Halloween Haunted House Of Vampire Horror

On Halloween morning, within the wayward Witching Hour, the supernatural team at Mystic Investigations was met with hellish havoc.  We faced two evil vampires and their minions that also included werewolves and zombies.  Their plans included initiating a vampire apocalypse.  We also met a real living Goddess as well on one of the most dangerously memorable Halloweens ever! Begin reading this terrifying tale below…

We here at Mystic Investigations have dealt with many forms of dark creatures over these 13 Nights Of Halloween. On the Eve of Halloween Drake Alexander’s vampire mother, Duanna Sargon, flew in from Turkey where she resides in a posh palace fit for Sumerian royalty such as herself. She was displaced from her original castle in Iraq due to war. Duanna had previously planned to visit Drake, and all of us for Halloween but she had news of a potential threat. Previously a friend of Drake’s had a vision about a mysterious vampire escaping from a dark place underground into a cold environment where Eskimos were afoot.

It became clear that this individual was most likely a third-generation vampire named Meistiensos. He originated from the Lost Continent of Atlantis where he became a vampire just before it sunk into the ocean. The Atlantean vampire sired Duanna over 4000 years ago. One day there came a time when his overbearing obsessive ways led her, along with other vampire siblings, to overpower him. They sealed him in a crypt deep underground. It was a burial chamber located underneath the Sahara Desert along the Red Sea in Egypt. Duanna recently traveled to the crypt and discovered he was gone!

He had been imprisoned via powerful Egyptian religious symbols, and artifacts. We later pieced together various pieces of evidence to glean a picture of what happened to him. Apparently, an archeological dig on October 13th, 2012 released him after 3000 years of being entombed.  The dark vampires sarcophagus was eventually relocated to a United States military research base in Northern Alaska. There he escaped into the snows on the cusp of a modern world full of wonders he could have never imagined.  However, it might not have been totally foreign to him since Atlantis had some amazing technology that was lost in the cold waters of Atlantic history. A number of fine soldiers met their maker at the secret base and were found drained of blood. A government informant alerted us to this fact, and naturally, it was never reported to the media.

Meistiensos was never completely evil. He had been a simple farmer who was ill-equipped to handle the demonic DNA all vampires possess. His personality began to warp as his power grew. He eventually became sadistic in nature along with having delusions of grandeur. As a third-generation vampire of advanced age, he has psychic powers, including telekinesis which allows him to fly. Despite this, he stole a jet from the base, and most likely utilized his telekinetic powers to guide it until it crashed in a remote area of Washington State. Before our fateful meeting with this dark vampire hell-bent on revenge for his centuries of forced mummification, we got a report of him in Seattle, Washington.

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Apparently, two prostitutes at a truck stop were drained of their blood on October 21st, 2012. He also beat the hell out of six truck drivers who ran to the lady’s defense. Actually, he merely flicked them aside with his finger. A group of paranormal investigators had been tracking a new vampire in town and happened upon the scene as he completed his dark deed, and headed for the nearby diner. He was in the process of hypnotizing dozens of people in the diner when the investigators managed to drive him off with various religious artifacts. The government agents of the US Paranormal Defense Agency showed up on the scene to cover up the entire incident. They then continued the hunt they were on since Meistiensos escaped from Alaska.

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Witnesses who were nearly vampire dinner at the diner say that Meistiensos apologized for what he was about to do but he needed his strength to meet his children and grandchildren. Especially his most beloved one Enheduanna. He indicated that he had over 3000 years of hunger to quell. Luckily the brave paranormal investigators of Seattle drove him away in the nick of time.  Clearly, he had not enough blood yet to regain his strength since he’s never been one to flee a fight. Obviously, he had not yet required his power to fly among the clouds of the deep dark night.

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The Full Halloween Blood Moon Of October 29, 2012

On the night of the notorious Blood Moon a report out of Cheyenne, Wyoming indicated even more blood lust as an entire biker gang was found slaughtered in the outskirts of the city. Clearly, his psychic powers were leading him to our location in Woodland Springs where his symbolic daughter Duanna, and grandson Drake would be. Unfortunately, we were in the thick of Halloween havoc taking on all manner of beasts including rogue vampires, werewolves, zombies, and more! We could only keep a watchful eye out as we were already prepared to take on everything known to the paranormal investigation profession. We also overlooked a message on our forum that was from him.

