Apocalyptic Abominable Snow Savage

The recent round of snow storms brought another Abominable Snowman into our midst. The Snowmen, aka Yeti, often travel with storms to wherever they take them. A couple had parked their car on the shores of Luminary Lake to enjoy the nocturnal scenery which includes the lakes unique iridescent lights derived from unknown mystical properties. It was near the home of my colleagues Xavier Remington & Rebecca Abernathy.  It was some time after Midnight as the blizzard came about suddenly and the couple was unable to drive their car away from the lake due to misjudgment of the amount of snow which had rapidly accumulated.  They had tried to call for help but cell phone reception was unstable.  So they accepted spending the night in their car which at least had a full tank of gas.

It didn’t seem like a big deal since they could hike to the nearby homes in the morning for help.  However as they began to doze off they were shocked awakened from their slumber by a hellish other worldly growl. It was an Abominable Snowman who immediately lifted the car and began shaking it violently. He tossed in down, and began breaking the glass as he clawed at the terrified couple. All hope seemed to be lost as the white furry beast of at least nine feet tall, and 800 pounds was hell bent on killing the helpless couple who knew nothing of the world of the supernatural.

Rebecca Abernathy, a demi-mermaid witch, had been at a meeting with her coven who ended their sacred ceremony with a Midnight prayer to the Goddesses. The weather was too bad to take her pink Porsche home so she took the Mystic Sphere instead. As she flew though the heavy snow and strong winds in her transparent pink energy sphere she sensed danger afoot. Soon she heard the screams of terror amid the roars of an unholy beast. Rebecca began her descent from the clouds above. Through the snow she could make out the form of a Yeti, aka an Abominable Snowman.  She landed nearby and began shooting glittering green and blue volleys of magical energies toward the great white furry abomination. Unfortunately it didn’t do much but push him back a bit since the Yeti have an immunity to magic like their cousins the Sasquatch.

Rebecca got around the magical immunity that by using objects as weapons. She used her magic to send a tree hurling at the pile of albino fur thrusting him into the lake crashing through the ice. Although he leaped out with a roar that made a lion sound like a sissy. He then picked up the car and threw it into the lake with a sinister look on his face. Unfortunately before that the couple couldn’t get out because the doors were damaged by the Yeti. The broken jagged glass was unpassable as well. She launched another tree at him but he bolted toward her at lightening speed knocking her to the ground as he clawed at her. The couple’s cries for help could be heard while they sank into the dark ice ridden murky depths.

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Rebecca struggled with the angry Snowman using every ounce of her Mermaid strength to fend him off. Her eyes then glowed bright blue as she tapped into her Mermaid powers of hydrokinesis, and caused a huge tidal wave to engulf them in a torrent of icy cold water washing them both into the lake. As she sunk, now weakened by the use of so much magic, the albino abomination swam toward her making use of his infrared night vision. Rebecca could see quite well in the nearly dark waters as well.  Luckily the mystical luminosity of the lake would show itself in the distant waters thereby providing some measure of dim light.  In the unique underwater language of Atlantean, which almost sounded like a series of Dolphin clicks, and whistles, she called upon Skaldi, the Norse Goddess of winter, to strengthen a power she’s never really used before. The power of Hydro-Cryokinesis. She began freezing the water in front of her trapping the Snowman in an ice cube but it kept growing engulfing her and the car with the drowning couple. A whole region of the lake was frozen solid and all fell silent except for the raging snow storm above the water.

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Xavier sensed something was wrong nearby at Remington Manor and he ran to the lake with his magical sword he acquired at the Mctavish Academy Of Magical Sciences in Scotland last year. I was strolling about the warm spring like parts of the Mystical Forest when I sensed a vibe coming from the Earth which happens when near the Heart Of The Mystical Forest. Then my psychic vampire abilities gave me a vision of Rebecca frozen. I ran to Luminary Lake at lightning speed! Julia Hathaway, our resident psychic, had a vision that woke her from a sound sleep but the phone lines were down, and cell reception was bad. I leaped on to the lake and began pounding into the ice with my bare fists but everyone was too deeply embedded to reach them quickly.  Xavier was thrashing away at the ice with his sword but I told him to try, and tap into the hidden powers that were prophesied to lie within. Unfortunately I didn’t have my sword with me but I knew not how to tap into its dark demonic powers nor would I want to.

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I then remembered the mystical egg the Easter Bunny had left me with which I was carrying in my pocket as a good luck charm. It was a sparkling golden egg about the size of a small Robin egg with emerald glittering trees and pink flowers on it. Its paranormal power was apparent by anyone who held it in their hands. I threw the egg into the hole I had pounded in the ice and focused on warm happy spring thoughts as the egg glowed, and the ice began to melt. However it wasn’t enough for such a huge ice expanse. I then retrieved the egg, and Xavier plunged his sword in the ice as I placed the egg directly on the crystal embedded in it. The crystal emitted a holy bright light that burned me as the egg began glowing a soothing gold light which lessened the pain. A massive energy surge then melted a good swath of the lake and shore causing the ice to collapse beneath us.

