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Slender Man is a faceless shape shifting extra-dimensional entity from a parallel dimension known to wear a black business suit.  Slender was sentenced to spend eternity on Earth by his own people many centuries ago for unspecified crimes.  With nothing better to do here he stalks, and torments us into committing heinous acts.  He is responsible for numerous murders, and suicides caused by his Slender Sickness, a disease caused by his psychic mind control.  Various psychics, and other gifted individuals, able to read this silent killers mind get the same basic message from him: "I'm not locked on Earth with you!  You're locked on Earth with me!" The only humans he doesn't hurt are children who he has a great fascination with.  However he does kidnap them to feed of their innocence magic, and recharge his paranormal powers. Powers that not only includes amazing mind control but also growing sharp tentacles at will, and teleportation around the planet.  Due to being shackled to the life force of the planet he is unable to ever leave.  So far no humans nor paranormal beings have been able to stop the Slenderman.  The only thing he runs from is the Slenderman Assassin sent here by adversaries from his dimension who feel he should have received a death sentence rather than life in prison.  Below are the links to our various articles, and adventures involving this sinister quintessence of pure evil!  Click here to post any comments or questions you may have about Slenderman.


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