February 3, 2023

11 thoughts on “What Is A Wendigo?

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    1. Yes stop eating for emotional reasons, and focus on nutrition. Eat healthy all week, and look forward to one day per week you can eat junk. Also no snacks between meals. If you crave snacks, and sugary foods then you simply need more protein. Have a protein shake. Also drink as much water. Go for a 30 minute walk or bike ride everyday as well.

    1. I do lift weights every other day in my home gym or the state of the art fitness center at Mystic Investigations headquarters. Most of our team lifts weights to some extent except for Drake who can’t build muscle even if he lifted cars all day long. Vampires gain muscle through drinking blood.

  2. This is the advice I have for Wendigo hunting: Shattering the creature’s ice heart with a silver stake and then dismembering the body with a silver axe.

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