A Demonic Child Sets His Sights On Human Sacrifices!

Our interpretation of the award-winning short horror film “Candy” leads us to believe the terrifying Trick O Treating child is a demon-possessed zombie. Something with a passing similarity to Jason Voorhees of Friday The 13th fame. The child plausibly died in a botched Halloween demonic sacrifice under the flawed guidance of an amateur dark witch. A demon entered the body that had abnormal levels of metaphysical energies ensconced with evil. It utilized this frightful fuel to resurrect the corpse for ill intent.

Naturally, there was an instinct in the child’s brain to continue trick o treating for sweet treats. In order to keep the body functioning for the longest period of time a dark possession will often embrace a key component of the former living souls will. So the demon decided anyone giving them candy at a time well past normal trick or treating would be spared its horrifying wrath. Those who did not heed the Spirit Of Halloween would fall prey to a bloody end! All victims would be considered a sacrifice directly to hell thereby bypassing the middle woman in the form of the aforementioned dark witch. Said witch probably was stripped of her powers by others of her kind due to her incompetence!

As is the case with such nefarious metaphysical based affairs meandering malevolently into our physical world there are unusual rules. Often decided by spontaneous forming Curses. More than likely these sinister sacrifices would only take place on Halloween every year. Possibly also on the day before on Halloween Eve or even on November 2nd known as The Day Of The Dead. Certainly not on the hallowed day of Hallowmas on which Angels descend from Heaven to clean up Supernatural Secrecy Pact violations that took place on Halloween. Along the way, various paranormal professionals and supernatural hunters might run across this filthy fiend and attempt to eradicate them. Unfortunately, they would fail miserably…unless of course, they came across us here at Mystic Investigations!

With each passing year, this demonic abomination would hold off the rotting of the zombified corpse via siphoning some of the dark magics from the unholy death! The demon child would also begin to warp the localized Spirit Of Halloween to meet its dark needs. Eventually, this would catch the attention of Halloween Queen Shala who could very intervene to end this madness! Especially if it was tipping the balance between good and evil. Halloween is about the Universal balance between light and dark that prevents our reality from diving into the damnation of either extreme. Too much bad and even too much good can result in disastrous consequences! Once the chilling child was returned to their grave the lost souls it took in the name of the Devil would be freed to Heavenly rest in peace!

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