What Are Specters?

Specters are usually another name for a ghost, phantom, or apparition.  It mainly applies to metaphysical energy beings who only manifest themselves visually with little other effects. Usually something between a harmless ghost and a dangerous Poltergeist. It often describes a shadowy looking entity or one that appears quite menacing.  Something whose paranormal bark is far bigger than their supernatural bite. A ghost, spirit, or even a low-level demon with minimal power. An entity with the ability to energize photons within our reality to at least appear to a noticeable extent. Even if only a faint transparent hologram like figure.

Sometimes Specters are caused by metaphysical malfunctions that leave a residual image that may or may not move about. A situation where a deceased person’s soul moves on to the Heavenly afterlife yet they leave behind a lingering ghostly hologram running on a loop. Such an entity has no sapience and eventually runs out of steam before dissipating into nothingness. One sign of such a spectral ghost is the lack of environmental changes such as the air getting colder or energy being drained from the electrical system as seen by flickering lights.

These malfunctions of the soul are caused by heightened emotions upon death. Something not traumatic enough to form a real ghost. Some sub-conscious unfinished business that isn’t quite enough to prevent a spirit from moving on into the light. When the specter moves it indicates that a ghost was close to forming. The movement is caused by the four-dimensional nature of one’s soul. In essence, several 3-D images appearing to create a movie of sorts.

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3 thoughts on “What Are Specters?

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  2. I have also found that they also have a scent to them as well. The old man who owned my home. He drank allot! Since he was alone. He eventually died in my bedroom. I did not know this when I bought this place. But you know how the nahbors are? They came up to me and told me. Did you know the old man died in that house etc. I’m like that explains who has been playing with my boobs. (( hope I can say this in here). lol I would wake up in the morning and my boobs where sticking out like torpedo’s. With the sheets tightly around etc. omg! He did this the first night I slept in my bedroom.

    Also, when I came to look at the place with a realtor. I picked up on him soon as I walked in. He tapped on my shoulder.. I felt a coldness. Since I have had many experiences with ghosts all my life. I figured oh well. I guess they are stuck with me. Why this place was so cheap! I did ask the realtor if anyone died here. She said not to her knowledge. Of course! 😉 Well I know his name. Eugene. He’s a good ghost. He normally warns me of bad things and bad people. I told him I am but a guest in his house. And that he can have it at night and I in the day. I also asked him not to ever play with my body. lol 😉

    Oh I can smell his beer when he’s around me. What I was trying to say but ended up telling the entire story! I feel safer with him here. He does like to freak out..creepy people out I don’t like here. 🙂 I’m like oh thank you Eugene. The Jehovah’s witness keep trying to come over. I sprayed snow balls on my door window since it was Christmas. Eugene made a demon out of a few lol. OMG she saw it. She looked scared. I didn’t notice it until I seen her face staring at it. I told her if I ever become interested I will let her know. But until then it’s a good idea that she stops coming over. Do you have any ghosts you’re friends with? I have many. I trust them more than my friends who are alive!

    • Sure boobs is fine. I guess we only steer clear of the handful of major swear words. One of our associates, Father Tom Davis of The Holy Church Of Light, came on here once, and saw a swear word. He immediately called me up on the phone, and spent ten minutes preaching to me. He even threatened to stop supply us with Holy Water. Sometimes the guy can be kind of a prude but he’s an excellent exorcist.

      Sulfur is the most common smell of metaphysical activity but that tends to be the case with evil spirits such as poltergeists. Common ghosts who emit aromas tend to give off smells that personify them. Such as a drunk emitting a beer smell.

      No I don’t have any ghost friends but I’ve helped a few friendly ghosts move on to the afterlife. They were either weak minded, and confused about what was happening to them or they had major issues to resolve. Our resident psychic and ghost whisperer, Julia Hathaway, has helped out greatly in those areas.

  3. I really respect what you all are doing for people. You are right! There are many ghosts that are confused and lost. They were expecting to go to haven. Not be stuck here. And some do like to be in a house. I can’t blame them. I know when I cross over. I refuse to be in a graveyard lol. That’s even creepier than being alive and being there.

    When I go shopping or anywhere. I go a certain way out of town so I can get through the lights. I have to take the old road that goes past the grave yard and railroad tracks. I always pick up on the ghost there. Last Thanks giving I felt very intense sadness as I drove past the grave yard. 🙁 So I stopped on the full moon. Rolled my window down.. sat there for a few mins. Until I could see a shadow. I was esping them to come. I told them. You don’t have to be alone on Thanks giving.

    You’re are welcome to come to my house for 2 weeks! And they did. 🙂 I did say just try not to make yourselves known to my family. Only to me. So as I slept each night I heard there voices. An old woman said Thank you! I told them I’d hope they would have done the same for me. 🙂 I don’t mind if all the ghosts in my town come. They get free energy without scaring anyone! I know many would tell me this is dangerous. But I have not had any problems.

    They are people who have lost everything! They don’t deserve to be in a graveyard alone and sad. This is just my way of thinking. I have also been invited to many of there cool parties on the other side! They have awesome races at the canyons. omg lol I am afraid of heights. I seen cow boys.. people from every era in history! They all were racing. I grabbed an old beaten up go cart! lol and went off the cliff after them. Was a rush! They do have fun! I’m good at wiping out! 😉

    They normally laugh at me. I have met Alexander the Great! His lover. James Dean, Marylynne Monroe, John Candy. They are amazing people. Who really do care about us. I see them as guardian angels. 🙂 I’ve said enough. I hope I don’t upset them for telling everyone publicly. I’ve also seen the very evil side. Like I said before! I’ve seen allot!

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