What If A Couple Of Angels Mated?

What If Demons Mated With Each Other?
AngelsProcreation among Angels is strictly forbidden by the Omniverse Lord himself. However when taking biological form Angels have mated with humans to create holy Heaven sanctioned Demi-Angels, and unsanctioned Nephilim. Even a rare, and beyond forbidden mating with a Demon to create an Angel-Demon Hybrid! There are also sparse reports of Angels mating with various other supernatural beings against the orders of the Heavenly Archangel Hierarchy. This includes the existence of a supposedly blasphemous Jinn-Angel Hybrid! Despite the good intentions of the resulting hybrids, Heaven is very particular about their bloodlines, and who possesses the power of Angels.

That being said what would happen if two biological form Angels attempted to procreate. Something considered beyond unholy as it takes two holy entities, and reduces them to carnal animals. Angels see each other as brothers, and sisters who are the direct descendants of God. They simply wouldn’t feel lust for another even in a desirable human shell. If they fall in love with a human it’s the soul they fall in love with. Actual physical lust isn’t in their nature. Afterall they were born before anything biological nor physical ever existed in the Omniverse. As far as we know such a mating between Angels has never occurred in the history of this particular Universe.

On the other hand Demons, Fallen Angels, have passed from holy grace, and their mind is polluted with all manner of unholy thoughts. Full biological form Demonic manifestation is actively thwarted by Angels. Still we have a fair amount of Demi-Demons in existence due to a demon mating with a human. In the distant past we know there was procreation between physical form Demons. This resulted in a rare Archdemon birth. Most Archdemons are former Archangels. That includes the infamous Devil, aka Lucifer. We have no record of two Archdemons mating because one of the Devil’s first edicts in the creation of Hell was no Archdemonic matings. Theoretically it would create a new type of entity more powerful than the Devil himself. A Super Archdemon! We know several thousands of years ago he had some crazy scheme to mate with another Archdemon himself. Then he would transfer his consciousness to the new being to thereby be even stronger. Fortunately for the Universe the new entity exploded when he attempted to possess its body! Also thankfully he did this on a planet in a Galaxy far far away. It seems the entire Galaxy blew straight to Hell!

Most often demon’s mate with humans, or other creatures, via possession of a human, or Angelicother biological being. This is what gave us the first Vampires. Angels have been known to possess humans but there is no record of an Angel Vampire type of creature. From our research there is some evidence to indicate that a mating between two Angels would probably result in the birth of an Archangel. However said Archangel could possibly be unstable as it was created by unholy means out of the hands of the Omniverse God. It could theoretically set off another Big Bang that would destroy our entire Universe, and maybe even the Multiverse, and all parallel Universes within! If two Archangels mated it could very well be possible to create another Omniverse God. This God would possibly possess our current God, or cause the destruction of the entire Omniverse, and all Multiverses within! Such a catastrophic event could have repercussions for nearby Omniverses, and could release the dreaded Darkness. The quintessence of Evil in our reality that is currently locked away safely in God’s mind!

So in the end such paranormal procreations aren’t strictly about pure bloodlines, and control of Heavenly powers. It’s about protecting the very fabric of our reality from self-destructing into horrifying oblivion!

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  2. If a super Archdemon was born that didn’t explode, wouldn’t they be strong enough to take over hell, and kill the devil? Also if two jinn mated would that make a Djinn?

      • If two super archdemons were to mate, and their offspring were to mate with the offspring of another pair of super Archdemons and so one, would it be theoretically possible to create a Level of Archdemon that is as powerful as an Omniverse God?

  3. Is the 3/4 demon still considered a Demi-Demon or is there a different name? Is it stronger than a Demi-Angel? Could the 3/4 Demon be good because it’s part human?

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