Halloween Eve 2012

At about 7 PM on Halloween Eve Drake, myself, and Rebecca greeted Duanna at the airport. We had some champagne from her personal winery for a while on her private jet. We got reacquainted with the strikingly beautiful vampire of middle eastern descent who had shoulder-length raven hair, and dark blue eyes. Then she came with us out into the field to help us take on the raging monstrous mayhem that was ramping up as the Halloween Witching Hour approached. Duanna really lightened our workload with her amazing strength, speed, agility, telekinetic powers, and wealth of knowledge. We soon became aware of a vampire uprising and headed to the location where these vicious villains were converging.

The Witching Hour Of Halloween Morning

At Midnight most of The Mystic Investigations team entered an old dilapidated mansion on the edge of the Mystical Forest. However Zack Powers, our teen bionic boy wonder, and Elizabeth Weatherly, an investigator, hid in the foliage as lookouts with walkie-talkies in hand. A gang of vampires was converging under the command of the notorious Wraith whose a powerful fifth-generation Scottish vampire known to be the black sheep of vampire royalty. They have a price on his head due to his wish to start a vampire apocalypse which would be similar to a zombie apocalypse. His dream is to turn a good portion of the global human populace into vampires who would then enslave the rest for the purposes of being a food supply. The Royal Vampires Of Transylvania prefer the current status quo as they have control of everything they need for their power and luxury lifestyle.

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The Mystical Forest is one of a handful of major paranormal energy centers on Earth. It seemed Wraith had enlisted a powerful Dark Witch, named Belladonna, to marshal that power on the most evil of days Halloween. Evidence also indicated that he had Werewolves, and Zombies under his command via Belladonnna’s dark potions, and spells. We hoped to catch these filthy fiends off guard as we cautiously, and quietly entered this house which was haunted as well. As we walked down the dark creaky wood corridors transparent apparitions flew past us along with rushes of cold wind coming out of nowhere. There was a smell of sulfur among the eerie sounds of otherworldly howling. Our Phantasmologist, Rob Edmunds, took the lead as me (Xavier Remington Mystic Investigations President), Rebecca Abernathy(White Witch), Hunter Jackson(Ex-Navy Seal), Julia Hathaway(Psychic With Telekinetic Powers), and Ashley Abercrombie(Cryptozoologist) followed while Drake, and Duanna brought up the rear.

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Suddenly we came to a dead halt as a female ghost dripping in ectoplasmic blood declared in a bone-chilling voice, “You will all die tonight. I just did.” She then let loose a blood-curdling scream and blasted through all of us causing a massive icy shiver. However the ghost stopped short of Drake, and Duanna when Duanna demanded, “Don’t you dare flow through us, dear!” The ghost then popped into a mist and disappeared. It’s possible a powerful fourth-generation vampire-like Duanna could temporarily trap the ghost within her. In essence a reverse possession. Although, ghostly possession is far less common than the well-known demonic variety.

Rob’s Fluke Thermal Imager tracked the previous trail of the ghost while Julia honed in on her psychic energy signature. It led us to steps that went down into a basement. We all carefully headed down the rickety staircase, and entered the damp moldy smelling basement which was dimly lit by moonlight fluttering in the slender windows near the ceiling. Large spiders could be seen on webs over the windows as the squeaks of rats could be heard along with their little feet scurrying about the floor around us. Only Drake and Duanna seemed to not be phased by the rodents. Rebecca had enough and began sprinkling some type of power from her magical herbal satchel. It caused the rats to scatter away into the darkness.

Julia began examining a blood-stained slab of circular concrete slightly raised out of the floor. Drake kicked it away, and I shone a flashlight down to reveal a ladder going into a deep dark hole. Drake and Duanna entered first, and the rest of us climbed into the sub-basement after them. We entered what appeared to be a system of concrete corridors with flaming torches on the walls every so often. We now knew we were close to finding Wraith, and his gang especially when we heard unholy snarls in back of us.

