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Zombie Board GameZombies are a type of living dead creature slightly similar to a vampire.  They are soulless mindless cannibalistic killing machines that are the reanimated rotting corpses of humans.  They're merely human bodies devoid of mind, and soul with just an inkling of instinct to drive their horrific existence.  Like vampires they are composed out of a unique type of paranormal cancer like cell which is the main reason for their immortality, or rather their potential immortality since they rot to nothing in a matter of years.  In the case of zombies their cells are closer to actual human cancer which causes cellular necrosis making their biological structures unstable as opposed to vampires stable cell matrix.  The first zombie was created by accident in approximately 4129 BC when a new mystical embalming process was used on a prominent member of an ancient Sumerian community who was actually still alive since they didn't have the medical knowledge to know he was actually in a deep coma falling near the edge of death.  As the man died his body reacted with the unique set of magical ingredients backed by various spells which were intended to potentially resurrect him to an immortal life on Earth.  Instead the embalming process induced Zombification or the birth of the supernatural Zombie virus as we know it today.  They assumed the experiment was a failure yet he rose from his grave three days after burial pale as sheet, and looking dead as a door nail.  He staggered about wildly making groaning sounds with a crazed look in his eyes.  The first zombie proceeded to randomly cannibalize the community, and they were helpless to stop this seemingly unstoppable monster.  He was eventually destroyed by the fiery torches of an angry mob which completely incinerated his walking dead corpse. Unfortunately he managed to bite several people which passed on the new zombie virus to them through his saliva.

This fast acting supernatural virus killed the living within minutes, and within an hour they rose forth as mindless cannibal killing machines.  Zombification can happen to any human or animal but when an animal becomes a zombie it lacks the ability to pass it on to anything but another of it's own species.  So a human based zombie can pass on the virus to any living being, except for most other supernatural beings, but an animal zombie bite is mostly harmless unless it's another of it's kind.  However it will make humans, and unrelated animals sick to an extent.  The reasons for that are not known but it's a good thing since animals could spread this stuff like wildfire across the planet.  The main carrier of the virus is saliva since biting is the main offensive move of a zombie.  However one can contract the zombification viral infection through contact with blood, rotting zombie tissues, and even prolonged exposure in a small space where zombies have decayed for quite some time.  So the virus can be airborne but it harmless in the outdoors.  Water supplies such as wells can become contaminated as well.  However large city supplies, and bodies of water should be safe even if a zombie dies within the murky depths.

Zombies would technically be immortal if not for the slow decay of their rotting flesh.  If no other being damages a zombie it will most likely live no longer than 3 years at the most assuming it eats no human flesh.  A continuous supply of human flesh, and blood slows down their decay considerably and they then could live up to 7 years.  The consuming of living flesh fuels the zombie virus making them more rabid, and powerful.  Some who practice the dark arts create loyal immortal living dead servant drones through a magical stasis like state that halts the necrosis.  These, and other Zombies can easily be put under the control of a powerful practitioner of magic due to the blank minds of the zombified ones.  Such zombies can sometimes defy normal zombie behavior, and be even more unpredictable.

Most zombies these days are raised from their graves via the dark mystical arts, and it's almost always based on theThe Walking Dead Merle Dixon Zombie Action Figure original zombie virus creation of 4129 BC.  Very powerful individuals will engage in mass zombification of entire cemeteries.  In some cases a powerful individual with necromancy powers may bring back the dead without spells, and potions, but then their existence is tied to that person which makes them more vulnerable.  The rarest zombies are the ones tied directly to the original virus as it was passed on from Zombie Zero, the first zombie mentioned above, to other individuals.  Despite zombie hunters, and supernatural warriors taking on the walking dead menace one can always get away to pass it on.  Every so often cryptozoologists identify a zombie that is clearly a carrier of the original virus.  These zombies are the most powerful of all.

If a living human contracts the zombie virus then they will die within minutes, and within hours they will resurrect as a blood thirsty zombie.  The only exception is those who contract the original passed down zombie virus of 4129 BC.  In that case they will take 3 days to rise after they die within minutes.  Also keep in mind there can be a window of several hours between a zombie bite, and full contraction of the zombification disease.  Zombies lose all memories they had as a human, and have no link to the soul of the now shell of a body.  So a person is not liable in the Heavenly realms for any atrocities their zombie body commits after they die.  The body runs on pure instinct which drives them to seek out live human flesh, and also draw together with fellow zombies to use numbers as a hunting tactic.  Zombies will eat animals as well but it will fuel the zombie virus to a much lesser extent, and zombies aren't quick enough to catch most animals.  Zombies are about twice to thrice as strong as normal humans although their flesh can be easily damaged giving humans a distinct advantage.  However a zombie will only die if you destroy the brain, behead them, or completely incinerate their bodies.  Religious artifacts, such as holy water, will almost never work since they aren't demon based.  However if a demon has a hand in their existence then they can be vulnerable to such countermeasures.  Guns, sharp implements, fire, and even strong acids are the only way to go when dealing with hoards of zombies.

Zombies stagger about like a drunk or a baby just learning to walk.  They usually move slowly but can walk very fast if they spot a human. Clearly running is one advantage over a zombie but their real danger is when they gather into groups called hoards.  Their numbers can easily overwhelm a human or even a group of seasoned zombie hunters.  If you spot a zombie please call your local zombie slayers or other paranormal professionals to contain the problem.  The government will generally laugh at you so dialing 911 would probably be futile.

The US government has been experimenting with the zombie virus since the 1920's.  There were plans to use it as biological warfare in  WW II Germany but it proved too dangerous to release.  In later decades the Soviets, and Chinese also have been researching it's uses in biowarfare.  The supernatural virus has proved to be very hard for scientists to handle.  However recent advances have been made in genetic engineering allowing for a synthetic man made zombification virus.

Naturally it would be rather easy to add a potent paranormal or man made virus to the water supplies across the nation.  Such a blatant poisoning of the populace would cause the zombie virus to run rampant across the entire continental United States and beyond like wild fire.  This virus could spread worldwide and would indeed cause the dreaded zombie apocalypse.  The secret levels in various governments contemplating this release of the zombie virus have delayed action since there's a very likely possibility of it wiping out the entire Earths human population thereby creating a zombie planet. However other supernatural beings would probably defend humankind against the common zombie menace.

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Scientific Classification Of Zombies

Kingdom: Cryptida (Supernatural Cryptids)
Phylum: Immortalis (Immortals)
Class: SupraNecrosis (Living Dead Beings)
Order: Magica (A Product Of Magic)
Family: Anthropophagis Sanguinus (Survives Off Human Flesh And Blood)
Genus: Homo Necrosis (The Melding Of Human And Zombie)
Species: Homo Necrosis Zombifis (Scientific Name For Zombies) Registered & Protected has the Waliking Dead.  A post-apocalyptic world infested with zombies!



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