Is The Bogeyman Real?

bogeyman-green-fogThe Bogeyman, or Boogieman, is one of those paranormal entities created by the human collective consciousness.  A Tulpa who now has a life of his own.  Since humans are created in the image of God, meaning their minds, they have the power to create new life with the magical power of pure thought.  If enough humans believe in something it can manifest itself thanks to the amazing power human souls possess.  Parents used varying tales of the Bogeyman to scare children into behaving, or just to scare them for their own amusement.  His description, and intent vary within nations, regions, and even individual households.  However the most common tales told to children caused the Bogeyman to materialize as an evil entity that terrorizes children into being good.  In some cases he has kidnapped them, and once that happens they’re never seen again.  It seems he takes his commands from the parents who have no clue he’s real.  This despite the fact that the children of the world are the ones who caused his spontaneous existence since they are the ones who truly believe in this nefarious figure.  So it seems thus far that he’s bound by the parents wishes to an extent. However he twists them in the same way a Genie warps wishes.  Clearly no decent parent wants their child taken away from them! We would hate to see what would happen if the Boogieman was fully unleashed without restraint!

The Boogieman appears in general areas where his stories are told the most.  It seem at this time it’s the United States that receives the most visitations.  Eye witnesses describe him as only appearing at the stroke of the Witching Hour in a eerie green fog wearing a black hooded cloak.  Any physical features are hidden by the cloak, and the fog.  Although a sparse few have claimed to see his face as a deranged skull.  We feel these elements are due to the ambiguous description of him given by adults coupled with how different kids imagine him.  A number of children have been put on psychiatric drugs after their continued vivid descriptions of the Bogeyman in their bedrooms.  We believe in many cases they are telling the truth.  Some have seen him carrying a blood red sack which is most likely used in the stealing of kids.  It’s unknown what he does with them but most supernatural beings who take kids feed off the magic of their innocent metaphysical energy.

If the Bogeyman were ever apprehended, or destroyed we believe he would most likely not be resurrected since far fewer believe in him in modern times.  Unfortunately once a being like this is created by pure thought it stays in existence even if not one person believes in them again.  There is no known repellent, or defense against the Bogeyman except for parents to appear.  If they enter a child’s bedroom, and he’s in there he disappears instantly leaving only his green mist behind.  Simply not invoking his name, or threatening kids with his visitation always works.  He doesn’t appear when not invited.  He also doesn’t appear most of the time if the child in question doesn’t believe in the Boogieman. This of course makes it tricky for us in the paranormal world to capture, or rid the planet of him since he can vanish without a trace in the blink of an eye. Clearly he has some kind of teleportation powers.

Most Recent Sighting Was With Slender Man!
Apparently on August 15, 2015 in Portland, Maine after centuries of existing on this Earth together, the Slender Man, and Bogeyman finally met.  By some fluke they were after the same kid, and Slender didn’t take kindly to the competition.  The parents reported hearing a commotion in their 5 year old sons room.  When they opened the door they witness the horror of Slender Man whipping his shape shifting tentacles about wildly as the Bogeyman kept transforming into green misty vapors to avoid him. The parents were able to quickly snatch their child away, and flee the house!  Despite the appearance of the parents the Boogieman didn’t disappear as he normally would. The introduction of another paranormal being must have altered the rules in some way?  Five minutes later near the foot of the Eiffel Tower in Paris witnesses report seeing the same battle. Not surprising since Slenderman has teleporation powers as well.  In the end Slender got a tentacle around Bogey’s neck, and he transmuted into a very solid looking form unable to teleport. They stared at each other silent for a bit until the Bogeyman nodded as if agreeing to some telepathic message from Slender.  Then Slender Man released the Boogie, and he vanished into his trademark green mist.  It seems Slender won this turf war, and was told to back the hell off his targeted children! At least their battle prevented harm from coming to a child.  Said child has been under constant supernatural surveillance by a local paranormal investigations firm so Slender Man had to most likely give up on him.

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