Slender Man Warning In Effect!

slender-manA Slender Man warning has been issued for the entire Continental United States, and portions of Southern Canada closest to the US border for the coming week.  Higher than usual sightings of this ghoulish figure have been reported along with psychics feeling his dark energies spreading forth in a tentacle ridden net of disturbing visions, and death.  This unique being shrouded in mystery may have existed for centuries, and seems to feed off of fear, and the tormenting of human beings.  He is known for kidnapping children, mentally controlling people to use as slaves, or to cause hellish delusions within them.  Some commit suicide, or kill others at the request of the Slender Man.  He has extensive physical abilities that include shape shifting along with the power of teleportation, and deep mind control powers.  He often sprouts additional arms that are tentacle like.  He usually is quite tall, and slender wearing a black suit.  Some have suggested that this business attire could come from a rumor that he used to be a government agent for the PDA, aka Paranormal Defense Agency, where he was a Man In Black.  We don’t think his origins lie there but rather he was doing some manner of research.  We know that he’s taken on various paranormal beings such as vampires who he enjoys tormenting almost as much as humans.

If you spot the Slender Man you are most likely already marked by him, and you have precious little time to act.  Immediately leave your home, and head to the nearest reputable paranormal investigations firm, or local practitioner of magic for advice, and protection.  However there is little hope once the Slender Man has targeted you.  We have previously called out the Slender Man to come take us on, and we do so again Slendy!  We’re not scared of you!  Please come torment us if you dare!  Our extensive team of paranormal professionals, and supernatural beings are ready to take you down with extreme prejudice!  Your reign of terror will come to an end oh yea despicable entity of evil!  You can read more about the Slender Man at:

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