What’s It Like For A Higher Dimensional Being To Possess A Biological Body?

Higher dimensional entities within our Omniverse are composed of metaphysical energy. Those born into reality without a biological body include non-human origin angels, demons, upper-level nature deities, jinn, and various other enchanted entities. Some may have had the power to do a test run before possessing an organic body. They would create a bubble Universe where they made themselves a metaphysical matter body. However, it’s not the same as getting down and dirty in the muck and mire of an animal form. Whether that be human or an actual animal. Certainly, the Earthly gods and goddesses where the first to embrace inhabiting biological forms of their own along with all manner of species to be one with Mother Nature.

The Akashic Records

There’s very little written evidence in ancient texts about the experience of possessing a biological body for the first time. Fortunately, top-flight psychics and various metaphysical masters have accessed the infamous Akashic Records to find out these details. Indeed higher dimensional beings have their own version of journals for historical posterity. The amazing Akashic Records contain this information along with the memories of all individuals within this Omniverse. It is the Universal library that is said to possibly connect to all data in the Macroverse as well! Learn More About Accessing The Akashic Records Here…

The Surreal Sensation Of Inhabiting A Physical Body

Most higher dimensional beings had similar experiences when they created their own physical body or inhabited another for the first time. There was a mild fear at first as a claustrophobic feeling of being trapped set in. Many would leave their body and re-enter repeatedly to get rid of that foreign feeling. The sensations of being a living being on Earth made them feel disgusted. This naturally translated into nausea. That also passed and gave way to the annoyance of their bodily needs and limitations. This included that of a 3-D brain as opposed to their four-dimensional and higher level minds. It took their ego down a few notches dealing with inferior intelligence and even some memory loss. Eventually, they learned to push that into the background and tried to enjoy utilizing their six senses within this physical Universe. Even indulging in emotional exploration unique to their living form. The denizens of darkness particularly enjoyed feeding off the fear, anger, and confusion of the humans they possessed! Despite this, there were always brief moments of returning anxiety every so often when they fixate on the confining meat suit they’re wearing over their glorious conscious energy construct. More so when a possessed person fought back against the evil infesting them!

Sharing The Minds Of Others Within Possession

Most didn’t have an issue with sharing the biological brain conduit with another soul. In higher planes of existence, it wasn’t uncommon for two or more minds to meld and exchange thoughts. In fact, within the 11th dimension, one is connected with the mind of the Omniverse Lord and all entities within the monumental metaphysical matrix. These God-like creatures found our world weird and the thoughts of humans even odder from their point of view. Even the ones that had a hand in creating the evolution program that propagated life on Earth and other planets across the vast Universe. Most found some level of momentary peace in possessing an animal with simply instinctual thoughts rather than complex emotional humans. Naturally, the Nature Deities enjoyed this the utmost degree. In the end, most couldn’t wait to get back to Heaven, Hell, or wherever else they came from! Although, some said they wouldn’t mind coming back every so often just for the unusual experience of it all. Of course, the vast majority of higher dimensional incursion into our world has a purpose that is often sinister in nature!ūüėą

Can Extraterrestrial’s Possess Human Minds?

Who Has The Power To Possess Another Persons Mind And Body?
Most people have heard of Humans being mentally and physically possessed by dark spirits. There are varying degrees of possession that can range from a faint voice in the sub-conscious mind, split personalities, and complete domination of the entire body leaving the victim as a back seat driver! Demons, in particular, are notorious for such things as they attempt to corrupt and own the enchanted energy of our souls. Often demonic possessions are done in an inconspicuous manner to accomplish a goal in the human world for the greater darkness of the Devil. Virtually any higher dimensional being can possess humans, animals, and even various biological supernaturals as well. Besides demons, these paranormal possessors can include Ghosts, Nature Deities, Jinn, and even Angels. Although Angels are virtually the only ones who must have the permission of the host in which they wish to harbor.

Mind Possession: It Isn’t Just For Demons And Other Higher Dimensionals
There are even special humans and biological paranormal creatures who can possess others and control them as puppets. This includes beings from alternate dimensions out of phase with our own. These are people with exceptional psychic powers or amazing magical abilities. Especially powerful Vampires and Voodoo practitioners may take their mind control methods to the extreme to accomplish a perplexing possession! Thankfully the process of someone imposing their controlling consciousness upon another to such a dire degree is rare.

Considering all of this it is not surprising that¬†Extraterrestrials from other planets can perform possessions. Firstly, we have some alien races already walking among us! These include those who enjoy abduction and experimentation on humans! The so-called Grey’s are most notorious for this. However, their possession abilities are limited. Still, they continue to use their telepathic abilities in unison with technology to make strides in their nefarious endeavor. Fortunately, the devilish Reptilians have yet to master possession powers! Yet as shapeshifters they can appear to be virtually anyone thereby taking away the need to possess someone.

