Can Demons Mate With Humans?

What Are Demi-Demons?
DemidemonYes demons have been known to procreate with humans.  Although this is extremely rare, and actively repelled by Angelic forces! A human completely possessed by a demon who in turn mated with a human is what created the first generation of Vampires.  The only generation to manifest by birth rather than being former humans transformed by a vampire virus. So in general terms vampires are considered to be quarter demons. A demon can also take on their own pure biological form, and conceive a hellish human-demon hybrid which is better known as a Demidemon.

These deceptively beautiful immortal creatures hide a vicious evil within them that makes vampires look like Sunday school teachers!  Rather than merely drinking human blood they monstrously devour entire humans whole all the way down to the bones with their multiple razor sharp fangs.  Almost certainly the equivalent of supernatural land sharks! Their unfortunate victims are considered demonic sacrifices that increase their inherent paranormal powers. These Demon-Human Hybrids are considered demonic royalty on Earth. Vampire Kings & Queens bow down before! To learn more about these horrifying beings of darkness please continue reading our extensive article on Human-Demon Hybrids here

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49 thoughts on “Can Demons Mate With Humans?

  1. will my parallel self become a demidemon? is that his goal? Julia I’m getting worried. the devil is too powerful foe you guys too handle but if you say you’ll try too stop the Antichrist’s birth, then it’s alright then because at least you’ll try?

  2. will my parallel self become a demidemon? is that his goal? Julia I’m getting worried. the devil is too powerful foe you guys too handle but if you say you’ll try too stop the Antichrist’s birth, then it’s alright then because at least you’ll try? how all of you livin?

  3. I read the article on these beings. How do humans become Demidemons. If a biological Demon Changes them Would they be just as strong as a True Demidemon? Do they have hypnosis like vampires?

    • Demi-Demon status can come about in human via direct endowment by a demon but it’s most common in practitioners of magic who prolifically practice the dark arts with deep demonic worship, and sacrifice. Yes they have hypnotic powers.

      • If they are directly imbued by a Biological Demon would they be stronger than If the became one through the dark arts and demonic worship and sacrifice. Also does their power depend on the power of their demonic parent? For example if a Archdemon and a demon crated a Demidemon would the Demi-Archdemon be stronger than the Demi-Demon?

    • This one comes close: | The only known Demi-Angel to currently exist on Earth is Saint Nicholas: There was only a handful throughout the entire history of the planet since human and angels mating is almost always frowned upon in Heaven. For the offspring to not be considered Nephilim they have to be sanctioned by the Archangels of Heaven. It’s throught the other Demi-Angels ascended to Heaven, or left Earth to explore the Universe, and beyond!

          • Is it possible for a Nephilim to become a Demi-Angel? Also are all Demi-Angels capable of chronokineses? Can Demi-Angels mate with humans to form a quarter Angelic being?

          • The difference between a Nephilim, and a Demi-Angel is approval of their birth by the Archangels of Heaven. So a Nephilim could never become a Demi-Angel. Even if they dedicate their lives to performing good deeds. One such example is the fabled Paul Bunyan. Probably one of the most famous modern Nephilim. Despite dedicating his life to righteousness there’s still a Heavenly bounty on his head! The only known Demi-Angel is Santa Claus, aka Saint Nicholas. He has two kids, and they’re both considered Special Immortals. They have some level of Angelic DNA but it’s probably far less than a quarter. Heaven doesn’t like to spread to much Angel DNA on Earth I guess. It’s probably likely that chronokinesis is a standard Demi-Angelic power.

          • Don’t Nephilim have to stay in secluded areas due to their height? How does a Nephilim even hide from human populations with their height? Due to being the offspring of a Fallen Angel, does that mean they have both angelic and demonic DNA?

          • Nephilim almost exclusively live in dense forested regions where they sometimes run across the Sasquatch. Some choose to live large systems of caverns, and even the Underworld. A Fallen Angel is somewhat akin to a Angel-Demon hybrid so the Nephilim could be described as Angel-Demon-Human Hybrids. However the DNA is technically a unique melding of both Angel, and Demon DNA.

          • Interesting. Why is it that Angels reject the Nephilim who fight for good? Also is it possible for them to activate the latent magics to some degree? Also if someone used magics that called upon Earthly God’s or jinn could they hurt the Nephilim or are they immune to magic period?

          • It’s mainly the Archangels who are very particular about where angelic DNA ends up. Perhaps it has something to do with such power possibly over influencing human events in the future. A rogue Angel, the type who answers the call of Enochian Magic Witches, might temporarily activate latent magics in a Nephilim. However it would eventually be detected by Archangels if it goes on too long. More or less they are immune to any magic an Angel based being would have. Plausibly Omnimagic or Macromagic could be used against them.

    • Our team hasn’t run across a Demi-Demon. However our vampire member Drake Alexander has run across three during his 700+ years on Earth. He narrowly escaped one of them after suffering serious injuries. He had the pleasure of witnessing one beat the hell out of Dracula. Naturally Dracula filed a formal complaint with King Dagan who in turned contacted his demon masters. The Demidemon was reprimanded, and had to make a public apology to Dracula before being banished to the Underworld for 100 years.

  4. In some mythology a human-demon hybrid was called a Cambion. Is that another term used to identify Demi-Demons or is that another type of being altogether?

    • They would temporarily gain Mermaid abilities which would include sprouting a tail. This has been done in the past as a tactic to infiltrate Atlantis, and other Mermaid strongholds. Fortunately they are usually caught in time before major damage is done. Atlanteans are nobody’s fool!

  5. Could a Demi-Demon develop chronokineses? If a Demi-Demon was old or enough and consumed several a humans could defeat a sorcerer like Ian McTavish or Dimitri Diablo? Also would a Demi-Demon be able to have children with humans?

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