What Is The Spirit Of Halloween?

Halloween SpiritThe Spirit Of Halloween is an unaware sub-conscious like entity of both light, and darkness in harmonious balance that exudes a general feeling of emotional beneficence, and whimsical spookiness throughout the world during the Halloween season.  Generally this effect is only felt by human souls who help bolster the Spirit with their gleeful Halloween celebrations.  However supernatural entities will feel it in different ways especially if they’re evil in nature.  The Halloween Spirit is an amalgam of the core consciousness of the leader of Halloween Shala, an Angel-Demon Hybrid.  Her essence combines with the collective consciousness of humans, and other sentient entities, Including the Goddess Gaia, aka the soul of the Earth that provides the paranormal conduit to manifest the spirit back upon the world.  The Leader of a given holiday provides a foundation for a paranormal holidays living Spirit, and helps guide the collective consciousness that it’s composed of. When something goes awry with the Spirit it usually indicates there’s an issue with the leader.  This was the issue with Halloween 2013 which yielded the First Battle Of Armageddon.


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