatural blood within a mortal classify him or her as a superhuman. is it the same thing with those with godly blood?

  15. Also FINAL questions: what will the mark of the beast become & will there be any supernatural oppertunites besides the Siberian camp for me, Julia. I swear no more questions except for these 2

      1. Juila I have a question for you I have this someone who touch me but no one is there like there some kind of ghost living in my apartment..is this true that I have a ghost in my apartment or it just my mind playing around..i must ask you for this information. write back thank u

  16. also about the picture that had my mark on my left leg? I took it down but I will show it once again on twitter for 12 days so that you can answer my other about the mark (not the mark of the beast though; sorry again Rebecca & Xavier for complaining)

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