The 66 Nights Of Halloween

The 66 Nights Of Halloween are what make up this spooky holiday season. Although technically Hallowmas (All Saints Day) and Day Of The Dead (All Souls Day) round it out as the post-seasonal days. Many choose to continue celebrating Halloween until Thanksgiving Day which is the absolute end of the holiday without reprisal of bad luck! The 66 Day begin on August 27th with the Queen Of Halloween Shala and various Autumn deities holding a special ceremony as far North as deciduous trees grow.  The first leaf of Autumn is colorized as the first chill of the Fall season speeds down from Santa’s North Pole City by the power of Jack Frost. The Spirit Of Halloween begins to manifest and power up. Each day onward see it increase along with supernatural activity that includes magical practitioners soaking up the metaphysical energy. The paranormal activity increased exponentially as we enter the 13 Nights Of Halloween! The 66 Days are listed below:👻

Halloween Season Calendar

  1. August 27th – The First Day Of The Halloween Season.
  2. August 28th
  3. August 29th
  4. August 30th
  5. August 31st
  6. September 1st
  7. September 2nd
  8. September 3rd
  9. September 4th
  10. September 5th
  11. September 6th
  12. September 7th
  13. September 8th – The 13th Night Of The Halloween Season
  14. September 9th
  15. September 10th
  16. September 11th
  17. September 12th
  18. September 13th
  19. September 14th
  20. September 15th
  21. September 16th
  22. September 17th
  23. September 18th
  24. September 19th
  25. September 20th – Hallowed Autumn Harvest Moon
  26. September 21st
  27. September 22nd – First Day Of Autumn (Autumnal Equinox)
  28. September 23rd
  29. September 24th
  30. September 25th
  31. September 26th
  32. September 27th
  33. September 28th – The Halfway Halloween. Symbolizes the balance between light and darkness that All Hallows Eve stands for at its very core.
  34. September 29th
  35. September 30th
  36. October 1st
  37. October 2nd
  38. October 3rd
  39. October 4th
  40. October 5th
  41. October 6th
  42. October 7th
  43. October 8th
  44. October 9th
  45. October 10th
  46. October 11th
  47. October 12th
  48. October 13th – Halloween The 13th
  49. October 14th
  50. October 15th
  51. October 16th
  52. October 17th
  53. October 18th
  54. October 19th – First Of The 13 Nights Of Halloween!
  55. October 20th – Second Of The 13 Nights Of Halloween! Halloween Blood Moon
  56. October 21st – Third Of The 13 Nights Of Halloween!
  57. October 22nd – Fourth Of The 13 Nights Of Halloween!
  58. October 23rd – Fifth Of The 13 Nights Of Halloween!
  59. October 24th – Sixth Of The 13 Nights Of Halloween!
  60. October 25th – Seventh Of The 13 Nights Of Halloween! Half-Way To Halloween!
  61. October  26th – Eight Of The 13 Nights Of Halloween!
  62. October 27th – Ninth Of The 13 Nights Of Halloween!
  63. October 28th – Tenth Of The 13 Nights Of Halloween!
  64. October 29th – Eleventh Of The 13 Nights Of Halloween!
  65. October 30th – Twelfth Of The 13 Nights Of Halloween! Mischief  Or Devil’s Night
  66. October 31st – The Thirteenth And Final Night Of Halloween Itself!

Post-Holiday Season That Melds With The Christmas Season

Generally, the Halloween celebration continues for those who truly have The Spirit Of Halloween in their hearts.

  1. November 1st – Hallowmas  (All Saints Day)
  2. November 2nd -Day Of The Dead (All Souls Day)
  3. November 3rd –The Christmas Season Begins As Halloween Slowly Loses Supernatural Steam!🎄
  4. November 4th
  5. November 5th
  6. November 6th
  7. November 7th
  8. November 8th
  9. November 9th
  10. November 10th
  11. November 11th
  12. November 12th
  13. November 13th
  14. November 14th
  15. November 15th
  16. November 16th
  17. November 17th
  18. November 18th
  19. November 19th – Dark Moon
  20. November 20th
  21. November 21st
  22. November 22nd
  23. November 23rd
  24. November 24th
  25. November 25th
  26. November 26th, 2020 – Thanksgiving Day…Technically The Last Day Of The Halloween Season. Last Day To Eat Halloween Candy Without Bad Luck! The Spirit Of Christmas dominates the human collective consciousness!🎅

The Final Wisps Of Autumn

🍂Last Leaf Of Autumn Ceremony (December – Most Often Japan)

🍂Last Falling Leaf Ceremony (December – Most Often Japan)

❄️December 21st: Winter Solstice Yule Ceremony (Autumn Deity passed the seasonal baton off to a Winter Deity. Usually takes place at Santa Claus’s North Pole City. Sometime in late Autumn there’s also a First Snowflake Ceremony.

Thanksgiving can occur anywhere between November 22 and November 28. 2020 gives us 92 days total for the complete Halloween Season. This includes the 66 Days for the central Halloween holiday and the 26 Day Post-Holiday period. The last wisps of Halloween can be felt at the end of Autumn on December 21st.🎃[sta_anchor id=”south” /]

Southern Hemisphere Halloween & Autumn

Although the festivities of the Southern Hemisphere Halloween aid in fueling the Samhain Spirit, it doesn’t have anywhere near the same global impact as October 31st All Hallows Eve. More or less these are only celebrated by those of various pagan faiths. This includes Practitioners Of Magic. Mainstream society still celebrates Halloween on October 31st thus further stoking the Spirit Of Halloween to the fullest. That is if any given country has such traditions to begin with. The exception is the Autumnal Spirit which stands virtually as strong as it does in the Northern Hemisphere. Naturally there is a lot more territory in the North where leaves can change color.🍂

🍁February 25th: 66 Nights Of Halloween Begin (First Leaf Of Autumn Ceremony)
The ceremony can take place in any of the following locations:

  • Argentina (Southern & Central) – Southern tip is the most common location.
  • Australia (Southeast)
  • Tasmania
  • New Zealand
  • South Africa
  • Brazil (South & Southeast)

🍁First Falling Leaf Ceremony

🍁March 2oth: Autumn Equinox

🎃April 30th: Halloween (Samhain)

🎃May 1st: Hallowmas (Not All Saints Day. That And All Souls Day Of The Dead Are Still Nov 1st & 2nd respectively.)

🍂Last Leaf Of Autumn Ceremony (June)

🍂Last Falling Leaf Ceremony (June)

❄️June 20th: Winter Solstice Yule Ceremony (Autumn Deity passed the seasonal baton off to a Winter Deity.)