December 4, 2022

12 thoughts on “What If A Couple Of Angels Mated?

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  2. If a super Archdemon was born that didn’t explode, wouldn’t they be strong enough to take over hell, and kill the devil? Also if two jinn mated would that make a Djinn?

    1. Plausibly a Djinn could be born if two Jinn mated. Despite the awesome power that a Super Archdemon would wield the Devil can draw upon the power of his loyal demons, and the human souls sold to them. So it could be a near even match in that case.

      1. If two super archdemons were to mate, and their offspring were to mate with the offspring of another pair of super Archdemons and so one, would it be theoretically possible to create a Level of Archdemon that is as powerful as an Omniverse God?

  3. Is the 3/4 demon still considered a Demi-Demon or is there a different name? Is it stronger than a Demi-Angel? Could the 3/4 Demon be good because it’s part human?

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