The Summer Of Slender Man

The Mystic Investigations Team finally saw a lull in paranormal activity after much chaos over the past months. So I decided to give the team Friday off.  We all went to the white sandy beach at Luminary Lake to celebrate the first week of summer.  Our young bionic associate Zack Powers had just started volunteering as a junior lifeguard a few weeks ago once Woodland Springs High School had ended its school year.  He was already on patrol when we arrived together in the Mystic Van.  All of us except Drake Alexander, our vampire associate, came in by foot through the dark shadows of the Mystical Forest.  As we basked on the sunlit beach he stood in a clearing near the tree line cooking up burgers, and hot dogs despite not needing any sustenance but blood.  As with other outings he hoped to bag himself a Gnome whose blood provides vampires with temporary protection from the holy light of the sun.

Meanwhile, Rebecca Abernathy, our Demi-Mermaid Witch, dived into the surf staying under the surface for quite a long time. One of the lifeguards started to panic but Zack stopped him stating that Rebecca was a deep-diving expert who could hold her breath for extended periods of time.  At that moment she walked sensually out of the surf in a water-soaked white bikini you could practically see-through as her auburn locks mystically repelled the water blowing majestically in the wind.  All eyes male, and even female, were upon her as she moved in surreal slow motion with magical music playing in the background.

When she rested on the towel next to me it all stopped.  I then asked, “What the hell was that?”  She then replied, “Oh just a little witchcraft spell I was testing out.  Was I moving in slow-mo Baywatch style with the music playing?”  I said, “Yeah but what was the point?”  She then exclaimed, “No point needed honey.  I’m just that damn good!”  I then said, “Ah okay.” as I rolled my eyes a bit.  Everyone was still staring at her with lust in their eyes!  Thankfully, the attention faded when a guy walked up nearby carrying a cooler with straps around his shoulders while calling forth cries of ice cream for sale.  Rebecca, and I motioned him over so we could get an orange dreamsicle, and a creamsicle.  Now the Summer was complete!

Ashley Abercrombie, our Cryptozoologist, was patrolling the waters along the shore checking for any unwanted paranormal life since Luminary Lake was teeming with it.  Luckily though any entities of evil usually steer clear of the daylight.  Like Rebecca, Ashley could stay under long lengths of time due to her being a half-zombie.  Zack stopped the lifeguard once again when he went dashing toward Ashley after she was underwater too long.  The lifeguard was puzzled as he muttered, “What’s with all these women who can hold their breath for over four minutes!?!” Ashley gave us the thumbs up far out in the lake.  However, our Psychic Julia Hathaway kept having an uneasy feeling that something wasn’t quite right.  Suddenly the screams of a distressed woman came from the woods!  She was yelling, “Oh my God it took my little girl!”  Drake was closest, and he dashed into the woods at super speed, and we followed quite a bit behind.

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Battle With The Slenderman

Drake ran into a clearing to enter into his first encounter with the notorious Slender Man, a shape-shifting entity of evil from another dimension.  He’s a criminal sentenced to Earth as a punishment, and while here he enjoys tormenting people, controlling their minds, and causing death. Slender is also infamous for kidnapping children who he uses to fuel his powers through the mystical energy of their unique innocence. Our article about him in our other blog will give you all the information we have on this despicable denizen of darkness. The Slender Man usually appears as a tall skinny man in a dark business suit devoid of a face.  Although he can sprout many ultra-long tentacles which he was now using to keep the screaming woman and her little six-year-old girl in his grips.

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The girl he had around the waist was oddly calm under the Slender Trance as her mother was being choked.  Drake extended his vampire fangs as his eyes glowed red, and he roared like a lion with the demand of, “Let them go you Slender son of bitch!”  Drake immediately knew who he was since there were centuries of Slender tales within the secret supernatural community.  The faceless grey head turned to Drake and shot a black tentacle at him but Drake dodged it.  He then grabbed it and yanked Slenderman into a tree causing him to lose his grip on the mother and child.  Drake ordered them to run, and so they did into our waiting arms some distance away frantically pointing us in the right direction.  Rebecca then bellowed, “Mystic Sphere” to form her magical pink translucent energy bubble around her now that the general public was out of view.  It flew up above the tree canopy to join the Slender fray.

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The Slender Man quickly recovered and attempted to grab Drake with his multiple tentacles but the vampire masterfully evaded them. He finally got close enough to punch Slender in the face sending his faceless face sliding into the dirt face first.  He lie motionless as Drake cautiously approached but at that moment Slender’s head turned 180 degrees Exorcist style, and Drake was paralyzed by his hypnotic powers.  It takes a lot to hypnotize vampires who are known for their own remarkable brand of mesmerizing ability to compel people.  Deep dark disturbing thoughts began to permeate Drakes’s mind as he tried to fight Slender’s psychic powers.  He couldn’t move as all the tentacles wrapped around him, and violently squeezed him to the point of blood coming out of every pore in his living dead body!  He then rose Drake upward above the shade of the trees into the sun’s rays causing unholy smoke to rise from his vampire body.

Drake then got a psychic message from Slender that said, “I shall spare you this day vampire so you may tell your friends that I own Woodland Springs, and all the children within it.  This is my town now, and any attempt to stop me will end in all your deaths!  I command you to bend to my superior will and…arrrrrrrrrrruuuuuuggggggggg!”  At that moment Rebecca began shooting magical volleys of energy at Slender Man causing him to lose grip of the now flaming Drake who was on the verge of seeing his 700+ years on Earth coming to a close!  She screamed with determination “I call upon The Morrígan to reign war upon thee!”  A black crow flew forth from the Mystic Sphere amid a plethora of iridescent magical energy rays which hit Slender who was on his knees but began rising while Rebecca was distracted by Drake burning in unholy flames.  She called upon her Mermaid power of hydrokinesis to direct water from a nearby pond onto Drake thereby extinguishing the fire as he lie motionless on the ground.