Both of us swam down into the now pleasantly warm waters amid the falling snow and gusting winter winds. Xavier got to Rebecca who was barely conscious as the supernatural Snowman swam toward them not phased by his freezing episode. I intervened and punched the Yeti with such force that he was launched from the water on to the shore. I then helped Xavier get Rebecca to the surface. Once there she muttered that a couple was drowning in a car. I dove back down, found the car, and single-handedly lifted it to the surface. A fairly decent feat for a Fifth Generation Vampire. I proceeded to drag it through the water as I swam toward shore. Once there I ripped off one of the doors, and realized that the couple was dead. I couldn’t hear a pulse nor breathing. Their blood smelled of fresh death. Suddenly the Yeti grabbed me from behind, and tossed me over the tree line into the forest.  I crashed through several layers of the canopy cracking wood violently before I hit the soil with a loud thud.

Xavier had lost his sword in the water and was taunting the furry furious figure who was looking to eat the corpses of the couple. Rebecca lie weak nearby as the Snowman charged Xavier who exposed his belt laden with silver Ninja Stars which he launched at the Abominable Snowman causing him to shriek in pain. Unfortunately, he quickly pulled them out and was about to ram Xavier into resting in peace. I ran back in the nick of time to hop upon the Yeti and sink my teeth into his neck to suck away the life energy of his blood. He struggled madly as his rage filled roar deafened us all. He threw me off but I now had his rage filled strength surging through my bloodstream as I pummeled the ever loving hell out of him causing blood to splatter about wildly. I finally snapped his neck and he lay motionless.

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As I growled madly doing a muscular pose toward Rebecca, and Xavier ready to mindlessly attack under the physical, and mental effects of the Abominable Snowman blood, Xavier saw the oval bulge in my pocket. The Easter Egg that I placed back in my pocket as we had sunk in the water after the ice melted. Xavier bolted toward me, did a front roll, and sprung up to punch me with some blessed silver knuckles with holy crosses on it. I hit the side of the car due to his surprise power punch and Xavier ripped the egg from my pocket. Xavier wasn’t sure what to do with it so he charged me again, punched me in the neck, and then crammed it into my mouth. I naturally bit down on it causing it to burst into a explosion of bright yellow light that thew Xavier away from me as I hit the ground with golden energy rays surging forth from all over my body.

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My rage was gone.  Now replaced by a sense of serenity I never felt before.  In fact I never felt more alive as dark green shrubs, and a rainbow array of flowers sprung forth along with the cold snow turning into refreshing rain amid the drastically warm air. Rebecca immediately got up smiling, and the couple was miraculously resurrected by the Spirit Of Easter! Regrettably the Yeti was resurrected as well but he was oddly silent and just stared at everyone for a bit before running away into the night. Amazingly enough the couples car was even repaired to perfect working order. I never seen magic do that before. So everyone went home happy and healed.

Once back at my house I began walking up to my bed chamber when I felt an odd tingling. It happened as I walked past the magical crystal in which the spirit of Meistiensos was stored. He was my dark vampire grandfather who I was forced to kill.  A vampire who seemed to redeem himself in the dark void of the spirit realm and now wished to become a Merman as he was an Atlantean who missed the Mermaid transformation ceremony when Atlantis sank into the ocean 12,000 years ago.  I felt oddly drawn to the mystical crystal which I had previously passed everyday without thought.  I inexplicably picked up the crystal and it began emitting a kaleidoscope of lights as I felt all my new found Easter energy being sucked away. My hand was frozen on to the crystal and I couldn’t let it go. It suddenly exploded in my hand and a ball of light floated above me as I hit the floor weakened. That light then formed into Meistiensos who appeared happy and surprised as he said,”I’m back! Thank you so much Drake my grandson!”

I was quite shocked by this turn of events.  He then clenched his stomach in agony as he fell to his knees and screamed he was starving. Tarkington, my Butler, ran up from his room in the basement to witness the chaos. I told him to get some food that I keep for human guests. Tarkington handed Meistiensos a protein bar.  He started to eat it but instead spit it out as I witnessed fangs extend from his mouth.  I had no idea what manner of being he could be manifested from nothing but his spirit form. It never occurred to me he could be a vampire again. He then violently pulled Tarkington to him as he growled, and bit into the Butler’s neck draining him of blood so fast that I couldn’t stop him. Tarkington lied dead as Meistiensos rose up, and declared,”Yes indeed my Grandson I’m back!” He laughed heartily and crashed through an outside wall at light speed disappearing in to the night.

I quickly went to Tarkington, bit into my wrist, and let my blood flow into his mouth hoping it wasn’t to late to heal him.  I was praying not only the vampire properties would heal but also any of the Easter resurrection powers that might be left within me. Luckily minutes later his heart began to beat, and he coughed as his lungs became operational again.  Within an hour he was thankfully good as new.  I now had to tell the others, including my vampire Mother Duanna away in Turkey, that Meistiensos was back.  The real question was whether he had turned to the dark side again, or if he was simply under the influence of the all consuming hunger of being born again? A plight of all new vampires that overwhelms any humanity left within them.

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