What Is The Angel Equivelant Of A Vampire?

Since The Origin Of Vampires Lie In Demons Who Were Once Angels Then Are There Angel Vampires?

Angelic VampireThe first vampires were formed from Demons deeply possessing a human to the point of altering their DNA, and then mating with a human.  So what would happen if an Angel possessed a human to the point of altering their DNA, and then procreating with a human?  We honestly don’t know because there is no recorded case of this, and why on Earth would an Angel do that to begin with?  The Demons did it because Angels actively blocked them from manifesting on Earth in a physical form so possession was easier.  The first birth of a vampire was unintended but later done on purpose to create loyal foot soldiers on Earth for the future battle of Armageddon, and other nefarious purposes.  Angels don’t operate by using humans against their will.  However it isn’t unheard of for deeply religious humans to willing offer up their bodies as vessels for Angels to possess them.  Generally this is done by a rogue Angel who wants to partake of an unsanctioned Heavenly mission, and be able to return to Heaven with nobody none the wiser.  A blatant physical manifestation on Earth would be detected by fellow Angels, and Archangels in particular.

Theoretically the Angel possessed human could mate with a human to produce a first generation of an angel vampire equivalent race.  It would probably be some manner of immortal super being without any weaknesses like vampires have including sunlight, and holy artifacts.  They certainly wouldn’t drink blood.  Their only need for sustenance might be absorbing holy light, aka the sun.  Although they would not be Reverse Vampires which are a real species of creature who gain power from the sun, and subsist off the blood of plants, aka chlorophyll.

Despite no recorded instance of such Angelic creatures coming into existence we have seen a possible representation of them in two of our associates who are vampires.  Mystic Investigations Executive Vice-President Drake Alexander, and his vampire sire Duanna Sargon.  In Christmas of 2012 our team was invited to Santa Claus’s North Pole Village for a paranormal awards banquet.  Yes he exists as a Demi-Angel who rewards people that fight the forces of supernatural evil rather than giving gifts to all the good children of the world.  There was an issue with allowing two vampires into the holy confines of his magically cloaked winter wonderland.  Since he sensed they were good vampires he allowed them in despite never allowing the entry of any demonic related being.  However he had to place a protection spell on them due to the continuous presence in the sky of the Star Of Bethlehem, the Christmas Star. It radiates a pure holy light directly from Heaven which would cause a vampire to burn into ash.  Once they bathed in the holy rays they felt a physical transformation which included no craving for blood, a lack of lust, and a loss of their fangs.  When their eyes glowed it was bright white rather than the normal array of colors.  They also commented about feeling like kids again with a feeling of deep love, and happiness.  Of course that’s a common feeling for anyone entering the North Pole Village. There was also a remarkable increase in physical prowess, and psychic powers.  Our Crytozoologist Ashley Abercrombie did a DNA test, and found that their demonic DNA had ascended to something very close to Angelic DNA.  Once Drake, and Duanna left the light of the Christmas Star they reverted back to being vampires.  So it’s possible we witnessed the first temporary Angel Vampires.

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