What Is A Faeriemancer?

A Faeriemancer, sometimes called a Fairy Master, is someone who has the paranormal power to manipulate Fairies to varying degrees. Fairies being low-level nature deities who are tied to this corporeal plane. The control of these tiny enchanted entities is accomplished via natural psychokinetic psi power or magical ability. The rarest of these unique individuals are those with active psi Faeriemancer powers in their DNA. Sometimes this is a fluke of evolution while other times there has been an interaction with a Fairy while the Mancer was still in the womb. Most often the Mother accidentally breathed in some Fairy Dust from a Fairy flying about nearby. The most common Faeriemancer is the one who learns to practice Faerie Magic. Generally, witches calling upon these low-level physical nature deities for power. Although granting far less power than a true God or Goddess, Fairies are more accessible by those with less than stellar magical ability.

The Dark Damnation Of The Faeriemancer

Most being-based Mancers tend to be evil in nature as they specialize in controlling another sentient entity against their will. The dark to becoming a Faeriemancer starts with the frustration of Fairies not sharing the magical power they require. This is when they realize they can siphon the power against the Fairy’s wishes. Even controlling them like a puppet or worse caging them like an animal. This is always a nefarious activity but it is even more so when it involves nature deities. The mad Mancer runs the risk of incurring the wrath of higher Gods who have the sole right to dictate what their subjects do.  This can include banishment to the Underworld for all eternity! The Faeriemancer’s activities are almost always considered blasphemy by everyone in the supernatural world who doesn’t fall to the dark side!

The Paranormal Powers Of The Faeriemancer

The Faeriemancer can hypnotize, and control a Faerie like a puppet. They’re able to capture them for their own amusement, for use as a weapon against enemies, or to extract Fairy Dust which is useful in many spells and potions. Ultimately, the number one purpose is to acquire more power. Often by feeding off the magical energies of the Fairy like a psychic vampire. These malevolent Mancers are notorious Fairy serial killers who will not only turn them into trophies but also eat them as well!  It’s said that eating a Faery alive grants the Faeriemancer exceptional powers on a temporary basis allowing them to act as a weapon themselves. Usually, they only eat them once they can’t extract any more metaphysical energy out of them. If a Faeriemancer is already practicing magic then those powers increase several fold.

Do Faeriemancer’s Have Power Over The Dead?

Ironically the most talented of these misguided individuals also have the power to heal and resurrect Fairies. Powers they rarely use since their unsanctioned resurrection wouldn’t cause the Fairy’s power to recharge. This leads them into the world of Necromancy, or power over the dead. Luckily, Fairy spirits turn into higher-level deities known as Nymphs which the Faeriemancer has no control over. Nymphs spend quite a bit of time slightly out of phase with our reality living their Afterlife in the Paradise Plane. If they resurrect a dead Fairy the Nymph version still exists in the same way humans currently exist in Heaven because it’s in a higher dimension outside our time. If a Fairy isn’t deemed ready for Nymphood then they are reincarnated as a new Fairy in another time and place.

The Frighteningly Fiendish Faeriemancer Frankfurter Finkelstein

The most prolific serial killer of Fairies is the Faeriemancer Frankfurter Finkelstein who was last seen in the Scottish Galloway Forest Park. The diabolical Faeriemancer is proud to show off his macabre, and blasphemous collection of dead Fairies to those seeking him out for dark guidance. This sick puppy stuffs and hangs them around his creepy castle! Apparently, Finkelstein was born with a psychokinetic talent to control, and hypnotize Fairies as opposed to learning the Faeriemancing Magical Arts which he is now a master of. During his later formative years, he noticed his powers increase when he ate the Fairies alive. How he started eating them is anyone’s despicable guess! Although, it is rumored Fairies taste rather sweet like a mystical candy. Thankfully, the power boost is beyond immense and he can only withstand eating one a week!

Help Us Find This Blasphemous Bastard Now!

The filthy Finkelstein is the most wanted person in the worldwide Faerie Community. Despite the differences between various Fairy Factions, they all agree that Finkelstein must die! Finkelstein is a known associate of the Sorcerer Supreme and King Of Hell Dimitri Diablo along with his former apprentice the Sorcerer Brimstone. Anyone knowing the current whereabouts of the fiendish Finkelstein is encouraged to contact Mystic Investigations or the nearest paranormal crime-fighting firm at your earliest convenience. If you don’t want to do that then just scream that you know where he is in the middle of a remote forest or field. The Fairies will hear you! Finkelstein is considered Fairy magic armed, and dangerous! Do not attempt to apprehend him yourself unless you are an experienced practitioner of magic, or immune to magic!🧚‍♀️

🗒️Rarely Used Spelling: Fairymancer

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