What Is The Spirit Of Christmas?

Children Fueling Christmas SpiritThe Spirit Of Christmas is an unaware global sub-conscious like entity of harmonious good will, and loving light that instills a general feeling of soothing warmth, emotional beneficence, marvelous merriment, and hope for humanity for the New Year.  It can affect all humans, and even supernatural entities to some extent depending on the goodness that dwells in their heart.  Animals can also feel it through sapient beings in their general vicinity which is considered a mild form of Faunapathy. It’s most potently felt by those who celebrate Christmas with genuine thoughts of self-less giving.  Although the core of the holidays are the children who most often focus on the gifts they will receive but of course their innocence neutralizes what might be characterized as selfishness for their purpose is to grow into righteous adults.  Their purpose is also to stoke the holy flames that are at the heart of the Christmas Spirit.

The Leader of Christmas Santa Claus (Saint Nicholas), a Demi-Angel, provides the supernatural consciousness that gave birth to the Spirit.  The Human Collective Consciousness combines with Santa’s to create the Christmas Spirit.  The power of the Spirit at any given Christmas is based on the number of good individuals who believe in Christmas, and those dark of heart who don’t.  However the primary fuel for this enchanted entity are the happy Children around the world full of glee receiving gifts.  This is due to the magical innocence kids have.  The happier they are the more powerful the magic.  In fact good practitioners of magic, including those practicing Enochian Angel Magic, around the world aid Santa Claus in marshaling the forces of all that is right, and light to insure the next year will be the best it can be.  For the Christmas Spirit not only aids in the neutralization of paranormal evil manifested from Halloween but in general well into the coming year.  Thankfully Easter helps to guide it forth into the Summer. Naturally the demonic Anti-Claus, and his Dark Christmas attempt to neutralize the Spirit Of Christmas but they always fail miserably despite those who practice the black magics fueling the weak Dark Christmas Spirit!

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The Spirit Of Christmas fuels itself in a way because it compels people to give gifts, and Santa Hand Crafting Toyssometimes donate time to charity aiding those less fortunate.  This in turn re-fuels the Spirit.  It also often compels parents to give presents in Santa Claus’s name since he was forced to give up delivery to the general populace hundreds of years ago due to the Supernatural Secrecy Pact that is enforced by both Angels, and Demons.  Santa Claus now delivers gifts to both adults, and kids in the real supernatural community.  Those who get the best gifts are the ones who fight paranormal evil throughout the year.  Santa does however give gifts to exceptional average humans, and those who have a future in the supernatural community.

So that feeling of happiness, and jubilation over gift giving along with volunteerism you start to acquire after Thanksgiving has a very real source.  The more you celebrate the season of joy through giving of your time & money, decorating your home for the holidays, and believing with all your heart in all that is good & holy will instill more peace among humankind by the awesome power of The Spirit Of Christmas!  Merry Christmas To All & To All A Good Night!

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