Father Tom Davis: Mystic Investigations Profile

Code Name: Holy Father

Corporate Titles:  1/2% Shareholder.  Works as an independent contractor for Mystic Investigations..

Profession Title: Catholic Priest

Supernatural ID: Exorcist

Areas Of Expertise: Exorcism, Demons, and the effects of Christian artifacts, symbols and the Bible over supernatural entities. Supplies us with top flight holy water and crosses to fight vampires, poltergeists, and other evil entities.

Lineage: Human

Biography: As a child Tom was visited by an Angel of the Holy Lord.  Since then he has been dedicated to spreading the word of God, exorcising demons, and thwart the forces of evil wherever they spring forth with a vengeance.  He’s one of the few Catholic Priests who knows all of the world of the supernatural.

Residence:  The Church Of Holy Light

Vehicle: White 1997 Lincoln Town Car

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