Rebecca and I stood inches away from two brown furry Werewolves whose mouths were dripping with saliva as their eyes glowed green. The emerald color indicated that they were under magical control. At that moment they lunged at us. Before Rebecca could let loose a powerful spell of witchcraft I pulled my gun out and fired a silver bullet in the head of one as Hunter did the same to the other. There was no time to use humane countermeasures in this situation. The two monstrous beasts reverted to human form as we had a moment of silence for the loss of life. Drake and Duanna suddenly felt someone biting their shoulders. It was two zombies whose teeth had just broken on the dense superstructure of the two vampires. The dynamic vampire due then proceeded to snap both of the walking corpse’s necks, and they collapsed on the floor. Duanna quipped, “This Wraith character needs to be taught a lesson in the proper decorum of greeting guests.” We crept further down the long winding corridor of flame-lit shadows ready for anything.

Meanwhile, outside the haunted house a large man with 25 men and women behind him strolled in. He had long blond hair and was dressed almost like a Roman gladiator complete with donning a long brown cape. It was in fact Wraith and some of his vampire minions. Once the small army was inside the house Zack got on the walkie-talkie to warn us but he was promptly cut off by none other than Meistiensos who came up behind him. He then crushed the walkie-talkie in Zack’s hand as he bit into his neck. Within a few seconds, the vampire spat out the blood and screamed with anger over what he called a vile brew. What he was tasting was the cellular and mechanical repairing nanobots that are infused within Zack’s blood. Despite Zack using full bionic power, he couldn’t escape Meistiensos insane vampire grip. Meistiensos then menacingly said, “What manner of beast are you boy? Your blood is like nothing I’ve ever tasted, and you’re too strong to be human. Perhaps a magician? Let us see how you perform without your arms child!”

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He then ripped off Zack’s arms at the shoulder causing Zack to scream in agony. Despite being bionic, the arms are still connected to his flesh via gradual nanorobotic integration at the cellular level. He collapsed to the ground as Meistiensos began laughing maniacally picking up one of the arms dripping with blood, and a glowing blue bio-mechanical lubricant. He then jovially announced, “Why you’re nothing but an automaton! We had such abominations on Atlantis.”  Clearly, the mass infusion of blood on the Halloween Blood Moon along with not drinking for thousands of years finally caused this guy to snap.

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Elizabeth leaped from the brush and lunged at him with a hickory stake. His super reflexes caught it just short of his heart, and he pulled her to him. He then declared, “Ah yes what a lovely lady you are. Would you care to join my family?” She replied, “I’d rather die.” Meistiensos retorted, “Oh you will die tonight my dear. It’s up to you whether you sink into Hades or rise into the moonlight of everlasting living death!” He then sunk his sharp teeth into Elizabeth’s neck to partake of her blood. She had survived the sinking of the Titanic courtesy of time travel and she was hoping some miracle would save her from this dark fate as well.

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We had heard Zack yell, “He’s here!” before he cut out, and Julia suddenly felt the danger, and the eventual pain Zack was in. The only person who could get to him the quickest through concrete was Rebecca and her Mystic Sphere shield of levitating energy. She cried out, ‘Mystic Sphere!” as Drake, and Duanna hopped aboard for she sensed her pseudo-father Meistiensos was near. The pink transparent sphere of magical energy crashed through the concrete ceiling causing the basement floor to collapse over a large area just as Wraith’s gang was heading for the sub-basement entrance. They all fell in right in front of us while a group of four zombies and two Werewolves moved in behind us. The pink energy orb proceeded to crash through the ceiling of the basement into the house and then out the front wall causing wood to explode everywhere!

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Meistiensos looked shocked for a bit as he dropped the passed-out Elizabeth to the ground. He then smiled as the sphere dissipated, and the trio stood before him. Meistiensos then said, “Oh my dear daughter Duanna we’re finally together. I forgive you for what you did to me. I understand you wanted to be free. Now that you have had your millennia of merriment it’s time to gather your siblings and come home to your Father.” Rebecca ran past him cautiously as he said, “Yes witch tend to your mechanical boy but leave the girl. She’s mine!” Duanna strolled toward him and replied, “Neither I nor my siblings shall be under your dominion ever again Meistiensos!” He then shot back, “Come now Duanna don’t be that way. Also, I demand you show me the proper respect and call me Father!”

