Terrifying Taco Tussle

Hello, fellow supernatural warriors, I’m Rebecca Abernathy your friendly neighborhood Demi-Mermaid Witch!  It was the heart of the Witching Hour as hunger struck. I couldn’t sleep since my boyfriend Xavier was out on Luminary Lake with Drake, and Hunter catching Luminary Lake Trout. The fantastical fish are a glowing paranormal cousin of regular Lake Trout that only surface during the Witching, and Devil’s Hours. They gloriously glimmer all the colors of the rainbow and are quite tasty. I felt like a taco and some nachos so I decided to make a run for the border at my local Taco Bell. Thankfully, they’re open until 4 AM for various third shift workers and night owls.

I hopped into Xavier’s Lamborghini and blasted down to the road to ring the bell of Mexican cuisine at its finest. I strolled into the fine establishment decorated tastefully for Halloween. As I placed my order the guy behind the counter looked terrified. So scared that his pants were wet. He kept averting his eyes to the right as I asked him where the rest of the employees were. He refused to reply so I leaped over the counter as he screamed, “Noooo Stop Lady!” I strolled into the back area and saw one guy, and a woman in Taco Bell garb tied up!

Suddenly, a sinister 6’4″ tall creep wearing a black robe with Satanic symbols emerges, and says, “You will make a fine addition to my Dark Lords sacrifices” I then replied, “No you’ll make a fine addition to my Goddesses sacrifices!” He bellowed, “Witch!” as I rang forth the cry of “MYSTIC SPHERE!” My protective pink enchanted energy orb surrounded me while he exclaimed that I would now bear the brunt of his Dark Lords’ unholy powers. He quickly shaped a plasma ball of evil energy which appeared deep violet with swirling crimson shades. He launched it at me causing my supernatural shield to waver. It was clear he was an extremely powerful master of the dark mystical arts as he kept bombarding me with pernicious plasma balls!

I then implored, “Fulgora I call unto thee for the power of lethiferous lights to lay waste to this Wicked Warlock!” At that moment the Goddess Fulgora heard my pleas, and bolts of azure electricity sprung forth from my fingers hitting the blasphemous bastard causing him to fly into boxes of taco shells. He wickedly wailed, “Your weak Goddess is no match for my dark Devil of destruction!” He rose forth ferociously from a pile of shattered shells. His eyes glowed red, and crimson energy shot my Sphere cutting into it like a laser. At the same time, my emitted lightning bolts were being stopped by an invisible shield around him that would glow green when hit with my power. He slowly walked toward me with his crimson eye beams as he formed a new plasma ball. I thought to myself, “Oh crap is this how it ends? A failed supernatural showdown at the local Taco Bell? Why couldn’t I have just made my own tacos at home?”

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My Mystic Sphere began to dissipate while the luminous lightning flying from my fingers stopped! I felt horribly weak despite my increase in powers due to the upcoming galactic alignment of the 2012 Winter Solstice. Suddenly, I felt a jolt of massive energy which turned out to be power sent over a large distance by WhiteWolf, a top-flight Werewitchpyre. She’s a Mystic Investigations website regular who sends us mystic energies to aid in our battles against the dark forces of evil. I reanimated my pink energy shield and was able to make small spheres of energy in my hand.

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The Warlock threw a plasma ball at me but it bounced off the Mystic Sphere. I responded by launching a pink mini sphere at him. It engulfed his body like bubble gum as I directed it to lift him in the air. He was trapped, and extremely angered calling me all manner of nasty expletives. I replied, “Yeah that’s right bastard! Witch trumps Warlock! Where’s your Dark Master now? Say have you ever been in outer space?” He stopped yelling and gave me a look of terror because he apparently knew what was coming next.

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I screamed, “Hecate hear me! Launch this loser to lunar heights!” The Warlock blasted through the ceiling screaming like a baby, and I never saw him again. He could be lying dead on the Moon or even in an eternal static state waiting for the Devil to save him. Perhaps astronauts will find him someday. The guy behind the counter let me get my own tacos free of charge while he untied the other employees. As I left I advised them that they would end up in the loony bin if they told anyone what really happened.  I guess they never did because I haven’t been visited by the authorities nor has anyone sued for damages. I’m sure their insurance covered it.

It’s plausible the employees have seen this kind of thing before since we all live in a major supernatural hot spot. On top of that, it’s plausible that Taco Bell knows about the supernatural world due to being a gargantuan global corporation. Next time I will probably just make something in the safety of my own kitchen.  Still, I do love the occasional Taco Bell washed down with a Mountain Dew Baja Blast.  Then again I love to eat seaweed out of my saltwater aquarium as well. The human, and mermaid in me are always fighting over what they want for dinner. Yo Quiero Taco Bell!

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