During this brief moment, the Slender Man shot his tentacles in the air and popped Rebecca’s magical bubble which has never happened before since it’s supposed to protect her from all things supernatural or not.  She quickly fell through tree branches to the forest floor with a violent thud as Slender virtually glided over to her looking down upon the dazed witch wearing a tattered bikini.  He then entered her mind delivering the same message as he did to Drake but he added, “You silly fools brought this on yourselves!  You challenged me to come here, and now you will feel my wrath. All shall suffer as I must suffer being imprisoned on this wretched planet!”  It’s true we were tired of hearing about all his child kidnappings, and taunted him to come find us via our website!

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Rebecca began seeing hellishly horrifying thoughts in her mind as Slender squeezed her with his tentacles.  Visions of his horrific atrocities against humankind, and children.  Even a few visions of the dark dimension he came from.  Drake recovered and jumped on Slenders back growling while biting into his neck.  He had hoped to gain his powers as vampires temporarily do when drinking the blood of other supernaturals.  Unfortunately, the vile pitch-black blood of Slenderman was the most disgusting poison he ever tasted! Drake could feel his body beginning to paralyze so he promptly snapped Slender’s neck with his last ounce of strength before collapsing to the forest floor.

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The rest of the team came upon the fallen trio as we were all shocked to see it was the infamous Slender Man. We all studied and trained for this inevitable day but it’s never the same as the real deal! His neck snapped back into position spinning around 360 degrees as he rose up like a stiff board.  The bloody wound in his neck healed instantly, and the faceless beast shot his tentacles at each of us.  I, Xavier Remington, immediately shot two silver ninja stars at the one coming toward me and hit the ground rolling to avoid it.  Unfortunately, the razor-sharp stars bounced off him as Hunter Jackson, our Ex-Navy Seal, pulled out his handgun, and opened silver bullet fire to no avail.  Hunter was entangled in a tentacle along with Ghost Buster Rob Edmunds, Elizabeth Weatherly, and Ashley.  Zack tried to hold off a tentacle with his cyborg arms, and legs but Slender was too powerful.  Julia, however, was able to hold the tentacles back with her telekinetic powers, and she just barely blocked Slender from violating her mind.  She was mentally struggling so hard that her nose and ears began to profusely bleed.

Slender Man was too focused on Julia to notice me as I pulled out a magical ceremonial Wicca knife. It was made of gold, silver, quicksilver, platinum, copper, and some other elements meant to channel the power of Mother Earth Goddess Gaia. Evidence indicates that Slenderman is trapped on Earth via the life force of Gaia, and so perhaps there could lie a point of attack. Rebecca had given me the knife as a gift, and now I was stabbing it into the back of Slender Man’s head.  Rebecca saw me, and just as the blade entered his skull she hollered, “Goddess Gaia potestatem clavum!”  His Midnight black blood then spurted all over me as I felt him psychically scream into my mind.  It was the most terrifying sound I ever heard without actually hearing a sound!  He dropped everyone and slapped me into a tree with his tentacle as the space near him warped, and he jumped into a portal of some type disappearing. So, it seems the stories of his teleportation were true.  That explained his sightings around the world in such tight time frames.

Everyone was rather jacked up in a major way but Drake was in the worst shape.  He was paralyzed as his eyes stared in a frozen terrified manner.  We got him back to the Mystic Van and drove back to Mystic Investigations headquarters.  On the way, I called Sheriff Blake Maverick to apprise him of the supernatural situation so he could have his deputies keep people away from the woods by the beach for the time being.  Although there was an entire Mystical Forest, and Enchanted Woodland for Slender to stalk prey within.  We knew he wasn’t gone because Julia sensed he would be back to make good on his promise to own our beloved town and reign hell upon us!

Later that night as the Witching Hour approached Drake finally started moving with the help of his vampire Mother Duanna’s hypnosis and healing blood. Rebecca’s magic and Julia’s psychic cleansing aided in bringing Drake back to full health.  Drake now realizes it was a stupid move to partake of Slender Man’s blood after previously reading what happened to an ancient vampire who did the same. A vampire eternally damned with horrifying hallucinations, and sickly weakness! Unfortunately, it was instinct for him to do that in battle. Especially against such an insane adversary like Slenderman.  Hopefully, our unique team of supernatural professionals will be able to fully heal him from the blood, and the psychic attacks.

As I was typing this near the Devil’s Hour Rebecca woke up drenched in sweat as she whaled wildly in our bedroom upstairs. She never has nightmares like that but she said the Slender Man possessed her within her dark dreams.  She will need to seek help from her coven, and our team to rid herself of Slender Man’s mental influence.  At this moment I feel a chill going up my spine!  I sense I’m being watched.  I fear I will dream of Slender as I doze off.  We have all been mentally infected by his evil extra-dimensional powers. Never before has a fight with a dark force lingered afterward in this way! I pray we are strong enough not to succumb to the legendary supernatural illness known as Slender Sickness which is most likely a paranormal psychosomatic disorder.  May God have mercy on our souls, and guide us through these dark times!

I did not add this message below, and for inexplicable reasons, I can’t manage to delete it!
Slender Will See You Meet Your Maker!

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