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Drake interjected, “You heard her! It’s time to back off, and get a life!” Meistiensos replied, “You must be my grandson Drake. I’ll expect more manners when you’re residing in my palace!” Drake laughed, and said, “Not bloody likely! I think it’s time you re-enter your eternal slumber deep underground you son of a bitch!” Meistiensos then snarled showing his fangs, and red glowing eyes, “You insolent brat! It’s time you were taught some serious lessons of life and death!” The two men shot toward each other at super speed but he grabbed Drake’s neck and snapped it instantly while sending him flying through an unbroken wall of the house.

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He then glared at Duanna, “You really do need to discipline your children better. That vulgar beast needs to be tamed!” Duanna replied, “I’m proud of him, and all that he’s accomplished. You’re the stain on my existence. Be gone from my life forever!” He then darted at her looking like a blur of light grabbing her in his arms, and exclaimed, “You’ll never be free of me! You will serve me with love for all the rest of your days with gratitude in your heart and a smile on your face!” Meistiensos then kissed her but she pulled her head away and bit his nose off while simultaneously punching him several yards causing him to crash through three large pine trees. Duanna then spit the bloody proboscis onto the grass and ran into the house to see if Drake was alright.

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Rebecca found both Zack and Elizabeth unconscious. Her Mermaid and Witchcraft instincts told her that she had very little time to save their lives! She put Zacks dismembered arms on his chest and pulled Elizabeth near as she reformed the Mystic Sphere around them, and flew away over the tree line. She used her walkie-talkie to tell me that she was taking them back to headquarters for special treatment. Clearly, she couldn’t take them to a hospital due to the supernatural nature of their injuries.

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Back in the sub-basement, the vampires popped up from the rubble-infested floor in front of us. Wraith drew his sword, and his 25 loyal followers did the same. Clearly, these vampires were old school. Wraith then said, “Silly humans you shall join us for a grand feast tonight. My witch will cook you up so sweet.” They all started chuckling heartily to the point of producing a deep echo which happens when vampires really get into laughing it up. I then replied, “I’m afraid you have me at a disadvantage. I don’t have a sword with me. Any chance you could lend me one?” They laughed again, and Wraith motioned for one of his men to throw his sword to me. He then said, “Yes let’s see what the weak human can do.”

I then engaged him in mortal combat as our blades of steel clashed creating unprecedented sparks. I could see cracks forming in my sword. Clearly, he was wielding some mystic weapon that actually looked like it was made of shining silver. Under normal circumstances, pure silver couldn’t stand up to a real steel sword. The sword also had a black crystal embedded in the middle of the crossguard. I was a fair swordsman since it was a part of my martial arts training. However, I was going up against a vampire clearly born into a world where sword use was common. Then there are the hundreds of years of practice he probably had. Still, I held my own as the other vampires flooded past us to attack my team.

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I led Wraith down a side corridor because I knew what was about to happen. Hunter Jackson slipped his military-issued machine gun off his shoulder and let loose a volley of automatic silver bullet fire. Silver to the heart is an instant kill for a vampire while being shot anywhere else merely weakens them. Thankfully, they would still get sick and die eventually. These vampires had armor, moved super fast, and were even deflecting some of the bullets with their swords. Although, it was at least slowing them down while Julia held the two Werewolves at bay with her telekinetic powers while her nose began to bleed fighting their immense power.

Rob Edmunds fired his ghost-busting quantum particle disruption gun at two of the zombies which stopped them from progressing forward further. The one million dollar one-of-a-kind weapon is designed to temporarily interrupt the foothold of something reaching out of the fifth dimension. This includes malicious ghosts, poltergeists, and other non-corporeal entities who appear to us via photon emission. Unfortunately, the weapon is not powerful enough to do more than daze a physical being. However, it probably was speeding up the normal rotting process of the zombie body.

Ashley being half-zombie is usually ignored by zombies, and is also immune to the zombie virus. She produced a machete and went to town on the other two zombies. While Rob’s energy weapon died he quickly produced his old school rock salt gun shooting the two zombies in the head. It only knocked them down but Ashley beheaded them as she did with the other two. Hunter and everyone else was about to be overrun by the vampires so he yelled, “Incoming!” He then tossed the gun aside as it was nearly out of ammo, and picked up a sword from a dead vampire on the floor near him. Rob quickly took out his handgun loaded with silver bullets and finished off the two Werewolves releasing the exhausted Julia from holding them off. The team then took on the hoard of angry bloodthirsty sword brandishing vampires.

