Why Can’t Buffy Gilmore From Scary Movie Die?

🔪The video clip above is from Scary Movie (2000). A funny film that spoofed horror films like Scream (1996) and I Know What You Did Last Summer (1997). The character called Buffy Gilmore, portrayed by Actress Shannon Elizabeth, is brutally attacked and beheaded by a sinister serial killer. Yet the entire time she isn’t actually frightened and only displays sarcasm as she mocks the maniacal murderer with fake fear. Even after having her head separated from her body, with blood spewing forth, she continues to berate the killer. What manner of supernatural being can survive such injuries and maintain complete consciousness?

An Amazing Amortal Entity

Buffy is clearly not just Immortal but an amazing Amortal!. She will never die by aging, accident, or blatant brutality! She will live to the ends of time itself! There is a rare race of Amortals along with Magical Practitioners who spell themselves to be invincible. Genies wishes would also accomplish this. However, Buffy can clearly be over powered and vulnerable to blunt instruments. Most likely she sold her soul to the Devil or a Demon to ensure her beauty forever. Buffy is quite vain with a big ego so it’s likely she was foolish enough to sell her soul in exchange for this incomplete invincibility package.

The Flawed Wish Of Eternal Beauty

The wish of eternal youthful beauty would have to include amortality. Interestingly enough, she appears to feel no physical pain nor does she suffer any mental anguish. She even brutally breaks her own leg with relative ease! The explanation for this is the fact that she will never die and therefore possession of her soul was taken immediately by Hell. Without a soul, one gains great immunity against pain and fear. Immunity that grows ever greater over the centuries. In addition, the major blood loss does not result in her passing out! The cutting of nerves and various organs doesn’t seem to affect her. Amortal physiology often operates on mind over matter and access to the underlying astral energy body. Even with her voice box and nerves cut off she can still talk and perform normal facial movements. She demands that is the case and her astral voice box takes the place of the biological until inevitable regeneration takes place.

The Remarkable Reanimation Of An Amortal

A beheaded Amortal like Buffy would find her body regrowing from her head down! Her rage and humiliation over being thrown into a garbage can would speed the regeneration process. Most likely she would pop out of the trash fully reformed by the next day. Hopefully in time to dispose of her other body so no pesky questions were asked. That being said what if Buffy had been completely incinerated in fire with no single shred of biological matter left? Amortals have a self-resurrection blueprint programmed into their soul. If no soul is present it is also within the consciousness or astral energy body that still exists as a spirit when the biological brain is destroyed. The amortal self-resurrection mechanism would draw from the environmental building blocks of Mother Earth to reanimate her biological body. This paranormal process could take several days if not weeks!🗡️

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