There are a variety of other extraterrestrials known to exist across the Milky Way Galaxy and beyond. This knowledge comes courtesy of rare visits in our ancient history along with gifted physics, seers, and mystics. Some ET’s don’t have the space travel technology to explore the Universe while others wish to stay within the safety of their planet or local area of space. This is especially true for xenophobic species. Some of these aliens have found ways to beam their consciousnesses to other planets such as Earth. Sometimes directly into open or folded space. Often through natural or artificial¬†wormholes that may barely be a millimeter in diameter. This may even include Artificial Intelligence computer programs that can possess people like a digital virus!

Exploring The Universe Through Paranormal And Technological Possession
From a central location, these alien explorers can search the Universe for life and then possess it to completely experience what it is to be them. Many times it is temporary and the host may not even remember it. A number of amnesia victims may, in fact, be extraterrestrial possession victims. Unfortunately, some sinister species look to take over planets by possessing everyone, or just the powerful, thereby perfecting a peaceful invasion! Some species facing extinction or invasion from a more powerful ET force could beam everyone’s consciousness to another planet. There they can hide out while their bodies on the homeworld play dead. Of course, if the bodies are destroyed then they stay in their new hosts forever!

There are those alien cultures who may beam a mind into a human or some other species as a right of passage into adulthood. A way to see life from a new perspective and learn some valuable lessons. This can include extraterrestrial criminals sent to possess humans as a prison sentence. Many times they are broadcast right into the womb to grow up as a human without any knowledge that they are aliens. This type of day one fetal possession can be done for the other aforementioned reasons in this article. All to encompass the complete human experience or true consciousness camouflage from enemies. Possession at this pre-birth level causes the invading consciousness to lose memory of who they are. Quite a few people who have always felt out of place in society or literally think of themselves as aliens may, in fact, be possessing a body that was meant to be another person! The quintessential person not comfortable in their own skin! Of course, in some cases, these people are actually Earth Angels.

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Upon death on Earth, the alien consciousness will return to their real body on their home planet. That’s the amazing thing about consciousness in its metaphysical energy or non-corporeal form. Even if it was targeted and sent here by technology it can return to its mind of origin. In the end, consciousness is beyond space-time and can traverse any distance. Consciousness is naturally attracted to its own frequency and will instantly snap back to the body matching said frequency. Even if it’s three galaxies away!

If you suspect any type of mental possession please contact your nearest paranormal professional, exorcist, or practitioner of magic. As always resist the specter trying to invade your mind. Don’t make it easy for them! At the end of the day, you are the master of your domain and the mental intruder has to go to some effort to gain, and maintain control! If you find that religious artifacts aren’t repelling the blasphemous brain breacher then odds are good it’s an alien invader! [Twitter]


What Is A Wendigo?

Are Wendigos Related To Werewolves?

Early To Mid Stage WendigoWendigos are rare malevolent vicious predatory cannibalistic eating machines that will completely devour any human in their path. ¬†They are quite intelligent, and diabolical in their way of luring humans into traps.¬† However they are unable to speak due to larynx issues.¬† All we hear are growls, grunts, and guttural sounds.¬† Wendigos start out as weakened humans who are vulnerable to possession by an evil Native American spirit.¬† Usually people who are always hungry, and often obsess over food.¬† In ancient times it was people starving in the winter but more recently it’s been those on restrictive diets for the purposes of weight loss.¬† However the Wendigo spirit still strikes in winter most often. ¬†Generally a time of sun deprived depression for some. The victims suffer from Wendigo psychosis, and develop an insatiable appetite for live, or freshly killed human flesh.¬† Anything dead too long starts to activate a ghoul response since ghouls are formed by those partaking of rotted dead human flesh.

Slowly but surely the victim go through the various stages of Wendigo formation. This is why they vary in appearance based on eyewitness accounts.  The early stages are that of deformed almost demonic looking human which gives way to a Werewolf like being, and eventually the final phase of a skinny wolf-deer hybrid looking beast with antlers, and large long arms with sharp claws.  At this point their body begins to rot even as their appetite grows.  An appetite that is never satisfied.  They become almost walking skeletons. Like zombies they eventually rot into nothingness no matter how much they devour.  The shelf life of a Wendigo is said to be at least a quarter of a century which is far greater than a zombie life expectancy of under 5 years!  Once they die the Wendigo spirit lives on to find a new victim, and the process starts over again.  The original possessing Wendigo spirit eventually melds with the human to form one new melded Wendigo consciousness.  So there are Wendigo spirits that are in fact dozens of people unified as one.  We can only hope that these damned souls will be separated so they can move on to the afterlife someday.

