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What Is Day Of The Dead?

Day Of The Dead, also known as All Souls Day, is the celebration of dearly departed souls that takes place on November 2nd. Depending on what part of the world you’re from it could range from parties commemorating the dead … Continue reading

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The Story Of Hallowmas

Hallowmas, otherwise known as All Saints Day, falls on November 1st. This holiday sees Saints and Angels hailing from Heaven with a mission to clean up the metaphysical messes of Halloween. It plays into the ultimate purpose of All Hallows … Continue reading

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What Is The Spirit Of Halloween?

The Spirit Of Halloween, sometimes called The Samhain Spirit, is an unaware sub-conscious like entity composed of both light and darkness. A supernatural amalgamation of good and evil intertwined into a harmonious balance. Its metaphysical energy exudes a general feeling … Continue reading

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Do Babies Born On Halloween Possess Special Powers?

Why Do People With Halloween Birthdays Enjoy Special Abilities? Legend has it that people born on Halloween have special powers and protections afforded to them for a variety of reasons. This includes a personal blessing for All Hallows Eve births … Continue reading

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