Duanna found Drake starting to wake up as his neck cracked back into place. He was still groggy as Duanna bit into her wrist to feed Drake her blood which would aid in his already rapid healing. Suddenly from a foggy mist Meistiensos walks through the smashed wall looking good as new. He gleefully announced, “Oh how I miss our play together my sweet daughter.” Drake sprung up and stood by Duanna to face the seemingly invincible menace. Drake placed some leather gloves on as he gave his vampire grandfather a steel gaze which was returned in kind.

This time around Duanna delved into her telekinetic vampire powers and began applying pressure to his dark heart in the hopes of bursting it. He gripped his chest as Drake ran at him and grabbed Meistiensos in a chokehold from behind while whispering in his ear, “Like I said before it’s time for you to go back to sleep Grandpa!” Drake then pulled out a solid silver stake blessed by Father Tom Davis and attempted to dive it into the ancient vampire’s heart while simultaneously biting into his shoulder. Drake drank of Meistiensos blood to give him more power as Meistiensos held the stake away with one hand, and covered his heart with the other. Meistiensos then roared with extreme anger as his eyes fired up a sinister shade of crimson. He then head-butted Drake with the back of his head and swung his arm around sending the silver stake into Drake’s chest. He then waved his arm sending Duanna crashing through two walls with his own telekinetic powers. Higher generation and long-lived vampires have extra special powers. Meistiensos has both factors going for him!

Meistiensos looked down at Drake lying on the ground as he snidely smiled. With some remorse, he said, “I’m sorry my son I really wanted you to be a part of our eternal family but now you shall be nothing but dust in the wind. Hmmm, why does that sound familiar? Perhaps a song I heard at that music shop in Idaho.” Gray smoke began to rise from Drake’s body as he declared, “I swear I will haunt you straight to hell, and back you bastard!” Unholy flames of a violet color began erupting on Drake as his clothes began to burn away. Meistiensos replied, “I pity you. Duanna and I shall miss you.” At that moment the flames froze along with the wind, and rustling of the leaves that could be previously heard outside.

He appeared perplexed, and then swung around when Duanna said, “Your opinion of me must be rather abysmal if you believe that to be my entire repertoire.” Meistiensos asked, “What is this black magic you’re wielding?” She replied, “It’s not magic. It’s nature. Surely you remember I was the High Priestess of the Moon God Nanna until you said it was not right for a vampire to worship Gods of any sort. Once you were gone I found my way back to Nanna who was dormant due to lack of worship. I was able to resurrect her as a lunar Goddess.  It indeed took some major magic to power her up but she is here to reward me for my loyalty. Greet my Goddess with the respect she deserves.”

A beautiful woman appeared with white hair wearing a low-cut flowing white, and silver gown radiating Moonlight throughout her body. Her eyes appeared to be silver with a slight glow stood before them as Duanna bowed down. The mysteriously alluring woman then declared, “I am the Goddess Nanna, and you have committed deep transgressions against my children. For this, you shall pay with your life!” Meistiensos sneered at her, and responded,”You’re children? They’re my children you filthy Goddess of nothing! You have no power over me! I’m of a grand demonic lineage beyond your comprehension! Go back to the dark void from which you came because nobody worships you anymore you ancient abomination!”

He then stormed at super-speed toward her, and griped her in an attempt to plunge through her godly flesh, and partake of her blood. The blood of Gods can permanently turn a vampire into a God. Despite his apparent disgust for Gods he seemed to have no problem with becoming one. Luckily he was stopped short because Gods, and Goddesses in physical form are far more powerful than even first-generation vampires. She then hugged him with an almost maniacal smile on her serene face as beams of silvery Moonlight burst forth from her eyes. The bewitching Moonbeams shoot into his very mind, body, and demonic soul causing him to scream in agony! Despite vampires, werewolves, and other nocturnal paranormal creatures embracing the Moonlight it’s still filtered sunlight made impure by the Earth’s atmosphere. Pure Moonlight has the same properties as silver so a vampire would have issues if they were to be bathed in Moonlight within outer space. The Goddess Nanna was radiating forth pure silver moonlight, and it was literally melting Meistiensos. It looked like the fight was finally over.

