What’s The Fire Moon?

While the mainstream world often refers to the Full Moon of July as the Buck Moon we in the paranormal community usually know it as the Lightning Moon. The Buck Moon comes from ancient indigenous people observing many young deer developing antlers in July. In the supernatural world, we name each Moon by the Nature Deities who have command of its powerful metaphysical energies. Although a joint cooperative of Lunar Deities has general control there is a complicated higher dimensional system of harnessing its power. This allows others to take hold of the lunar reigns for any given month. July is most often the Lightning Moon as it’s controlled by various Gods of Thunder and Lightning including the King Of Gods himself Zeus. Under a higher dimensional agreement he shares control with the other Gods Of Thunder such as the legendary Thor! It’s no coincidence that July is often a turbulent weather season of Thunderstorms and Tornadoes.🌕

Zeus, Thor, and the other Gods of their kind will relinquish control every so often for the sake of appeasing other deities. All in an effort to keep the peace and maintain godly unity as the Battles Of Armageddon take shape. The main adversaries are Angels, Demons, Jinn, and the Earthly Deities. The various pantheons of deities from around the world are mostly allied under Zeus. However, the Dark Underworld Gods are joining forces with the Demons Of Hell. In order to prevent any further defections goodwill must be granted forth.

This July will be known as the Fire Moon under the authority of various Fire Gods and Goddesses. This includes Hephaestus (Greek), Pele (Hawaiian), Zhurong (Chinese), Logi (Norse), and many other deities of fire. These are the Gods and Goddesses responsible for quite a few of the recent wildfires. Especially in North America. Although some are caused by escaped Phoenix Firebirds. The Fire Deities are performing the natural ritual of fire upon the environment to remove overgrowth and dead bio-matter while enriching the earth for new growth. This process encourages diversity in wildlife in the long run. On top of that, there are additional fires that are protesting the disrespect humankind has shown for Mother Earth by building civilization in an irresponsible manner. These fires are punishments upon humankind. It is said that the rebel Titan God of fire Prometheus came out of hiding to stop these revenge fires. Unfortunately, he fled back to his Underworld hiding place. He is rumored to have some hand in the evolution of humankind along with giving them the gift of fire that began the building of human civilization. Read The Rest Of This Paranormal Activity Forecast…🔥

What Happens To A Werewolf On A Solar Eclipse?

Do Werewolves Transform During A Solar Eclipse?

You’d think nothing would happen to a Werewolf since a solar eclipse can only take place during a New Moon rather than the transforming Full Moon. During a New Moon Werewolves are in human form and feel closest to their humanity during this phase.  At this time their enhanced abilities are at the lowest. Not to mention the fact that an eclipse is during the day rather than the werewolves natural nocturnal domain. Despite this, during an eclipse, the Holy Sun is sending immense metaphysical energy through the Moon which in turn transforms it to unseen unholy lunar energies. It’s never been the moonlight itself that affect werewolves but rather the energies of enchantment flying forth! The perfect alignment of the Sun and Moon creates a focused laser of paranormal powers that override the normally dormant New Moon.

The Curse Of The Wolfman

Those afflicted with the Lycanthrope virus transform into wolfmen and women during a total solar eclipse. They become true human-wolf hybrids in bipedal form with their human persona and consciousness intact. Yet they are still strongly influenced by the violent rage filled demonic wolf that courses through their DNA, and blood! If they lose concentration or are allowed to be angered then they get their frightening freak on! The only other time this condition happens is during Partial Lunar Eclipses. However, they retain their monstrous minds in that case.

The Wolf Person Experience

Some Werewolves wish every New Moon brought a solar eclipse because they tend to enjoy the wolfman or wolfwoman experience.  When you see someone running away erratically while sprouting fur during a solar event it’s usually a loner non-pack wolf who had no idea what the eclipse would do to them. When the eclipse hits always keep a wary eye on your surroundings since the wolf person form is a new experience for many werewolves. Their behavior could be highly unpredictable and potentially dangerous! Luckily, normal werewolf repellents will still work.

The unique experience only lasts the mere minutes of the fleeting solar eclipse. They transform back into full human form rather quickly. Varying degrees of partial eclipses will cause some level of transformation. Often the person can get away with looking like a really hairy individual. Unfortunately, this draws unwanted attention to the female werewolves. Not to mention they bulk up to an extent and could bust out of their clothing causing further embarrassment.

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What Effect Does The New Moon Have On Werewolves?

Full Moon nights give rise to monstrous Werewolf transformations in humans stricken with the Lycanthrope Virus. During all other nights and during all times of daylight, they remain in a superhuman form. These individuals enjoy enhanced strength, speed, agility, and senses without being a mindless hairy monster. During the period of time when the Moon is between 1% and 33% of Full, there is a noticeable decrease in paranormal power. The New Moon is 0% of Full as the Sun and Moon are aligned in the same elliptical longitude. This first lunar phase of the month sees the Moon sitting between the Earth and Sun thus causing no lunar light to reach Earth.

The Way Of The Werewolf

Lunar light is lit with photons ripe with unholy metaphysical energy. This energy is the true trigger of the werewolf transformation rather than the light itself. That is why werewolves still exist on cloudy and stormy nights. Some photons of light still get through cloud cover and the full brunt of the metaphysical energy still showers down upon the Earth since it was well on the way, to begin with. Once the enchanted energy is a certain distance within Earth’s atmosphere it doesn’t require photons to carry it the rest of the way. When the energy interacts with the werewolf’s demonic DNA transformation is inevitable.🐺

The New Moon Werewolf

During the New Moon period Werewolves are at their weakest and virtually devoid of power. It is the one time of the month they feel like normal humans. It is also the time they are most vulnerable from the attack of enemies such as Werewolf Hunters and Vampires! More or less they’re just like any person who is in excellent physical shape. Often werewolves will keep a low profile during this time and be on extra alert for danger. They usually train in various martial arts and weapons use to aid in defending themselves while in human form. Interestingly enough when the Moon is exactly at 0% of Full they can’t be killed by silver alone. Although, they can be eliminated by all manner of other means. The New Moon period of humanity lasts 24 hours precisely 12 hours before and after the 0% phase.🌚

🗒️✏️Related Note: Non-Pure Breed Lycan Werewolves not interested in passing the Werewolf Virus to their baby will attempt to conceive on the day or night of the New Moon. The chances of having a werewolf child increase when both parents are werewolves and the conception happens near a Full Moon.🌝
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