September 25, 2022

10 thoughts on “How Do You Repel A Zombie?

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  2. This is so interesting. It’s rather freaky.. because all these plants are growing around my house wild. Is that a coincidence? When I was raking the weeks out for my steps. I noticed the black berry looking weed. I felt bad to kill it. I though oh damn.. Greg said, oh well. I had a feeling it was an important plant of nature for birds. Thank you for this important information. I’ll make sure to grow more around my house and keep some inside.

    The other night I had a nightmare that there was a zombie by the vidock’ trane bridge. A father and his two daughters were walking through there and they came upon a mean zombie. The dad told his girls to run the other way… as they ran they could hear him screaming. They began crying daddy’… I had to watch the entire gory ordeal. As if it was a psychic vision. I hope not. 🙁 This seriously scares me. At least these plants are around my home. Thank you!

    1. Perhaps Mother Nature, aka Goddess Gaia, is looking out for you. The zombie threat is omnipresent, and they are often the tools of malicious people. I guess you can rest a bit easier if someone decides to send a zombie after you. We just got a whole bunch of potted purple passion plants for around the manor and Stinking Nightshade grows about outside. It grows naturally about the Enchanted Woodland in which we live.

      Mean Zombie? Are you saying that maybe there’s gentle misunderstood zombies who fight against the forces of evil? 🙂 All zombies are simply mindless machines of terror. It’s a functioning body devoid of a soul. The closest we have to a good zombie is our very own half zombie Ashley Ambercrombie.

      You should be ready to do battle if your vision comes true. Maybe you can save the dad. If you don’t want to wield a shot gun or sword then break down the plants, and mix them in holy water. Then load up a super soaker, and blast those zombies. They’ll go staggering in the other direction, and hopefully some of their flesh will rot off thereby decreasing their lifespan.

  3. Not to be paranoid. But if the sheets hit the fan.. 😉 I want to be prepared for the worse. A super soaker is an awesome idea. lol I could go over to the Catholic Church and ask them for some holy water. Seriously hope it never happens. If it does I think most people will die of shock and taken by surprise. With all these video games of zombies you’d think we’d be prepared for something. 😉 No all zombies are evil mindless beasts. Except for Vampires. They are charming. I prefer to die by the devanare charms of the vampire than the stenchy zombie. Thanks so much for this information.

  4. lol okay .. “Gottchya” 😉 Rodger Dodge. Over and out! 😉 Xavier.. I’m scared shitlless here. Since I didn’t ever believe in zombies and now.. my beliefs are shaken. Not a fun world to live in. If it happens I’ll have to try and kill super man. 😉 I rather be a vampire and take em on head on …. Charles or Drake please just do me a favor and bite me. I don’t think I can defeat them.. not if what i’ve seen is true!

    1. All of us at Mystic Investigations have dealt with zombies. You just need to keep a cool head as you aim for their head using either a rifle, or a sword. Of course Drake can just rip their head off or punch right into their brains. Although he’s disgusted by Zombie blood as all vampires are. Rebecca usually blasts them away with some form of magical energy.

      Also let us not forget that you have Werewolf DNA containing the powerful Lycanthrope virus which means you can’t ever become a zombie. Most supernatural beings can’t because the zombie virus is weak compared to their body chemistry. The Werewolf virus would neutralize it but you would be sick for several hours if bitten in human form. In wolf form the neutralization would be instant with no ill effects. Of course you still need to worry about being over powered by a large hoard of zombies. In Werewolf form however you should be able to take down several zombies at a time. Biting them would transfer the Werewolf virus to them, and they’d quickly turn to ash.

      What Happens If A Zombie Bites A Werewolf?

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