The Blair Witch vs Slenderman

There is paranormal psychic evidence that reveals Slender Man once visited the Burkittsville, Maryland woodlands in 1977 by sheer coincidence. Amazingly he actually saved a little boy from the blasphemous Blair Witch! She is known to be a powerful poltergeist witch! We’re not saying Slender Man is good. On the contrary, he is beyond evil when it comes to the adults of humankind! Thankfully when two dark forces meet, and their agendas are opposing, we get the unintended anti-hero. Slender considers kids a precious enchanted energy resource while simultaneously having contempt for the rest of humanity. Although he kidnaps them, Slender places them into an immortal stasis so he may perpetually siphon the magical energy of innocence they possess.

The Blair Witch Cares Not For Humankind!

On the other hand, the Blair Witch sees kids as disposable garbage to further her own selfish supernatural needs amid her heinous ritualistic sacrifices! She sees no difference between adults and innocent kids. Although she does care for the animals and plants of the woodland she is mystically bound to. It is interesting that every evil entity seems to have some shred of good in them. Unfortunately, nowhere enough to redeem their horrifying acts!

The Blair Witch Slenderman Blowout!

Slenderman loves wooded areas as it reminds him of the parallel dimensional home he was banished from centuries ago. He was exploring the Burkittsville woods for the first time when he heard a child scream. He hadn’t absorbed any energy in a while so he saved his teleportation power reserves and instead ran to the scene. There he saw The Blair Witch in physical form with a knife in hand. She menacingly raised it above a scared boy tied to a large fallen log. Slender shapeshifted his tentacles and simultaneously slapped the knife from her hand and untied the boy! The beyond frightened child quickly ran away and made it back to his parent’s camping site. Luckily they were in the process of leaving the area beyond the reach of the wicked witch and Slenderman as well!

Slenderman Holds His Own Against The Blair Witch

Slenderman wrapped his tentacles around her body and set his faceless face right against hers. He sent a series of sinister psychic signals into her dark mind hoping to give the Blair bitch the notorious Slender Sickness. She cackled crazily as her eyes glowed green and then raged red! Her shrieking screams sent animals scurrying away as it echoed for miles. The Blair Witch yelled, “You’re no match for me you disgusting abomination! You’re not even of this Earth!” The two titans fought for a few minutes as the witch was surprised magic didn’t work on Slenderman since he’s immune to most. However, there is a weakness when it comes to certain Gypsies. She was able to wound Slender in a few places causing his thick black blood to ooze out. This wasn’t surprising as she was made of metaphysical matter while he was still a biological being. He healed quickly and was managing to overpower her with his multiple tentacle strength and mental confusion abilities.

The Blasphemous Battle Ends In Blair Witch Victory!

The Blair Witch gave up and reverted to metaphysical energy poltergeist form where she had more power at her disposal. She began telepathically launching trees at him and attempted to pierce the thick veil of his dark deluded mind. She finally created a micro-tornado whirling him around violently amid sharp stabbing branches. Slender finally had enough and played his teleportation trump card!  He vanished two states away in a Kentucky forest where he lay weak for several hours before finding an elementary school full of kids nearby! Slenderman never attempted to return to Burkittsville to take on the Witch or find the boy that got away. Both Slenderman and The Blair Witch continue to paranormally plague the perplexed populace of our planet!

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