Unfortunately, the minute he had spotted the Goddess he psychically called for the dark witch Belladonna who was in a sub-basement chamber preparing for a dark devilish Halloween ceremony. She teleported herself upstairs with long dark hair and a black flowing robe. The wicked witch tossed a vile of holy water, and vervain onto the still kneeling Duanna’s head causing her to scream loudly in pain as white smoke rose from her. Belladonna then called upon dark Archdemon forces since they are a match for Goddesses. She then channeled that power, and a ray of hell fire shot forth from her hands hitting the Goddess Nanna causing her to levitate into the air trapped in a fire ring.

Belladonna then happily declared, “I caught me a Goddess! Oh the plans I have for you sweetheart!” while her eyes were lit orange with mini flames. This was due to her being semi-possessed by an Arch-Demon. Meistiensos lie on the floor blinded, and in pain as he rapidly began to heal. The Goddess Nanna strained against the hell fire while desperately fighting to keep time frozen so Drake wouldn’t deteriorate any further. The weakened Duanna lay on the floor praying to Nanna to save Drake. In order to do that Nanna would have to give up her physical form, and risk going back into a dark inter-dimensional void where Gods go who aren’t readily worshiped. That is why many Gods take a physical form before that happens. That is if they know when their time is up.

It had taken a great meeting of witchcraft covens to conjure up Nanna to walk among us. Nanna had Duanna to thank for her come back. Goddesses are deeply touched by worship especially from someone who was faithful for thousands of years like Duanna. She decided to sacrifice herself and shot a ray of white healing light upon Drake. The silver dagger in his heart melted into a stream of sparkling metallic light that was absorbed by Nanna, and his wounded heart healed as the flames extinguished, and the unholy smoke ceased. His clothes had been burned away but a shimmering white silver robe of light formed around him. The Goddess began to lose corporeal form as Belladonna screamed,”No you stupid bitch! You’re not supposed to use up all your power! I want my Goddess in a cage dammit!” Belladonna actually tried to save her by reciting a demonic spell but Duanna realized it would taint her. The weak vampire mustered up the last of her strength and rammed into the dark witch crashing both through a wall. This was the last straw for that run-down house. The ceiling collapsed bringing the second floor down on everyone inside. Although, the concrete sub-structures held strong.

Back in the bowels of the sub-basement, I was still engaged in a sword fight with Wraith. His unusually powerful sword and his own super strength finally cut my sword in half. I then used my skill in Kung Fu, and Ninjitsu to knock the sword from his hand. It was now hand-to-hand combat. Despite my extensive skills holding up to his, the battle didn’t last long as he was at least as strong, and speedy as Drake. Think of a martial artist going up against Superman, and you’ll get some idea of how this was going to end from the start. I’d never been in a position where a vampire was able to feed off me but he sunk his teeth into my neck only to stop a few seconds later spitting it out. He shoved me to the ground, and said,”What the hell are you? That is not like any blood I’ve ever tasted in all my hundreds of years!”

I’m still not sure what the issue is with my blood. As far as I know, I’m a simple human? He staggered back a bit as if weakened. That’s when I pulled out my silver dagger and attempted to plunge it into his heart. He held it away with a look of fear in his yellow glowing eyes while exclaiming, “I’ll not be killed by the likes of you! I only die at the hands of a fellow vampire!” That’s when two vampires came from behind and clocked me in the head knocking me out. When I awoke I found myself, and the rest of the team I had left in the corridor tied to a concrete slab. It was in front of some Satanic alter with Wraith, and the vampires standing around us. They all smirked in a sinister manner as Wraith proudly told us we would be sacrificed to the Dark Lord. Wraith then yelled, “Where is that damn witch! Let’s get on with this!” One of his minions replied,”She went outside to help Meistiensos.” Wraith commanded, “The two of you get out there, and see what’s going on! I’ll start the damn ceremony without them! I’ll get my vampire apocalypse one way or another!”

The Goddess Nanna would have been able to save Drake and keep her physical form but she was fighting off a demonic force while doing it. This was too much of a power drain for an ancient Sumerian Goddess barely anyone worships anymore. Gods derive their power from those who believe in them and worship at their metaphysical feet. Meistiensos crawled through the rubble toward the Goddess in the hopes of drinking her blood and becoming a Moon God. The Goddess lay unconscious still in physical form but in a state of quantum level flux. He was upon her, and just as he was about to plunge his teeth into her porcelain skin Drake pokes through some wood shards with his eyes glowing blue struggling to keep him away from her. Meistiensos then quietly says, “You really are becoming quite a nuisance! Once I’m a God I’m going to wipe you, and everyone you know off the face of this Earth!”

