The Halloween Fields

On All Hallows Eve, The Halloween Fields Of Horror, aka Fields Of Frights or Fears, are ripe with spooky supernatural beings amid The Spirit Of Halloween as children safely Trick Or Treat with glee. The foggy fields echo with eerie sounds amid a whistling wind as kids giggle in the distance. These Fields Of Halloween are the complete manifestation of the Samhain Spirit. The frightening fields exist everywhere in remote rural areas where the Spirit dwells via Mother Earth’s chakras or areas of intense metaphysical energy. The strongest fields are centrally located on Halloween Island. The Capital of the Halloween holiday and home of Halloween Queen Shala. Those using certain magic spells may be able to manifest a portal to Halloween Island in a random field of frights.🎃

The Spooky Stages Of The Halloween Fields

The first enchanted embers of the Halloween Season manifest with The Halloween Spirit in late August. Paranormal activity steadily grows into September as Autumn colors the landscape forth into October. We then see an exponential explosion in surreal supernatural action…

Halloween Fields Paranormal Progression Slideshow

  • The Empty Halloween Fields From December To Mid-August...🎃

The Apex Of Alarming All Hallows Activity

The Halloween Spirit is front and center amid an armada of metaphysical manifestations on The 13 Nights Of Halloween. This includes Halloween itself with a brief interlude on All Saint’s Day November 1st as Angels descend from Heaven to clean up various metaphysical messes. Things power up again on November 2nd Day Of The Dead aka All Souls Day.👻

The End Of The Halloween Season

From November 3rd the frightful fields find paranormal participants leaving the alarming arena. On Thanksgiving, The Halloween Fields lie empty at the close of the Samhain Season in anticipation of the Christmas Season…🎄

If you search hard enough with The Spirit Of Halloween in your heart then you may find the lit Jack-O-Lantern that keeps that Spirit alive until the next Samhain Season!

Have A Happy Halloween!🎃