What Is A Poltergeist?

A poltergeist is an exceptionally angry and evil ghost that can manifest itself beyond the normal visual, auditory, and olfactory range. Unlike standard ghosts they can effect our physical environment through non-corporeal telekinesis which causes objects to move about.  This makes them extremely dangerous to humans unlike the majority of docile, confused, and weak ghosts.  In addition they are often demonic in nature rather than dead humans.  Although dead humans of an evil nature can become poltergeists.  There are also poltergeists that are a collective of humans killed at the same time in some horrific and unjust manner. These types of multi-spirits are some of the most powerful metaphysical entities that exist. Second only to those formed from a Curse taking on a life of its own! On rare occasions they may be able to manifest themselves into an actual physical form.

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