At the same time outside Belladonna shoots off rounds of deadly demonic energy which Duanna gracefully deflects because she had bitten into her when they crashed through the wall. Duanna had drunk the blood of the witch and now had her powers. Naturally, demonic energy had no problem with flowing through a vampire vessel which is made of demonic DNA. Both women exchanged hell fire blasts from the same demonic source as the trees of the forest began to light ablaze with the very stuff that hell is made of. This abomination alerted the Goddess Gaia, aka the very soul of the Earth itself. It has been theorized that Gaia has suffered greatly from humankind’s plundering of the planet. Despite enough people still worshiping her she took physical form to get away from it all but suffered a trauma that induced amnesia. However, she’s still is connected to the planet and will cause natural disasters without knowing it or partake of Godly missions in astral form while dreaming. Upon waking up she still remembers nothing. At least this is what some psychics have said. Under these circumstances, the Goddess Gaia extinguished the unholy flames of hell that have no place upon her sacred body.

Gaia then appeared in astral form before the battling women. She wore a light blue gown strewn with various vines, and flowers including a crown of golden laurel on her flowing blond hair as her eyes glowed green. Gaia didn’t discern between the two wielding the weapons of hell and opened up the Earth swallowing both Duanna and Belladonna whole. She then flew the rubble of the house aside and tossed both vampires aside with powerful focused winds. An energy beam shot from her into Nanna restoring her stable physical form. She immediately arose with a smile thanking Gaia who promptly disappeared, and awoke in her home thinking she was human not having a clue who she really was. Nanna spotted Meistiensos standing nearby and began shooting her silver daggers of light toward him. He promptly used his telekinetic powers to fly away into the night skies in a panic. She was about to chase after him but Drake begged her to save Duanna who had been swallowed by the Earth.

Nanna in fact knew that both women had been thrust into the deepest bowels of the Underworld. This can be a dangerous place for even a powerful witch, and vampire since this is the land of Hell outcasts. A purgatory of sorts where the evil inhabitants hate the beings of Earth, and the demons of Hell who reject them. Nanna reached down with her Moonbeams and pulled Duanna back up onto the surface next to Drake. She however left Belladonna to face a most hellish fate. Both Duanna and Drake thanked her. Duanna bowed on her knees while Drake started to shake her hand. Duanna however reached up and grabbed his hand pulling him to his knees. He was never one to bow to anyone but he supposed he could make an exception for a real-life Goddess who saved his life. Nanna brushed her hand over their heads, and said, “I bless thee as my children, and faithful servants. Any sins committed as humans, or vampires are dissolved in the light of my sacred Moon.” Generally, such blessings are repellant to vampires except when coming from a God themselves.

Duanna and Drake began to sense the others were in danger now that their immediate brush with death was over. At that moment Rebecca flew down from the Heavens in her pink Mystic Sphere which landed right next to the Goddess. She frantically conveyed that she felt her boyfriend Xavier, yeah that’s me, was in deep trouble but stopped to ask who the mildly glowing lady was next to her. Duanna introduced her, and Rebecca was honored to finally meet a real-life Goddess after her years of practicing witchcraft and calling upon Goddesses for power. The intro was brief as two vampires came out of the house. They were dispatched instantly by Drake and Duanna. Nanna then promptly teleported everyone into the main chamber of the sub-basement where my friends and I were about to be sacrificed on a demonic altar.

Wraith had his mystic sword over us. A sword Julia had finally noticed while lying there, and seconds earlier she whispered to me that it looked familiar. Wraith looked at the recently teleported entries into his fray, and asked, “What do we have here? More sacrifices?” He motioned to his minions and ordered them to be placed on the slab. He also motioned for the silver cage nearby to release the last of his Werewolf slaves. Four of them roared out among the vampires but their eyes were not glowing green. They were no longer under the power of Belladonna because she was now disconnected from them in the dark dangerous caverns of the Underworld. The Werewolves began attacking anything that moved. The first thing in their path was the vampires. The hairy horrors turned out to be only nuisances to the vampires but they kept darting around taking random bites of them making it hard for anyone to fight. Nanna finally shot her Moonbeams into them, and they returned to human form. Drake, Duanna, and Rebecca quickly moved in to take on the vampires, and save all of us.

