November 26, 2022

27 thoughts on “What Is Author Authority Power?

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    1. In order to acquire, and develop Author Authority powers people go about it in the way that best suits them. For instance an artists would channel his or her imagination, and thoughts of desired realities through their artwork. When writing how to begin developing AA I was going at it from a writers perspective, and wasn’t thinking of other areas of creativity. Thank you for bringing this up. I’m going to update my article.

  2. What is a sign that someone is close to developing author authority? Does writing about possessing Programming Privileges in forms of stories really work when it comes to developing author authority?

    1. It’s somewhat supernatural. It seems a low level witch is trying out a calling upon a Jinn with a collective consciousness spell so there is a chance a wish might come true. Although she’s crazy for trying to contact a Jinn.

    1. I didn’t actually post the comment saying there was no boundary manipulation. I was asleep, and had a dream about being a midget who worked in a circus sideshow. I was engaged in some magical ceremony with the circus psychic. The dream ended with them both staring at me in a odd manner. When I woke up the computer screen was not how I left it, and Rebecca’s night gown was pulled down to her waist when it wasn’t like that when I fell asleep. All the sudden there was a light knock at the hotel door, and it was Julia. She sensed something was wrong, and analyzed my dream. She said it was a glimpse into a parallel reality, and she confirmed the midget was me in a parallel reality. Apparently my midget self was partaking of some magics to send his consciousness here. As I dreamed he was awake in my body in the hotel room here in Paris. He answered at least that question. I guess he doesn’t know much about the world of the supernatural. Julia is psychically hypnotizing me to block the parallel psychics magics so my mini me won’t be able to possess me.

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