What Is The Stretching Faceless Stick Figure Cryptid?

The Stretching Stick Figure CryptidIn early 2011 the first sighting was made of a unique creature that we are calling the Slender Man Assassin.  The extremely thin gray creature is a humanoid of at least 12 feet when not stretched out.  The faceless clothes free cryptid has the ability to stretch his body several stories high.  The witness of the first sighting states he was leaving his office building later in the evening when he observed and photographed this disturbing being with his cell phone.  As the Slender Man Assassin stretched it made an eerily indescribable buzzing sound, and then climbed over the roof of the building never to be seen again.  Since then there have been a sparse handful of sightings confirmed as the creature rather than the Black Stick Man Phenomenon which are unrelated creatures of unknown origin.  So far nobody has thankfully been hurt by the stretching stick man.

The latest sighting of the faceless Mr.Fantastic like creature was a lucky break for paranormal investigators because she was an advanced psychic.  The  faceless creature devoid of a mouth interfaced with her mind, and demanded to know where the Slender Man was. Stick Figure Cryptid Streched Out He assumed she would know since she was not like the other humans he encountered.  The psychic who wished to remain nameless was able to read some of his mind.  Within his dark disturbing thoughts she realized he was an assassin sent from the Slender Man dimension to exact revenge for his boss.  It seems Slender Man was sentenced to spend life on Earth for an unknown crime, and apparently some other party felt he should get the death sentence.  The Slender Man Assassin is here to take down one of the most recently popular members of the supernatural world.  It also seems that other assassins were sent here over the centuries but they all failed, and mysteriously disappeared presumably at the hands of the Slender Man.  This latest creature was apparently genetically enhanced to finally defeat Slender once, and for all.  The cryptid is also from a slightly differing species than Slender but they’re both from the same dimension that exists beyond our own.  A dark place where beings have evolved to have no face because their powerful supernatural minds provide all their sensory needs.

The Slender Man Assassin is of a singular mind, and only wishes to fulfill his mission of Slender eradication so most people should have nothing to worry about.  Unlike Slender Man who causes all manner of mayhem, disappearances, and death for the sheer pleasure, and to increase his powers.  Despite this the Slender Man Assassin is to be considered very dangerous, and we suggest staying out of his way!

The Creature Was Last Seen In Russia December 2013:

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