What Are Specters?

Specters are usually another name for a ghost, phantom, or apparition.  It mainly applies to metaphysical energy beings who only manifest themselves visually with little other effects. Usually something between a harmless ghost and a dangerous Poltergeist. It often describes a shadowy looking entity or one that appears quite menacing.  Something whose paranormal bark is far bigger than their supernatural bite. A ghost, spirit, or even a low-level demon with minimal power. An entity with the ability to energize photons within our reality to at least appear to a noticeable extent. Even if only a faint transparent hologram like figure.

Sometimes Specters are caused by metaphysical malfunctions that leave a residual image that may or may not move about. A situation where a deceased person’s soul moves on to the Heavenly afterlife yet they leave behind a lingering ghostly hologram running on a loop. Such an entity has no sapience and eventually runs out of steam before dissipating into nothingness. One sign of such a spectral ghost is the lack of environmental changes such as the air getting colder or energy being drained from the electrical system as seen by flickering lights.

These malfunctions of the soul are caused by heightened emotions upon death. Something not traumatic enough to form a real ghost. Some sub-conscious unfinished business that isn’t quite enough to prevent a spirit from moving on into the light. When the specter moves it indicates that a ghost was close to forming. The movement is caused by the four-dimensional nature of one’s soul. In essence, several 3-D images appearing to create a movie of sorts.

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Who Is The Hat Man?

The mysteriously notorious Hat Man of urban legends fame is in fact a real person who we now know to be a member of The Conexus.  The Conexus is a higher dimensional organization of darkness hell bent on assimilating as many supernatural beings as they can into their cancerous collective. Their ultimate goal is Omniverse(Multi-Universal) domination, and the complete possession of the Omniverse God! Hat Man has appeared around the world as a Shadow Specter, and even in seemingly full corporeal form on some occasions. When seen in his complete form he wears either of his trademark Top Hats or Fedoras.  His sinister gaze has been known to give people heart attacks, or at the least deep heart palpitations!  He relishes scaring the hell out of people especially in their bedrooms because he feeds off the negative energy of fear itself!  Unfortunately he enjoys killing people even more via sucking the metaphysical energy from their soul dry!  Hat Man is also extremely skilled at talking supernatural beings into joining the Conexus, and if they refuse he assimilates them by force!

Hat Man is the collective spirit form of the Conexus.  A completely unique being born when the Conexus intersected their consciousness into one point. So far he is the only Conexus member with enough power to be permanently in our reality in at least a shadow form, and definitely the only one to attain a human like physical form. He is their top agent sent forth to find people to assimilate into the higher dimensional collective along with eradicating those who pose a threat. They also suck the souls from random people just to spiritually add more fuel to their fanatical astral fires!  Hat Man is thought to be the top Astral Shadow Mercenary of the Conexus.  These Shadow Mercs are the henchmen who do the dirty work in this dimension. They account for a small percentage of Shadow People reported thus far. However their numbers are growing rapidly as the Conexus vies for it’s place in the War Of Armageddon! If you encounter Hat Man your best move is to pretend to faint, and play dead.  He will consider you too weak to even bother with….hopefully!

We will update this article as we learn more about this sinister specter of the supernatural shadows!

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