The 13 Nights Of Halloween Warning

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The 13 Nights Of Halloween are upon us! These are the 12 nights before Halloween along with that unluckiest of 13th nights being on All Hallows Eve itself! Generally we see noticeable increases in paranormal activity beginning at the Autumnal Equinox with a slight ramp up as we hit October. However the 13 Nights Of Halloween bring us the most prolific paranormal presences! These frightening nights bring us an exponential increase in all manner of supernatural beings lurking about the dark shadows of the foreboding nocturnal landscape.

On the night of Halloween all hell breaks loose as a maelstrom of monstrous mayhem ensues.  This is due to the forces of evil marshaling forth in an effort to dominate the paranormal planet.  The innocent magic of children dressing in scary costumes and trick-o-treating nullifies this to an extent. It at least prevents malevolence from encapsulating the Earth in an eternal shroud of darkness. Thanks to an ancient global spell your children are protected for the most part from paranormal beings on the 13 Nights Of Halloween.  However those who don’t celebrate Halloween, especially including no decorations, might find themselves in dire straits.  Yes that includes Jehovah Witnesses! Those adults who no longer have the magic of innocence are vulnerable but channeling your inner child, and getting into the Halloween Spirit will somewhat protect you from the nefarious denizens of destruction who plot to take down humanity.

Practitioners Of Magic are also running rampant as they partake of the global convergence of clandestine chaos in unison under the authority of their Dark Lord the Devil.  These wicked witches, warlocks, wizards, and sorcerers are a very good reason to stay at home during the Halloween Witching & Devil’s Hours.  Very little can be done when coming up against such magical humans who have turned to the dark side.  Another threat these menacing magicians bring is their tendency to raise corpses from the dead causing Zombie hordes to stagger about ready to spread the dreaded zombification virus. Zombies will be more instinctually driven to transform humans into their Walking Dead club.

On these nefarious nights expect to run into any entity of evil you can imagine including ghouls, ghosts, poltergeists, and demons. Prepare for Vampires to go after humans more aggressively as their lust for sanguine energy, contained in blood, flies off the supernatural scales! Werewolves in human form will have intense moments of anger at times. It will causes them to lash out during everyday frustrating situations. Their enhanced superhuman powers will increase greatly. Meditation will be key to stay under control, and not bring harm to anyone. Then within the darkness of Halloween morning, and night be aware many Werewolves will transform even without a Full Moon! Also keep in mind that Gnomes will be scurrying underfoot looking for children to eat! Yes they are one of the few supernaturals who are immune to the magical innocence of kids! Never let your kids out alone! Always Trick-O-Treat in groups!

On the nights of October 19th to October 31st we recommend staying indoors at night.   It’s already getting crazy out there folks!
We posted this warning later than usual this year because things are so hellishly hectic here!  We apologize to anyone who met their maker due to our delay but seriously folks this is common knowledge so get your act together already!  We at Mystic Investigations are literally under siege as every form of evil, including the black grimy kitchen sink, is being thrown at us!  If you must venture outdoors then load up on all manner of paranormal repellent, religious artifacts, holy water, and other supernatural countermeasures.  Be prepared for anything!  Read past Halloween Warnings on this blog for details on how to handle the various Supernatural Beings of dastardly doom.  If you’re unsure what to do then ask us here or on our Ask Mystic blog.


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