Wendigos were actually originally born from deceased Werewolves. That’s why certain forms of Wendigo are sometimes mistaken for Werewolves.¬† The Werewolf threat was becoming an epidemic in North America several centuries ago until the Native Americans embraced Lycanthropy, and made it their own via the creation of the infamous¬†wolf packs. However they had to make sacrifices in order to accomplish this. They first prayed to the Great Spirit Gitche Manitou who refused to answer their pleas. Most likely he didn’t want to be apart of dealing with demonic based Werewolves. They also appealed to Nokomis, aka Mother Earth Goddess Gaia, who wanted to help but was most likely blocked by demonic forces.¬† The Natives then went to Hanegoategeh, the spirit of evil, out of desperation. He granted the Native American medicine men the power to create controllable Werewolf packs within the tribes as protection against the rabid rage filled paranormal beasts that terrorized them.

These special Werewolves could transform at will, and retain most of their human will in Werewolf form.¬† The first of these Werewolves ended up developing a dual intertwined soul in order to stay conscious in Werewolf form. So the full energetic brunt of the demonic Werewolf persona had to go somewhere. When the Native’s died their human soul moved on to the afterlife while the Werewolf soul was left behind. Nobody foresaw this, and Hanegoategeh wasn’t about to warn anyone. In fact Hanegoategeh himself may have been a being from another dimension rather than a simple Native American spirit since Wendigos don’t have demonic DNA but rather something original, and unseen in other paranormal beings. However there are some Werewolf traits minus the demon elements.¬† Hanegoategeh was responsible for the creation of the Wendigo so they must display some of his DNA to an extent.¬† The DNA he would display if he took physical biological form. Wendigos are generally more powerful than Werewolves so this might indicate that Hanegoategeh comes from a race of beings more powerful than common demons.

These disembodied Werewolf spirits were the first, and original Wendigo spirits. ¬†Spirits stuck in our plane of existence.¬† InLate Stages Of Wendigo Life nature there is always a price to pay when tampering with the supernatural.¬† The balance between good, and evil is always Universally kept.¬† The Wendigo spirits tried to enter the bodies of other Werewolves but couldn’t tame a fellow beast already tied to a physical form.¬† They then tried to possess common humans with little success.¬† It just didn’t have the same punch as demon possession.¬† The Wendigo spirits then experimented with entering the bodies of weakened humans.¬† They found the highest success with hungry humans.¬† Those starving in the winter due to scarcity of resources which is far less common in the modern world now.¬† The spirits were naturals at fueling cannibalistic urges.¬† Every time they got someone to eat human flesh it gave them an additional toe hold in the person, and allowed them to alter the host victims¬†DNA a bit.¬† The original spirits intent was to become a Werewolf again. Instead they became Wendigos.

Unlike Werewolves, Wendigos don’t transform back to humans.¬† They remain Wendigos till the very bitter end.¬† The complete transformation happens over the span of their relatively short lives.¬† Like Werewolves they are affected by the full Moon.¬† We see an increase in Wendigo activity under the full Moon¬†along with a paranormal power boost! It’s suggested that their transformation process accelerates during the full Moons as well.¬† On average Wendigos tend to be stronger than Werewolves despite the Lycanthropes demonic DNA, and much more muscular frame.¬† It could be due to the fact that they still have a human side while Wendigos are monstrous 24-7.¬† They are also taller on average than Lycanthropes. Especially since they are primarily bipedal in nature.

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Wendigos see humans as prey, and will stop at nothing to hunt them down with a vengeance in order to quell their insane hungers.¬† If you feel a Wendigo is afoot leave the area quickly!¬† These paranormal predators have ultra enhanced strength, speed, agility, and senses as well.¬† There is also some evidence that the Wendigo spirit can project itself from it’s body temporarily to cause Wendigo psychosis which will drive you insane at the least.¬† If one is close enough to bite, or scratch you it’s not likely you’d even survive.¬† If you did then you would develop the deadly Wendigo Sickness for a time which would manifest as flu like symptoms, hallucinations, and a hankering for human flesh.¬† Although you most likely would not turn into a Wendigo, you should expect to meet your maker unless you treat yourself with various herbal measures, and colloidal silver.

Since Wendigos are not demon based most religious artifacts don’t work as repellants.¬† Only the religion of the Algonquian peoples has somewhat of an effect since they are the originators of the Wendigo spirits.¬† The only known repellent is to hang any type of dead flesh on yourself. This can be as simple as some slice of¬†deli meat.¬† Wendigos loath rotting flesh even when they are ironically rotting in their later stages.¬† This is why you won’t find them anywhere near graveyards, or mortuaries.¬†¬† They also avoid zombies like the black plague. Consumption of rotted human corpses won’t reverse Wendigopy.¬† In the early stages it will push them toward ghoulhood, and in the later stages is will hyper accelerate their rotting process.¬† The only way to eradicate a Wendigo is to rip its heart of black supernatural ice from it’s chest, and shatter it.¬† Stakes won’t do it.¬† Then the corpse must immediately be burnt in flames blessed by a special Algonquian Native American ritual.¬† If this happens properly then the humans intertwined in the Wendigo spirit will be released to find peace in the afterlife.¬† The Wendigo will truly cease to exist rather than haunting another hungry victim!

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