Nanna leaned against a wall as she had drained her special Godly powers but she regained her composure, and still had the super-strength, speed, agility, and senses of a Goddess. She entered the fight tossing vampires about as the confused human form vampires utilized their superhuman powers to fight on their side as most werewolves hate vampires. Especially ones that enslave them with magic! Drake and Duanna engaged in martial arts with them. Drake held a hickory stake in one hand while punching with the other. Duanna merely plunged her fist into the attackers and pulled their hearts out crushing them in her hands.

Nanna was not used to bloody violence but after witnessing Duanna she also went for the direct path to the dark vampire heart. Her hand entered through their flesh as easily as a human punching through thin paper. The minute her hand entered it acted like a silver stake sending the vampires into unholy flames thus leaving only a pile of gray ash!  Rebecca had called upon the Goddess of Daylight Hemera via a powerful spell previously created with her coven. She recited an incantation,” Goddess Hemera hear the plea of me, and my sisters. I call unto thee to let your light shine through my humble vessel. Let loose your holy rays like a noose for this lowly evil!” From her hands shot beams of focused sunlight which she targeted upon their necks causing bloody beheadings. This quartet of vampire slayers was causing the vile vamps to light up like Roman Candles, and cause ash to fly everywhere!

Wraith looked worried and began his own incantations as he was about to plunge his sword into me. However, Drake appeared just then and grabbed the sword by the blade. To Wraith’s shock, he yanked it away without being cut and wielded the sword in his hand causing the black crystal to glow when it hadn’t before. Wraith then nervously uttered, “That’s impossible! I’m the chosen one! I’m the only one who can use the sword How in the hell is the crystal emitting the unholy light of darkness for you?  Why have you forsaken me Dark Lord?” Drake then laughed as he replied, “Sucks to be you!” He proceeded to impale Wraith in the heart. Instead of turning into flames right away an odd red energy circulated about Wraith, and then transferred through the sword, and went into Drake. Whatever it was Drake seemed fine, and Wraith burned to ash as he screeched like an old bitch.  A pathetic ending for a fool full of delusional grandeur that never had a hope in hell of coming to fruition.

At that point, all our enemies had been vanquished as Drake, and Rebecca released us from the blood sacrifice table. I then declared, “Damn that was another close one huh folks? Definitely one for the books!” We all started laughing as Drake walked ahead with his new toy in one hand, and his other arm over Duanna’s shoulder while she held the hand of Nanna. Naturally, Nanna had extended it first.  Drake then said, “The first round of drinks are on me!” We exited the sub-basement through an alternate tunnel Belladonna had used, and took one look at the horridly damaged house only to decide it was a public health hazard.

Although it was pretty much collapsed we felt it should burn into the concrete basin it rested on.  Hunter then said, “Let’s light this bastard up!” He then pulled the pin on two grenades and tossed them at the house causing what was left of the structure to collapse in a huge crash of wood, glass. It caused a great bonfire reflected off the atmosphere and lit the way into the forest We were all ready to celebrate but the Goddess Nanna could sense danger all over town as the Witching Hour passed and the Devils Hour was at hand. Drake and Duanna could also hear screams in the distance. We all looked at each other with a determined smile and scattered throughout the forest, and beyond to take down evil wherever, and whenever it lurks within the foreboding shadows of the night. By sunrise, we were all exhausted and took a much-needed rest before preparing for the Halloween Party along with Trick-Or-Treaters. The righteous evening half of Halloween to even out the malevolent morning in the tradition of All Hallow’s Eve bringing balance between the forces of good and evil! Happy Halloween!

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[…] On Halloween morning within the wayward witching hour the team at Mystic Investigations was met with hellish havoc.  We dealt with two evil vampires, and their minions that also included werewolves, and zombies.  Their plans included initiating a vampire apocalypse.  We also met a real living Goddess as well on one of the most dangerously memorable Halloweens ever!  Read what happened to us at: http://mysticinvestigations.com/blog/?p=662 […]

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